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I am planning my second homebirth with the same midwives and I am really really excited. It feels so right.


I got a ton of BHs last time when I was drinking strong RRL and nettle infusions every day. I haven't started the drink this time and I haven't had too many BH but I have had several. Plan to start my infusions as soon as I get to the herbiary. 

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My big BH scare with 5 contractions an hr for 4 hrs was after RRL tea. I'm staying away from it till I'm full term.

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Started RRL at 32w with my first, and had a quick and intense labor (including ambulance ride), so I didn't start RRL until 39w with my second. We really wanted her out on a certain day, so I drank a strong pot the day before. Another quick labor where contractions went from 8min to the next at 6min and the next at 2 min! Got to hospital with an hour+ to spare, so all good. Now I live farther from the birth centre and know my labors turn that corner really quickly. Still undecided about RRL this time around..,
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I wonder if the RRL tea is what is giving me more BH this time around or if it's just coincidence.  I didn't drink it last time and I had barely any, but it was also my first baby, so...


I'm not religious about it at this point, if I remember to make an infusion I might drink it a few days in a row and then run out and not drink it again for a few days until I make it again.  Interesting.

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I drank RRL tea regularly 2nd & 3rd trimesters with my first, and so far throughout the 2nd trimester this time.  Still no B-H here.

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I haven't started RRL tea yet but will around 36 weeks. However, I'm still having daily (sometimes more than once a day) braxton hicks.

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I have used RRL since my second pregnancy. I start drinking it right away. Like most things, I will forget or not have time to brew for periods here and there. I don't notice a difference in BH when I am drinking vs not drinking. The only thing that I do notice is a neat twingy effect on my uterus in the first Tri. I always just think, "great, it's working!" XD
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In earlier pregnancies, I definitely noticed an increase in BH with RRL tea. I don't like tea, in general, though, so I haven't done much with it the last pregnancy or two. I am thinking I should do one of those with nettles and all that stuff for the minerals and such, but it's gotta be palatable. And RRL tastes like grass to me. eyesroll.gif

I definitely get more BH than I feel. Typically, BH are just a tightening or a matter of feeling the uterus and going, "oh, wow, that's really hard right now." But then I'll get ones that have a clear progression, like a "real" ctx, just very mild. I've had the regular BH since 13-14 weeks, I think it was. But you definitely get more attuned to them (and just get more) with subsequent pregnancies.
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I always have lots of BHs...  They don't worry me on their own.  In the past, I actually noticed fewer BHs when I drank RRL tea...  But many of the ones I'm having this time are more like real contractions with a progression and getting a painful peak and having to relax and rest through them. :(  I haven't been drinking any RRL tea, but I'm debating trying some and seeing if it'll actually help my contractions ;)

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So interesting!


HeatherB, I agree, it does taste like grass.  I put a wedge of whatever citrus I have on hand and some honey in it and it tastes much better.  Once our mint comes up in the garden, I'll try some of that too.  Or maybe some lemon verbena...

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Oh yeah, but in the LOVE part, DH, who is usually very aloof about all this pregnancy/birth/baby stuff started asking me about L&D tours/classes/etc...  I about fell off my rocker.  :p


He's still ZERO help in most respects, but hey, he's trying! :p  I tried talking to him about transitioning my little guy to a big bed and he's like "whatever". eyesroll.gif


On my baby todo...  I want to finish up some around the house projects, I want to pull out the cloth stash and give it another go with my little guy (yes I use disposables right now!), I obviously need to get the baby room thing worked out for now...   I need to make a plan of attack on studying up for birth, and I need to make a plan of attack on freezer meals (which seems insurmountable given my younger daughter's food allergies and the new track we're going down with taking her GF soon).

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I love my RRL tea! I've been drinking a cup daily since around 18wks. I've just starting feeling BHs on Monday but DH says he thinks it was because we DTD Sunday night, which in previous pregnancies orgasmic intercourse in the latter months has brought on a bout of contractions. So, he may be right about this one. We'll have to tone it down a bit. On the to-do-list I'm trying to get done sooner rather than later. The bigger I get the more uncomfortable shopping becomes.

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I've noticed a couple more BH when I drink my pregnancy tea, but it's no big deal for me.  I am so worried about pph that I keep it up, and the ob and midwife say all looks well.  (My tea has alfalfa and nettles and a bunch of other good stuff in it).  I just drink one cup in the evenings when I know I'll be laying down and off my feet.  


As far as baby to do list, we have done nothing.  School and work is keeping me so busy. sigh.

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Calladonia, consider prepping parts of meals for the freezer, instead of the traditional casserole. Stir fry and fried rice are good GF meals without a lot of fuss figuring out ingredients.


I had a second ultrasound today to check on the parts she was hiding at 18 months. All is well. Husband was able to come and she gave him a good moon. We had quite a nice little date and hit the bakery across the street before it opened. She triple checked and gave me a great shot of what are very clearly girl parts.


My dad has put a coat of paint in her room, the floor is in and it is really feeling like a nursery. Oh, and he is making dinner. And spent most of the day playing silly with Bee.

Once we get the furniture back in I will be able to get the little clothes and things organized and do all the cute crafty stuff to make it (really me, what does baby care) cute and happy.


Figuring out RRL tea is on my to do list. one of those things that I should do, but is not urgent enough to for sure get done. 

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Calladona: We eat a paleo diet at home, which means completely gluten free. We tend to freeze homemade soups.  My DH also makes an eggplant "lasagna" made of layers of eggplant, cheese and meet sauce, that would freeze well and completely GF. I make grain free pancakes (almond flour based) that freeze really well and reheat fast in the toaster/microwave for breakfast. 


As an aside, we checked a big one off of our to do list today.  So excited DH traded in his old, little car for newer, roomier outback!  Excited even though I don't get to drive it everyday, I am happier knowing that two kids will fit and that we have room to use it for transporting big items if needed without having to borrow from friends/family anymore. 

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  My DH also makes an eggplant "lasagna" made of layers of eggplant, cheese and meet sauce, that would freeze well

Oooh, that sounds really good! Not gluten free here, but I'm going to try that! yummy.gif

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Yeah, the problem is I have a SUPER picky husband.  He refuses to eat most soups, won't eat anything "weird" like eggplant lasagna, plus my daughter is also dairy free and nut free, which complicates things for her.  I've gotten into a habit lately of just setting aside plain parts of the meal that she can eat, but I'm not sure that would work so well with a freezer meal. :(  I used to be the queen of freezer meals, so this is frustrating for me. :(

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