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QOTD--Mother's Day traditions...OMG it's tomorrow! I have a tradition of sending my mom a card late, for one. Oops. Our girls always make us a meal--sometimes breakfast in bed, sometimes a fun lunch. We each help the kids make sure they have something for/something planned for each other. This year, I've been so busy leading up to Mother's Day, I have to help the girls get ready last minute! There is a cute project we want to do for my wife, found on pinterest: http://playfullearning.net/in-your-hands-exploring-multimedia-art/ and if the oldest doesn't want to do one of those, she will probably get her mom a CD and some chocolate. The main thing we always ask for is for them to get along. Which has been a major challenge for them. Especially now at their ages--10 and 15. I would love to do something from baby in utero for my wife, but haven't any ideas yet....any suggestions?

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Originally Posted by seraf View Post

Hi Coco! Tennis and bike rides sound like fun.
I remember thinking my family was freakish at that age (well, 12-15). Hopefully she will come around soon. Blended family dynamics are so much more complicated. Do your girls have another parent in their lives?

CaNanny, how is getting out with those boys logistically? Are you tripple strollering it? Do you have to pack a change of clothes, diapers and food for a quick trip to the store?

Any ideas for how to organize families at the top? Age of oldest? Age of youngest? Alphabetical? Something better?

AOTD: plans so far just involve the park and the yard. I would like to plant the garden this month. We have a few travel plans for June.

QOTD: Do you have any pets? How do they do with the kids or the kids do with them?

We have a triple decker stroller that hold all 3 baby carseats. its super easy to fold up... but it is long... so I use that when i go out alone.. i almost always have one of our carriers with me in case someone has a meltdown or is fussy..  I have a diaper bag packed with an extra outfit for each kid, and diapers, wipes .. the bag is usually checked every other day or so to be sure it is still stocked up.. Once DP and I no longer have to share the mini van.. i plan to leave backpacks in the van with changes of clothes, extra diapers and other essentials..and just leave there.. 



QOTD.. we have 2 dogs and a cat who thinks anything of the babies is hers.. she scratches at their door to get in.. and any chance she gets shes in their cribs or on changing table.. its very annoying.. we just keep telling her no and removing her!


QOTD .. mothers day.. this was our 1st.. I had the boys make mommy a travel coffee mug with their feet prints.. now that was a project... 

and my DP.. well.. she asked me to marry her today .. we are reg domestic partners but she bought me a ring and did this really cool photo collage she did the WILL YOU MARRY ME. in handmade wooden pieces made to look like scrabble pieces ( my fav game) and she brought me that in bed when i was snuggling the boys today.. so our big news is we are engaged .. she wants to have a little ceremony

We literally have done everything backwards :) LOL

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Congratulations, Cananny! What exciting news! joy.gif
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Cannany! CONGRATS!!!! Great news!!! :) :) :) ~!

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Congratulations, Cananny!  What a wonderful surprise!  And a lovely Mother's Day!  If the Supreme Court is on our side next month, you would be able to legally marry here.  flowersforyou.gif

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Awww...Cananny--that's such great news! And what a sweet way to propose, too! smile.gif I did footprints early on with Edie, and it was a mess! I hope you had fun--it'll be amazing to see those little teeny feet in a few years!
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Congrats Cananny!
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It turns out if you only read your MDC subscriptions, you miss out on new threads like this. Oops. I'm Jess. My DW & I live in Washington state. We have a teenager & we're expecting twins in August. We, uh, like to space out our kids. We're into the whole "backyard farming" thing, so we spend time outside rain or shine. Although I am really slowing down, what with the twin pregnancy and everything. The kiddo has been picking up some of my slack, but this weekend he dug out a berry bush I'd been trying to get growing for three years and let the chickens have a destructive chicken party in my annual crop of leeks. So, that was interesting and fun. 


joy.gif Congrats Cananny! joy.gif

what a sweet mothers day surprise! i just washed and vacuumed my wife's car. 

I can't wait to see the wedding photos! you can have so many ringbearers! 

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Mrs, I posted a link in q&p when I started it, but I'm glad you finally found us.
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Yeah, I'm a little clueless sometimes ...
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Congratulations Cananny!!!!  And, can I just say I love how organized and capable you sound with three newborns (I'm pretty sure you don't feel that way...but oh my gosh, you leave the house!  You have a system!!!  Amazing!!!!!)


AFM--apparently, we celebrate Mothers' day by having babies.  DS(3) was born 4 weeks before Mothers' day and DW gave birth on Sunday!  The birth was pretty difficult and there was a postpartum complication that involved the OR...so we didn't have our big boy come to the hospital until the next day (we asked the friend who had him for the weekend not to tell him that baby brother was here until the next day).  Soooo, yesterday, our 3yo came to the hospital with our friend.  He walked in, saw us and then turned right around and lay down in the doorway where he couldn't see baby or mommy!  Clearly, he was overwhelmed and freaked out.  So, I asked him if he would like to get a special treat from the hospital coffee shop.  He said yes, and I took him downstairs (pointing out the "electric" doors and even letting him play in a play area downstairs for a little while) and let him pick out a GIANT chocolate "muffin" to take back up and eat in the room.  Thrilled, he happily went back up and was finally willing to approach DW and sit next to her on the bed while he ate the muffin.  We made sure to have our friend hold the baby so we could focus on our big boy.  After he finished the chocolate muffin (it was huge, and it will be the first and last time he eats such a thing in a bed!) he asked to hold the baby.  So our friend handed off the baby to me and I sat in the rocking chair with both boys in my lap (probably the best thing I've ever gotten to do).  DS(3) was thrilled to hold the baby and was so loving and sweet (he kept trying to give the baby the little toy truck he had brought) if a bit terrifyingly huge next to the itty bitty.  Our friend took DS home after a shortish visit and I told him that I would be picking him up later that day.  


And...in a small stroke of brilliance, the 13 y/o boy who sometimes watched DS had him over on Saturday afternoon (for 5 hours) while DW labored and we met with our doula.  Since DS was over at his house, the neighbor's little brother was there too and they got out ALL of their duplos to play with.  DS asked me why they had SO many duplos and I told him that when you have a brother you need a LOT of duplos because you have someone to build tall, tall, towers with and two kids need a LOT of duplos.  He earnestly looked up at me and said "I have two boys?!"  I said, "yes we will have two boys, and we will need to get more duplos!"  So, when I picked him up from our friends I asked him if he wanted to go to the store to pick out some more duplos since we have two boys now!  It was a resounding "yes!".  I DID remind him that baby wouldn't be able to help play with the duplos for awhile and that DS could build things to show the baby.  


I know that there will be major parenting challenges ahead as DS deals with having a baby brother...but I am SO happy with how the first introduction went and really proud of how we managed to approach it.  

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Wishin, yay for a good intro and yay for a new baby! Happy Mother's Day indeed. I'm glad the complication was sorted out. Is the whole family home now?
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Congrats, Wishin! And good job on the introduction--it sounds like you got it just perfect! smile.gif
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Congrats to Cannany and Wishin'!!!!!! joy.gifGlad the introduction went well with your little ones, Wishin'. I had several siblings and can say that it was always wonderful. You may just luck out and have less challenges than you think with that. Not saying I never argued with my brother, but it was rare, and we were/are bffs. He is two and half years older than me. It's a great age difference. I also have a sister 6 years younger than me and little brothers 12 and 14 years younger than me. We've all always gotten along very well. I do think that 2-3 years age difference is ideal in some ways, just because my childhood was so wonderful thanks to my brother. smile.gif

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Congratulations wishing!!! Sending healing thoughts to your DW, and hoping your kids continue to bond. Sounds so sweet! Enjoy these early days.

And congrats, cananny! That is so exciting! And romantic! :-)

We had a sweet mothers day. My partners mom is in town, and we had a brunch with both our moms and some close friends. Unfortunately we are all sick. Wylie has his first cold, and we all (me, DP, DPs mom) followed suit. It is an ass-kicking cold. Nights have been tough as baby can't sleep lying flat, so we are back to the trusted Rock n play, which means that every time he wakes up we have to bounce him back to sleep instead of nursing. Ugh. Poor little guy had a fever, cough, stuffed up runny nose, the works. Breaks my heart.
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Congrats Wishin'!!  I got a little teary eyed reading your description of their first meeting.  So beautiful!

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Wishin: Congratulations! I'm sorry that the birth and initial postpartum period were so challenging. It sounds like you did a beautiful job with the sibling introduction. How is your three-year-old feeling about the baby now that he is home?

Gumshoe: It's great to hear from you! How are you all doing? Are you thinking about having any more kids?

MrsandMrs: What are you growing in your backyard these days? What animals do you have besides chickens? How is your teenager feeling these days about the babies?

Coco: I always like hearing stories like yours about adult siblings who are 2-3 years apart and who are good friends. We hope that gap ends up working out for our son and the new little one!

Planet: I'm sorry you all are sick. I hope that you feel better and get some more sleep soon!

AFM: Like several of you, we're in the process of searching for a new place to live. We need some more space, but it's fairly discouraging to see what is available in our price range in the neighborhoods we like. I did write a charm like some of you suggested, so hopefully it works soon!
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Just passing through to ask a question--So little PB has been nursing MOST of the day and was latched for hours last night, currently I am letting him use a soothie pacifier because my wife NEEDS to sleep for an hour (he is in arms because he insists on being held--which is fine for now).  He sucked a few times and then fell asleep-his suck needs seem unsustainable (DW has slept four hours total in the past 36 hours that we've been home).  We were adamant about not using a pacifier with our firstborn--so I am freaked out about doing this--but this guy screams unless he is worn while walking OR sucking on something (we were letting him suck on our fingers prior to today).  Any other AP sorts introduce a pacifier this early and breastfeed successfully?

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Wishin, it sounds like he has a good latch, so I wouldn't worry terribly. The big worry is that he will not nurse enough to stimulate an adequate supply, right? I have never successfully gotten a baby to take a binky. S and S2 agreed to take one briefly while in the car, if you held it in place. I'm thinking that if the baby will take one and he nurses fine, you could go for it, just make a point to nurse when he displays hunger cues. If you want to wait a couple of weeks for her supply to establish, or if he won't take a binky, laying babies on their stomachs across your lap or arm may work as well for you as it did for me.

ETA: I re-read and saw that he's cool with being worn. If you take both boys to the park, that may be just the rest she needs and a nice bonding time for you and the brothers.
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Seraf--thank goodness for babywearing.  I think that babywearing may be how we get through this...I even managed to take both boys to the neighborhood coffee shop this morning (we were gone an hour) and get coffee for me and hot chocolate for the big boy (of course I stood next to the table big boy had chosen rocking back and forth!).  And...sort of related, I LOVE our infant/standard kinderpack--DS2 fits perfectly froggied up in it and, with the hood up and straps snug, no one can see/touch/breathe on him.  DS2 prefers to be froggied at all times--so froggied in the carrier seems to keep him pretty happy.  The other life saver has been setting up playdates for the big boy--today a neighbor boy (his favorite babysitter) had him over to hang out with his family from 4:30 to 5:30 (wooo-hooo, I evaded the witching hour!) and I managed to clean some (unpack the hospital bags) AND make dinner!

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