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We've been out of town the last 2 years for Halloween so we're looking forward to trick or treating in our own neighborhood this year! DD is going as Tinkerbell....even though th e only reference she's ever had of Tinkerbell is a lamp my aunt gave her :/ I finally got Peter Pan from the library so she could see who she is. I have made all her costumes so far but this year I ordered one from zulilly as I just don't have the time right now. I am hoping to dress up like a magician and have DS in the carrier as a bunny coming out of a hat smile.gif DP is going to go as a tiger.
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Here areH









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Hit enter too soon



The boys are 8 months old now! Finn crawls and is into everything... August scoots and rolls and on verge of crawling and Gage is rolling everywhere.. The fun is just starting.. eeek! 


We are dressing them as a tiger, a cheeta and a elephant.. our little zoo!


ISA.. EDIE is adorable! So big!


Carmen.. London is soooo squishy and cute... I have been feeling down lately about the lack of friends and support.. its really hard but im trying to meet new friends .. 


max. Aiden has grown since we last saw him.. Not sure on halloween .. the boys go to bed at 7 so we will see if they take good naps to stay up a little late...

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Cananny, those pictures are so cute! I wouldn't dare do that with our little one, because I get a rash from contact with pumpkin guts...so just in case she takes after me... But I love those pics.

Our 11 year old has decided to go as a basket of laundry. Lol!
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I was at work, but here are my kids. O was a cereal killer, A was a lamp, S was a dragon and S2 was a lion.

I just noticed that my last post was eaten! Those are some adorable babies and matador!
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All of your big kids costumes make me so happy! There I was, worried that all anyone wanted to be was superheroes and princesses. A Lamp! I'm dying!
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Thanks! She even had a flashlight in there, so it glows. M kids have never been superheroes or princesses. I had a chupacabra, zombie (so popular), bat, and spider for O. A can't remember a single costume.
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Everyone's kids are so cute! That matador costume is amazing. Here is O the vicious lion and M the amazing lion tamer. 



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Aaarrrggghhh!!! Too much cuteness! What adorable and creative kiddos you all have. Charlie was a toolman. He had on overalls and work boots and a flannel shirt with a felt tool belt. I will try to post a picture later when I am home. Happy Halloween!
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How are you all doing? How is November going so far?

Our two(!)-year-old is doing well. I like this age SO much better than 19-22 months. He is doing lots of talking and he loves riding his scooter and having tea parties. It is a lot of fun. I hope hope hope that he likes (or at least doesn't hate) having a baby sibling.
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Escher, because I have an 18 month also, I think often about how much easier this age is.
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Sweet Soren is being difficult? I can't even imagine that!
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November seems to be pretty roller-coastery for our girl. Lots of yelling and thrashing, then lots of giggling and learning new things! She can jump now, and is very proud of herself. She also is trying to count---one, two, seven, nine...that's it. She won't even repeat the other numbers when we say them to her. I blame myself, since I do say, 'one, two, seven' sometimes, for no good reason. I don't know where she got nine.

She's also, finally, an official big kid at daycare, so she can run free with the big burly 3 year olds and not be banished to the baby room at naptime. As far as I can tell they spend most of their time jumping on the couch--she came home last week and kept stepping on a shoe box and then loudly yelling, 'WATCH OUT!' which makes me think someone must be doing it at school.

Any tips on staying dry overnight? We give her a bottle right before bed, which helps her sleep, but obviously isn't helping pre-potty-training ideas...
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Hi Isa,
Remind me how old your little one is?
I'd say the culprit is the bottle. Maybe slowly reduce the amount until it's just a few mouthfuls?
We give H (newly 2yo) just a small amount of milk or water at supper, then nothing more to drink until bedtime, when he nurses. He's dry 9/10 nights. I usually take him to the toilet when I go to bed. He doesn't wake up for that, thankfully.

As for us, we're good! E is reading and making art and writing and inventing and loving her brother so much it drives him crazy sometimes.
H is happy following E and doing her bidding, for the most part. He quit diapers around his second birthday, which surprised us all, but is such a blessing. No more schlepping the dipes to the coin laundry! Whoo hoo! It's been a month, so I think it's safe to sell my trired ol' stash.
He refuses to go up-up, so I get be selling my carrier and wrap stash too. And the stroller too, because he says that's for babies.
Okay, I might start crying. I think we're officially out of the baby stage. WAH!
On the other hand, it's so awesome to be able to have conversations with him!

I'm getting close to launching my (queer family friendly!!!) audio story website for kids soon. That's keeping me busy, along with my other writing projects and mama-ness.
We're looking forward to spending Feb in Mexico ... Can't WAIT! We rented a cheap 1-bedroom suite, in a little town that's supposed to be pretty safe for queers.
Let's hear some more updates!
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Im still new to this forum but i thought i would share a picture of my rosaline

she is my parther n mine world she is 7months next week she is our first baby and she amazes us every day
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Welcome new n young!  She's adorable!  It's pretty amazing to watch them grow and learn every day.

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6 months after my second daughter's birth, I finally feel like I am able to reemerge online and say hello.  It seems like I never have any time online anymore with two kids, but it is so nice to see all the lovely photos.  Lately, I am trying to figure out homeschooling, to start next year.  I just wish I knew queer parents in real life.

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Starling, you have a lot going on! Shay also ditched diapers somewhat. He loves sposies and tries up put one on himself every night before bed. He sleeps in one despite the elastic disagreeing with his skin.

Escher, Soren is a little cranky pants. He's funny, when he's the only kid, he talks non stop. When everyone else is around he whines and clings to me when he isn't climbing on the table and crashing his ride on toy into things. Shay was also beastly at 18 months.

Isa, Soren is nothing like dry at night. He wears sposies to bed because he pees so much at night. He can jump off things but not jump. He occasionally talks better than Shay. He said "Happy birthday to Shay! Happy birthday to Baba!" Recently. Otherwise he's barely using two word phrases, so it's funny.

The big news here is that Sara and I separated in September. We are still living and co-parenting together but there are a lot of emotions still.
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18 months is an awful age. Is 2.5 as bad as 1.5? I hope not.

I'm thinking about you all.
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Seraf ... That is big news! I'm sending you virtual bandaids for the ensuing owies on your hearts. Lots of dear hearts in your family, so several big boxes of heart-shaped bandaids. I'm sorry to hear about your breakup, but I hope that you all can find new footing and continue being the most excellent parents that you both are. xoxo

Escher ... I heard lots of talk about half-birthdays being a much bigger soup of upheaval than the year-birthdays. As in, shit gets heavy at the six-month mark between birthday cakes. And to be honest, that's been true for E. I haven't noticed it with H, but with E, each half-birthday would come around accompanied by some intense behaviour, intense emotions, and all-around intensity. It's been especially true at 3.5 & 4.5. Go figure. But like I said, haven't noticed it with H. He is -- mind you -- the most easy-going kid I know, so that might help.

Splashing ... Welcome back! Where do you live? What sort of homeschooling are you thinking about? Lots of folks on MSC homeschool, so this is a great place to start pondering and such.

New n Young ... WHAT A CUTIE! Love her hair. Scrumptious!

Hi to everyone else ...
It's been quiet in here. I'd love to see folks come back and join the conversation.
MDC was such an important place for me when we were TTC and living rurally and looking for other queer AP parents. I want this to be a vibrant community for new members too.
What's keeping people away?
Come back!
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