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Tools ... One of the aunties is getting him a tool set. Wooden, I think.
He's very fond of hammers, screwdrivers and drills. He has a tape measure he adores.
Another auntie is getting him an umbrella. We've got him a backpack. He'll be thrilled!
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Max - I forgot about the baby brigade! I would love to go but C is with the nanny for a practice day. I go back to work in a few weeks. I hope it goes well for you. I will be there soon.
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Our ikea play kitchen gets played with almost every day in some form or other...I think we got it around 15 months. DD has a strider and it's an awesome bike....she really got into it around 2 1/2.

Is he interested in dolls at all? Playing "babies" has been VERY popular in our house since around 2.....that, and "doctor"....thermometer, stethoscope, vitamin bottles, etc, and of course a million band aids!
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Our 3.5 y/o has refused to use his balance bike for a year and a half now...he MUCH prefers a tricycle and gets pretty upset if we suggest trying the balance bike.  That said, the two year old present (actually got it for Christmas, so 20ish months) that has gotten the most mileage is our playmobil 123 (the toddler line) farm house with people/animals.  It serves double duty as a doll house but our very much into animals guy loves that it is a farm (with horses and carts for the must have wheels folks).  


Oops, just realized I posted from my wife's computer...this is wishin'&hopin' :)

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Hey all! Boy, I haven't been on this forum in a long while! Not since right after Amadora was born. She is doing well, and motherhood is truly a joy and a blessing. I already have been a mom to our older girls since they were 6 and 11 (they are 11 and 15 now) but this is a new experience mothering a baby. I love breastfeeding, and think I will try for at least two years. We'll see, but that's what I'm thinking. Amadora is 3 months old now, and she is smiling and laughing, grabbing toys, standing while holding onto our hands, and going "Ppppbbbbbtttttthhh" a lot! Haha. Our older girls are doing wonderfully with her! They are helpful even when she's fussing now. Our 15 yr old goes "Raaar!" back and forth with her. Our 11 yr old reads her a lot of stories. I recently went back to work, but I feel really fortunate that my job is all crammed into the end of the week. I work 4pm-8am on Thursdays and Fridays, and the rest of the week I am home with her. My partner brings baby to me to nurse once in the evening. She is almost always with one of us, occasionally with her grandma for an hour or two. I'll post some pictures :) And spend some time reading and trying to catch up with you all. Cute pics I saw, while scrolling through!







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Cocobird!!! I've been thinking about you, and so glad for the update!! Amadora is gorgeous, and it sounds like you've got a good system going with your work... And 15-year-old has come around to her new sister, yay!
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Aw, thanks Granite! Happy to log on here :) Yes, the change in our 15 yr old's attitude has been profound. Our relationship is a lot better, too. So grateful for that. She is more comfortable interacting with me, she doesn't get annoyed with my general presence, and she is hanging out with us in the living room more often and more willingly. I'm so glad it was such a positive change for her! She even calls the baby her sister. I couldn't have asked for more!

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Oh, that makes me tear up! I'm so happy for you! What ever happened with buying a house, as I think you were hoping to around A's birth?
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We found out we couldn't quite get the loan we needed to buy a house. We did find a really nice place to rent. Smaller house, but much bigger yard. And a MUCH friendlier neighborhood! I love our neighbors. It's wonderful.


Now we are dealing with crap from our previous landlords--they are taking us to court over $8,000 (in addition to the $1695 deposit) which is really really ridiculous. But we saw a lawyer in the modest means program who thinks we can win. It's been sooooo stressful, I am really having to practice mindfulness as best as I can and loving-kindness because my first reaction is to spin out on it and to wish bad things on those landlords! Ugh. But I'm trying to be calm about it and just do the best that we can. Their charges honestly are completely ridiculous, and there are a number of things we could sue them for, but I just want to be done with it and for them to be out of our lives.


BUT, we are in a much better place now, and our neighbors are friendly and non-judgmental. Our next-door neighbor is a psychic, and has gatherings on all the full moons and new moons! So I'm doing my best to focus on all I have to be grateful for (SO MUCH). :)

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Cocobird, welcome back. It's great that the oldest came around.


Escher, I don't have any great ideas. O Gave S a toy that makes noises when you push buttons. He gave it to him early, in fear that he would forget before the first.

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Is everyone still in the right places? Does anyone need to be moved?



Expectant parents


New parents with babies


Parents of little kids aged 1-4

CI Mama

Parents of big kids aged 5-12


Parents of teens aged 13-19


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Seraf. Can I please be added to the parents of teens group. Thank you.

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Originally Posted by queermomma View Post

Seraf. Can I please be added to the parents of teens group. Thank you.
Sure thing.
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cocobird-I'm so glad things are going so well with you, with the baby and with the whole family!  And I'm glad you moved to a nice new place.  Amadora is so cute!  I hope being back at work is going well.


wave.gifqueermomma!  I don't think we have "met" before.  DW goes by Momma.  I like that spelling.


I am getting ready to take a trip back East to visit family and attend my high school reunion.  I am flying alone with the babe.  I think I am as ready as I will ever be, but I am anxious about the flight and sad to be away from DS's Momma.  She is busy at work and can't take more time now after taking family leave.  The week after I get back I am going back to work.  I am not really looking forward to that either.  I like my job, and I know DS will be very well cared for, but I worry about how baby and I will stay in sync when we are separated so much.  He grows and changes so fast and learns new things all the time.  I am sad to miss those moments.  Here is a fun picture that I will need to print to hang at my desk.


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Pokey--what a cutie!! I took the babe on a plane when she was one month and I'm taking her again at 6 months at xmastime. I have to tell you, it was a piece of cake! She slept, she nursed, she looked around a bit. I'm sure she'll need more entertainment at6 months , but I think it will be easier than a long drive. We have driven to southern California from Oregon, and while it went okay, flying to Michigan with two layovers was easier. smile.gif as for ear pressure, so long as they can nurse or use a pacifieror something that shouldn't be a problem. Also the flight attendants are super nice and helpful when they see you have a little one. And reassuring if they see you are nervous. smile.gif hope your trip is wonderful!
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Pokey, where is back home? We are in columbus if you're coming anywhere near here
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Pokey--good luck flying! We've flown a lot with E, and it was easier when she was smaller (before she wanted to get down and run free). It's always hard doing it alone, though. Hopefully the flight will coincide with a naptime and you can just cuddle all the way there!

DP and I were on separate vacations this weekend and I got home to find that my kid has completely changed! She learned how to talk! She had been saying individual words before, but usually not really having conversations--it's like a switch flipped, because now she's actually communicating. So amazing to see it happen in three days! I only got to see her a little bit yesterday because my stupid flight was late, but I am SO excited to talk to her tonight after work!
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Thanks everyone!  I think we will be ok.  We are all packed up and ready to go.


isa-That's amazing!  I'm sorry you missed it but I hope you have lots of fun talking now.


seraf-I will be in the Columbus area!  I'll send you a PM.

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Originally Posted by pokeyAC View Post

seraf-I will be in the Columbus area!  I'll send you a PM.

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As usual it's very busy ... The boys are 7.5 months now ! Finn is crawling and very very active ... August is still very laid back and observes .. Gage is finally rolling over ! He spent three days in children's after a flu shot .. Can't say if he had a reaction to it or if he got a virus he was vomiting and had high fevers and very lethargic .. They thought meningitis thankfully it was not it !
They are a lot of fun and August and Finn sleep 7-7 now!!! Gage still wakes 2x to eat ...
We still have some reflux but eating foods seem to be helping plus the more breast milk he gets the better .. Trying to find a dairy free gluten and soy free donors is hard !!!

Max hope the transition to working more went ok !
Pokey I am sure it will be hard but just think of how happy u both will be at end if the day .. U can connect with him by wearing him more, nursing as much as he wants , weekends will be cherished ! I'm sure your nanny will send tons of pics and updates ! Hang in there it does get easier ...
Coco.. What a cutie
PrettyA... Talking wow ! How are things otherwise ? When will E be 2? Or is she?
seraf... I wish we were visiting you ! How are the kids ?

Bay Area parents Sunday oct 20 we r going to a pumpkin patch with other queer folks I'll be taking photos of the kids/families! Pm me for details smile.gif
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