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hi im a "lurker" just wanted to share im using maca, royal jelly and clomid. i stopped vitex cause my doc said to give clomid a chance. im cd8 n cant wait... this is my first round with clomid i only took vitex for a month. and prenatal gummies (luv them).
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Thanx, i checked it out, seems worth a try!  I ordered some off amazon, ill probably start it next cycle, it isn't supposed to be here until around the 12th, and I will still be out of town until the 16th!  Or do you think I should start taking it when I get back?

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Sorry to hear of your loss, Chourd. 

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Thanks serynyd xxx

Cressy go with whatever works for you timing wise
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I used to take maca a few years ago when I wasn't TTC. I didn't really notice a difference with how I felt, but it certainly wouldn't hurt to try it in conjunction with everything else. It does have a noticeable effect on some people right away. For example, my BFF noticed a huge upswing with her libido. She saved it for date nights, heehee.
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Hey all! Quick question: been ttc only for a couple months. I'm currently about 5 days late (cd 31, usually cycle is short, 25-27 days) and have taken hpt but have come back negative. I've been having lower back pain and some cramping, nausea but no sporting. Any ideas on if I could be preg? Am I just being impatient? Ha! Thanks ladies
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An increase in sex drive is always good. Can't go wrong with that. Haha, Thank all you ladies so much, I appreciate all of your advice. I was thinking I would start taking it when I got back, then it would give me a head start into my next cycle. Wish me luck.
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Mama blue - mamacats did some research and apparently the 'gelatinized' version is better for energy levels... To activate the raw a couple of them were emptying 3-4 capsules in some warm (boiled) water.. Apparently that made all the difference. For me no energy boost on 1 capsule (500mg) but when I upped it to two (two days ago) there is a good 5 hours afterwards where I am bouncing off the walls 😄😜... My aim is to get dh to take it, get that libido up so the lh part if the cycle goes fast! Mamacats was on 1500 (3 caps) by the time she got her bfp... (Where the test was almost as dark as the control!) it's cool you've used it before 😄 and hilarious re your friend!
Cressy it's meant to help all the endocrine system so it may even help with some of your normal health stuff... It can't hurt to try 😄
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Hi all! I'd like to join. I'm 12 dpo today and I think I got a fair positive yesterday and today. Thoughts?

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Just tested again. Thoughts?
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Originally Posted by organicpapayamama View Post

Just tested again. Thoughts?

I can see the line on this one without even clicking to enlarge it!

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organicpapayamama - looks good to me! 

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Confirmed with digital!
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Congrats organicpapayamama!

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