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TMI alert: pinworms during pregnancy

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Hi, I did a search and didn't find any good answers, but... I am 9 weeks pregnant, and I believe that I might have pinworms. I have been having some itching down there and also a crawling sensation. I told myself that it was just hemorrhoids, but this morning, I saw what appeared to be a pinworm in the toilet. It was about an inch long and white. I'm definitely going to talk to my doctor about this, although I'm pretty sure he's just going to think I'm nuts. 


But I was hoping to see if anyone else has experienced this. I'm so concerned about whether this could harm my baby, and I also want to find out if/how I can safely get rid of them during pregnancy. I usually like to do things the natural way, and I would rather not take medications for this if there's an effective natural solution. Please help! I'm so worried.

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That sounds very unpleasant greensad.gif. I would be worried too. Heres a link that helps with understanding pinworms:

Heres a good article on pinworms and natural remedies:

Heres an awesome link on it:
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While I'm sure it is horribly uncomfortable, I wouldn't worry too much.  I had intestinal amoebas at around 8 weeks and the doctor told me we would just have to live together until they died out.  I was very worried about them causing nutrient deficiencies at a time when nutrition is so important for my baby's development, but the doctor said if I was eating a nutritious diet and taking prenatal vitamins I was sure to be getting plenty of nutrients and the amoebas don't take that much away.  And from my understanding, pinworms are lower in the intestines than amoebas and don't affect nutrient absorption as much.  But I'm sure they are insanely irritating, so I would encourage you to try the natural remedies in the links in PrimordialMind's comment.  I took high dose probiotics and drank carrot and pineapple smoothies and my amoebas went away in about a month.  You might try going to a travel clinic as doctors there may be more knowledgeable about intestinal parasites.

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