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Allison, awesome!

SNB, that sounds hard
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SNB- that is great you can tandem feed already! We are still struggling with one baby having a painful latch. Our doula thought his latch looked fine, but DW feels like it is too shallow. He is also really aggressive and sort of gums the nipple at first.

The pediatrician at the hospital also prescribed the fortified preemie formula for one feeding a day for us.we decided to watch their weight and hold off on it since we hated the idea of giving them formula. They have been gaining weight like champs. In 3 weeks our little guy has gained 1 lb. 12 ozs. And our big guy 1 lb. 9 ozs!
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Sorry I have been MIA, just enjoying my baby time!joy.gif
I've been meaning to post this picture from the EB meetup that happened last month.
This is Aiden at about 2 months with Finn (Cananny's).
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Awww, handsome boys! 

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Some long overdue pictures:

Babies are four months old. Amazing how time flies! Things have gotten much easier, though we are, of course, still insanely busy.
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So nice to see all of your sweet little boys! Here's one of Edie playing with bubbles. She and our stepcousin (who's about 12) had a GREAT time making them together.

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Such cute babies-max, cananny, knitting, and Isa! They are all getting so grown up.
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A rare moment that they are both calm.....

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Oh no, did we miss an East Bay meet up?  I didn't see anything posted about it, but I'm also not frequenting these boards so often.  Let us know next time! :)  So many cute pictures, I guess I'll get in on that action; this is N at 10 weeks (12 weeks now) showing off his dino feet.



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Ahhh, I'm loving all the babies!!! We have quite a crew right now. They are all so adorable.


Our boys will be one month old tomorrow.



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Omg max that pic is great ( it's gage though Finn is bald lol)

East we have a weekly meet up if you pm
Me your Facebook info I can add you to our group.. It's been great to get out with our babies!!

This page is full of cuteness... Edie is so big now!!!!
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Had to share this cute moment I caught today
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Loving the photos and news--especially this group's multiples since a good friend is expecting twins soon and it gives me a hint of what they may look/be like (so happy for her and can't wait to meet the kiddos--she's almost 36 weeks).  My kiddos are doing well.  Big boy started preschool (speech group one day a week, regular preschool three days a week and Sunday School too) and that's been a big change.  I know he really enjoys preschool--and with the baby, it's nice for him to have some big boy time.  But, it has made the flow of our week SO different and SO suddenly (and I've really enjoyed our flexibility and ability to do what we want when we want and have energy for it).  It also makes it very obvious that despite our raging liberal friend group and community--we are clearly in the minority as a queer family.  Having to cross out mother/father language for the neighborhood preschool really bummed me out (especially since the director was clearly excited to have a same sex family--yup, love being other folks' cultural capital...sigh).  


But, as I said, big boy is doing well--albeit tired...


Little boy seems huge.  He has his four month well child in a couple of weeks (closer to five months--yikes!) but we think he is around 15/16 pounds and he seems REALLY long.  He is starting to organize his naps during the day--which complicated preschool drop off/pick up on two of the days.  He seems to be going in the direction of short napper and long night sleeper--which we are happy to encourage.  Altho' it does make it tricky to get anything done. My mother in law is in town (for the first time since baby was born and second time in 3 years).  She enjoys playing grandma and the kids enjoy her (it annoys me that she takes on the grandma role so abruptly when she seems so disinterested the rest of the time...but, oh well).  


Kids are waking...gotta go!

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I had something SO extremely scary happen last night. I was putting Benjamin down for the night and he was rooting. I first opted for the pacifier, but switched to nursing because they seem to be wanting more after feedings. Well, I latched him on and immediately he was fussing and I thought it might be a forceful let-down, but it didn't make sense because I wasn't that full. Well, usually with a forceful let-down they are able to work through it without needing to come off. He was also acting different than with a forceful let-down. He kept struggling. Then, in one second he went from his normal pink color (as pink as you can get with being Asian) to pale yellow and then in the next second I blinked and he was gray/dusky blue. It was the scariest moment of my life. I pulled him off, he was whiny and crying a bit, so I knew that he was at least breathing a little bit. I woke DSp up because I was too panicky to think of what to do. We turned him over and patted his back. His color came back to pale yellow after a few seconds. It took Benjamin about an hour to stop coughing and cry normally and for his normal color to come back. The moment he turned blue and I handed him over to DSp, it was so terrifying as I thought, My baby is going to die because of me. I'm going to lose one of my baby boys.

I googled it and it is a common enough thing that there are quite a few results that come up first of the exact situation that happened with him. But it still doesn't make feel any better that I didn't help him out sooner, before he turned blue.
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Oh no, SNB, that sounds so scary. Do you know why he turned blue?
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esenbee ... How scary! Will you go talk to your ped about it? Or emerg? Don't rely on Doctor Google for this one, hon.
Remind me, did they have any heart tests at birth?
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Levi had an elecotro and echo -cardiogram after the nurse practitioner saw a pattern on the monitor, but Benjamin did not have any tests, just was hooked up to the monitor for the 17 days they were in there and got a listen to with the stethoscope everyday.

Dr. Google said it was a confusion between the suck/swallow/breathing technique and he choked/was drowning. My first thinking was let-down related, but it was almost immediately after being put on (though I was dripping already when he got on) and I didn't feel it in my other breast like I usually do with let-downs. He did have spit up about 20 minutes earlier. And while he was sucking on the pacifier he had two large burps and it sounded like gulping afterwards, sonit could have been spit up/reflux related?
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esenbee--that's terrifying! Please still talk to your dr to get their opinion on it, especially since it hasn't happened before. I'm so glad he's ok!
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I will definitely call on Monday
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They should have an on-call. Breathing is important.
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