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Starling, I have treated with gentian violet successfully a few times. I had to call around to find it. Otherwise just try to keep them dry. I think OTC antifungals would probably do it, too. I would never bother with a whole anti-candida diet for a one time problem. Lol.
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Tried both those, with no improvement.
It's been weeks!
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Are you sure it's thrush? I've had similar pain with my milk drying up (pregnancy/weaning) but only flaking with thrush.
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Yep. Doc did a swab of H's cheek.
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Is he on nystat? Weeks of thrush sounds awful.
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OMG I just had to pop in to say, W just slept through the night! When I woke up to the sound of him fussing and saw that the clock read 5:40am, I could have thrown a parade I was so excited. He fell asleep at 10:15. Holy crap, I feel like a new woman.

Happy solstice!
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Awesome! It's amazing what a little sleep will do. Wish mine would go to sleep.
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Hi Everybody! How's it going? Happy 2014!

QOTD--How do you all deal with the holidays? This year was pretty crazy. We traveled cross country to see our families and celebrate C's first xmas with them. It was flying and a lot of driving. It was wonderful to spend time with our families and C. They love him very much. He was really cute with his cousins. We experienced a lot of generosity that was sweet but a little overwhelming. People we have never met bought gifts for the babe. We received 4 electronic puppies! 4! It's not something we would get for him and not something we mentioned to people when they asked what he could use, but he loves them. We returned 2 of them, one of each brand. It's made us think more about what kind of toys we would like him to have.
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We just ride it out. Requests for certain toys and other suggestions are almost always ignored by our families, who have their own ideas about what to get. This year I was surprised that we actually got the wagon we asked for and that people really did buy E a bunch of the puzzles we suggested (which she ADORES). Usually we get a pile of clothes that aren't really our style and whatever plastic toy looks good at Target. Got those, too. Requests for less stuff or college funds are completely ignored. I'm hoping that once she's bigger she'll be able to ask for what she actually wants, and hopefully people will get it for her.
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We started out saying NO GIFTS PLEASE, way back at the baby shower. I'd rather say that than lay out the parameters of what's okay in our house. When people insisted, we said we were saving up for a bike carrier and would love help with that.
Later, when people insisted (and many did), it usually came along with the question, "What would you like for the baby/kids?"
We'd tell them that we like books, art supplies, experiences, and contributions to their educational fund. If they keep pushing, we say our place is really small and we just don't have room for a lot of toys.
Then if they STILL give us something usefless/branded/ugly/toxic, we move it along without even opening it up.
Now, five years into this gig, most of our friends and family are totally on board.
It took a LOT of repeating ourselves and demonstrating by example ('No gift' requests for birthdays too) that we mean business when it comes to simple living.

Ultimately though, it's okay to accept the gift and say thank you and then move it on to a better home. We do that a lot. The "thank you" is genuine, because we know that people give with good intentions, but just miss the mark. We always find a good home for the toys/cothes that aren't wanted/appreciated in our home.
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I don't worry too much. It never ends. My kids each had 2 requests on their lists. They got way way way way more than that. I'm just going to make them go through and pick what they want to keep and donate.
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I posted a long, likely very profound wink1.gif , update recently. But I got a browser error and it didn't post and I lost it. Bugga.

Late but QOTD re: friends with no kids. My group of best friends were amazing with S and things didn't change that much. However, as she got older and I got pregnant again it has been pretty much the same story as starling describes. I feel a great sense of loss around it but I'm building a new community and feeling more hopeful we can make new connections.

Gifts! Ahhhh! I get frustrated but mostly do a combo of passing things along before S spots it or just not stressing about it. I'm not always successful on the not stressing part wink1.gif It drives me crazy when people ask then buy whatever they want anyway lol We normally say books and art supplies, lego this year. I would like to start no gifts next year for birthday parties with friends. A few kids have had "twoonie parties" which is a cute idea too. Then donate to charity and/or buy one thing of child's choice.

I've been struggling a lot with what appears to be pretty severe post partum depression. It's been very, very hard but I've contacted a local ppd organization and I'm seeking help. I'm looking forward to feeling better. I've never been depressed before.

L is growing so quickly and slept like crap since just before 4 months until the past few days when he appears to be back to his pre sleep regression rock star sleeping pattern. He's so lovely and sweet and really just hates to be put down most days. S turned 4 on the 30th which seems so grown up! She's going through a hard time lately for various reasons. Some due to my depression I would imagine. Overall we're doing pretty good though smile.gif
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How's everyone doing?

Carmen-How is your PPD treatment going? I hope you are feeling a little better and more supported.

AFU-C is 7 1/2 months now and he just started crawling the other day. He is all about the cat's food so we need to figure out where to put it so it's out of reach. He has 1 tooth with another one peeking out. There are 3 more that are working their way out. Life has been busy but good.

QOTD--For those of you in the US, how are you doing your taxes this year? With the recent Supreme Court rulings, we are able to file our taxes as married this year. I'm not sure if we should file jointly or separately. My wife makes a good bit more money than I do. We have a new deduction with the baby, but we also have to pay income tax on the paid family leave we received from the State. greensad.gif It bums me out that we received a great benefit to bond with our baby and now we have to pay for it. I think we are going to consult with an accountant.
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Hi Everyone!

Taxes: I use TurboTax, and it will recommend which way to file and show what the difference will be. I don't know yet what will make sense for us!

Pokey: Congratulations on the crawling!
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I'm not married, so I have no idea about that at all.
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I'm married, so I don't have to know how to do my own taxes. smile.gif
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We pay an accountant, because ours is confusing with rental property and stuff. It isn't too expensive, and you can write it off the next year.
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We are filing as jointly because of the various credits amd deductions that we can't claim by filing married/separately
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Sorry, seraf--I forgot to say, "For those of you who are legally married..."

Thanks for your responses, everyone! It's been kind of quiet around here lately. What's new with you?
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Boys! That's what's new here. Which means I've been sifting through piles and piles of baby clothes to get all of the pink frilly stuff out. I'm pleasantly surprised by how much of our baby stuff is neutral or even clearly intended for boys, so there's probably not all that much that we'll need to buy. It's sad to say goodbye to some of my favorite outfits, though. We also seem to be butting up against 2 in terms of tantrums. E cried all the way home from daycare because I told her we didn't have kids at home to play with yesterday. She's also started pretending to be a puppy, which is very cute. And she demands that we help her do everything, which is getting less and less pleasant as I get bigger and it becomes more work to drag myself up and follow her to choose a new book every time.

Other than that, my house is a pit, but it's sunny out and even kind of warm, so things are looking up! smile.gif
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