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Cheapskates? How do you handle wasteful toddlers?

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I'm a total cheapskate and it drives me absolutely nuts the amount of food my son wastes irked.gif


I spend good money to feed him the best food I can find and sometimes he doesn't eat any of it or most of the time just throws it on the floor. I don't really mind spending the money, I just hate to see it go to waste. 


Sometimes I scoop everything back up, add some milk, puree it, then he's more than happy to eat it but he's 13 months old now...


Any pointers? I know the old fashioned way was to pack it up and feed it to them at the next meal but realistically that's not going to work... if he doesn't want it fresh, he's not going to want it reheated and dried out.

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Ugh, I definitely feel your pain! Luckily my DH is a human garbage disposal, so he usually eats whatever my 3 yr old rejects. But I still struggle with how to teach my daughter not to be wasteful, and to be thankful for what we do have. (she's also got a bad case of the "I-want"s with a side of "gimmie-gimmie"s in every area, not just related to food. Toys is a big one. It drives me crazy, but that's for another thread.)

Hoping you get some good responses about how to reduce toddler waste, and maybe how to teach them about wastefulness (though that might be a complex subject for a one yr old? But maybe not.)
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Try reducing portion sizes? Toddler calorie requirements are fairly small. Maybe just give them 2 bites at a time?

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That would be the obvious answer, wouldn't it? wink1.gif


For some reason that temps him to be mischievous even more lol ...either he wants the rest because he knows there has to be more or he throws one piece to one dog and one to the other. 

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DD is almost 18mos and occasionally loses the priviledge of having her own plate.  Having done child-led intro to solids, she didn't start much interest before 8mos but quickly became a big time foodie willing to taste (and like) everything on my plate.  At first she liked the idea of her own serving but lately she's been missing those shared meals and will toss her food to the side and dig in to mine - which I have no problem with, but I too hate the wasted food that gets tossed to the dogs as we also spring for the better stuff.  So I nix the plate for her, put extra on mine and we share, sometimes with her on my lap, others she's in her chair, but it saves on the wasted food big time!

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DH eats the leftovers here too.  Provided they are not chewed and spat out ;P

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Ha ha that's why I barely give her anything! I know it will shortly end up on the floor!  But I eat her left overs.  Almost exclusively nursing a 15 month old leaves me famished all the time... I think at this age it's best just to offer very little so as to not end up frustrated.

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