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Ummm, we are still not home (well, we were for a few days), in Colorado visiting my side of the family.  It's the first time my wife has met them (we've been together 11 years...) and the first time our kids have seen/met their cousins.  


All in all, it's going really well...DS1 is exhausted from all the fun but without the complicating factor of illness this trip has been mostly very enjoyable (the first night was horrific sleep wise, but that was just the whole new bed/new place thing).  


So in DS2's first two months of life he's: been to 4 states, on a thirty hour road trip and on a plane, been to the zoo, the beach, and the mountains...


This kind of travel/escapades with a little are not our standard and are well beyond our comfort zone...


but so far, we are all alive, all fed and mostly sleeping ;)

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Wishin--glad it's going well! We took Edie on a big family visit trip at about that age. I hated putting her in the car for long stretches, but it was worth it to see the family. How are your family and DP getting along?
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Prettyisa, they are getting along well--which is not actually surprising.  After my mom died a year and a half ago, my brothers and I saw each other together for the first time in 10 years--and in doing so, realized that our mom had spread some pretty serious "poison" in order to estrange us from each other.  We are working on rebuilding the relationships and creating the relationships that she had destroyed/prevented.  Soooo, pretty long story!  We are trying to prevent ourselves from making the same mistakes we made years ago--and part of that is getting our kids together in order to let them build new memories and relationships.  And, part of it is ignoring my oldest brother's politics ;)  


The kids are being amazing troopers and these trips have been worth it (even the horrific parts).  DS1 is loving all of the family attention and I am loving watching him charm my brothers and their wives and his cousins.  

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Wishin: It's impressive that you and your brothers are doing the work to rebuild your relationships. I hope that the trip continues to go well!

Isa: I'm sorry that so many people you love are dealing with cancer. Is Edie feeling better now?

Hi to everyone else!

We're nightweaning, and it is going pretty well. Much less crying than I had feared, but our little guy is having to learn how to fall asleep in the middle of the night without nursing, so he's been up for fairly extended stretches once or twice a night. We've only had five nights of no nursing so far, so hopefully the awake periods will get shorter soon. Any advice from those of you who have night weaned?
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Isa, I'm sorry about the new diagnosis. That must be really hard.

Wishin, Shay's first two months were pretty similar but no plane and more states. Good luck with your brothers.

Escher, what happens when he wakes in the night? We always stayed in the bedroom and in the dark as much as possible. We kept a sippy/waterbottle in the bedroom if they needed a drink. I don't know what else, once they night weaned, there was very little waking.
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So sorry, Isa.  That must be very hard.


Night weaning ... We keep the room dark, and voices hushed.  In the beginning, I set them back on the pillow and say, "Night, night.  Nursing in the morning."  The kid would sit up again, I'd set them back on the pillow.  Rub backs, pat, sometimes sing.  We've never ever got up with them out of the bed.  We stay in the bed, lying down, and expect the same from them.  Both of them had a spell at the beginning where they'd sit up and fuss a bit.  But we'd offer water, then lay them back down, and say, "Night, night, baby" over and over in a low, singsong voice.  
Worked for both of ours.  E was far easier to wean at night.  She stopped trying or fussing after a couple of weeks.  I've been nightweaning H for almost four months and he still tries to nurse and asks for it.  But for less than a minute, several times a night.  It's bearable.  Now, even if he's really mad about not nursing, he'll flop back down on the pillow and say, "Night night, baby."

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Escher--all better! Today she opted not to take her morning nap, so was a little grouch, but some grandparent (and great-grandparent!) time with the garden hose seems to have helped. We found night-weaning to be an ongoing process. She usually does fine, but we still need to get up sometimes to change her diaper or give her a little cuddle before she can fall asleep again. It's easier if you aren't co-sleeping, but I can't remember whether your family does or not. Edie surprised me by basically forgetting that middle-of-the-night food was an option, but she still doesn't always soothe herself back to sleep as easily as we'd like. Starling--H must love nursing!

QOTD--what excitement (or lack therof) do you have planned for the rest of this summer? It just struck me today that we're already in July and haven't done nearly enough pool time! Do you have plans for the next couple months?
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I nightweaned DD around 17/18 months. She was only nursing once during the night by that point. I told her "milkies" were sleeping and when it was light outside milkies would be awake and she could nurse. I'm almost embarrassed to say how easy it was. She had one night of fussing (no real crying) and that was it (as far as I can remember). I think she was ready. I know I was! She had been an every 30 minute nursling for about a year before that.


QOTD: I'm planning on giving birth..that's pretty exciting, no? We just went camping and it will be our only trek out this year as I don't want to be too far from home in the next few weeks. We'll spend some time at local lakes, pools, parks and in our backyard.....and basically wait for baby to arrive :)

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AOTD: We are just working for the rest of the summer. I'm very happy to be getting more work. Tomorrow we will celebrate the end of rains by going to the pool and cutting the grass. I am hoping to build a new tent. We're hoping to find a temple.
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I still can't quite believe it, but I am a parent now.  Could you please add me to the list with a wee babe?  Charlie is 2 weeks old today.  We go to the pediatrician tomorrow for his first check up.  My Mom is also arriving tomorrow.  Things are going pretty well now.  Every day is a little better than the day before.  Nursing was tough to get started, but we are learning a little every day and it's getting easier.  We finally tried lying down feeding today and it was great.  Very relaxing for me and he latched on easily.  I've had some sore nipples, but they are feeling better.  The immediate postpartum period was pretty rough for me.  I was expecting to be sleep deprived and stressed and needing to heal physically, but I wasn't expecting the emotional turmoil.  I miss my happy pregnancy hormones.  The sudden loss of those was hard.  I think I'm coming out of it now.  I don't feel like crying nearly as much.  We've had a few nights where he slept 6 hours.  On the one hand it's awesome, and on the other hand it freaks me out a little.  I worry he's sleeping too long, but I think I just need to go with it.  


AOTD:  This summer I am on maternity leave.  It's my first summer vacation in years.  I'm so happy to have this time at home with my baby.  My wife has 6 weeks family leave and it's wonderful having her home with us.  My family members are also coming to visit this summer.  

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pokey, I was also surprised by how intense the hormonal shift is after birth and as a result of nursing. I cried a lot the first couple of weeks too....for no apparent reason. I thought it was ppd starting but I bounced back really quickly and I realized it was just the shift. Hang in there...it gets easier. Are you using lots of lanolin on your nipples? My milk took 3 days to come in and until it did I was so sore I would cringe and cry every time DD latched on. As soon as my milk came it the pain went away. Make sure to check the latch always...it shouldn't hurt! Do you have access to a LLL meeting or support person? Also, after the first 3 weeks, DD slept 6-7 hour stretches until 7 months. It was awesome - and a distant memory soon after as she became a nurse every 30-60 minute baby until 18 months....

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Hello Everyone..


I just got back from cuddling Pokeys new baby Charlie.. gosh he is so sweet and tiny and hard to believe my guys were this little .. :) congrats again on becoming a mama Pokey it was SOOO good to see you and DP :)


I am knee deep in babyness over here.. the babies are 4.5 months old ( 3 corrected) and are becoming more fun.. they are super talkative and laughing. they think I am pretty funny LOL.. We have started reading and I love to see them get soo into the books.. our favs is  Chicka Chicka Boom Boom.. they light up when I read it or sing it.. we even downloaded the song :) they seem to really like it!

A is sleeping 7 hours a night and taking 4 hour naps! The other 2 are sleeping anywhere from 5-6 most nights and only 1-2 hour naps.. Aug really loves his sleep.. 

All 3 are rolling over from tummy to back and working hard on going the other direction now! They are noticing the dogs and get happy when they see them...the dogs love to clean up baby spit up.. its kinda gross LOL :) 

Some days I am overwhelmed but i realized those are the days I dont get out of the house.. I do get out often.. and it will be much easier once the new stroller arrives ( a triple) 


QOTD.. we are going to AZ in 2 weeks for about 10 days.. thats pretty exciting .. driving 11 hrs !



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Hi everyone! Is this a new forum?

Baby Aiden is just over three weeks old. His eyes become more and more open everyday.
My sister and her family are coming in to visit for a week and I am so excited.
It feels so good to be here with so many familiar faces.joy.gif
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Max:) again congrats!!! I think Seraf started this up again not to long ago:) welcome !!!
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Hey Max. It's relatively new. We were starting to overwhelm the old thread.


How are you adjusting to life with the babe? How long does your DP get off work? 


CaNanny, they're cuter every day.

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Max, congratulations!!! I'm so happy for you!
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Max! Great to see you here!

Sorry I have no time for anything. Our kid is pukey sick but hopefully on the mend.
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As I was peeking at the baby wearing contest, I saw this picture. How is everything going with you moms of multiples?

Pokey, welcome and congratulations!
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Thanks for reminding me to enter the babywearing photo contest, Seraf!

And now, without further ado, some shameless horn-tootin'! joy.gif

Come on over and vote for my photo (#126), of me and E in Costa Rica last year.

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Hey everyone,
My sister, her DP, and 3 year old nephew have been visiting so I've been very pre-occupied.
I am excited to meet up with some of you bay area folks who are close to me. I have three months off work and I'm super excited.
DP will take time off when I go back to work.
Aiden is almost a month old! I can't believe it!joy.gif
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