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Quinoa salad for 80??

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Looking for some advice on cooking in bulk. I agreed to provide a vegetarian option at an event this weekend and volunteered to make quinoa salad. Turns out I need to make 80 portions! First question - how much quinoa do I cook for that many people and how do I cook that amount without ending up with a mushy mess? Second question - anyone got a great quinoa salad recipe? shy.gif I need to differentiate from the other veggie option, which is a couscous salad with vegetables and feta. I was thinking something with a lemony vinaigrette? Help!


PS I tagged this "vegetarian," but vegan would be great, too, especially since there will be feta in the other salad.

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I had to make a quinoa salad for a potluck once, and I didn't want to encounter soggy quinoa, like you.


I sprouted mine.  It was still a bit crunchy but very tasty and mild.  A lot of people complemented me on the the salad.  Sprouting quinoa takes nearly no time as far as sprouting goes, I've done it in about 10 hours, but sometime 18-24 hours.


This vegan quinoa salad looks AMAZING.  Crunchy Cashew Thai Quinoa Salad with Ginger Peanut Dressing

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I'm not much help on the cooking for 80 issue, but I will share my quinoa salad method (it's not specific enough to be a recipe) in hopes that that helps you. :)


For reference this amount of salad is enough for lunch for a couple or three days for two people with healthy appetites. Or it's enough to bring along to share with say up to 8 people as a side dish, and there are always leftovers. Sorry I can't be more specific than that!


Prepare 2 cups of quinoa according to package instructions (I do it in the rice cooker on "white rice" mode). The texture is always fine doing it this way. 


Add two cups of frozen green peas and frozen sweetcorn (the corn is optional, I leave it out now as I have a corn intolerance). Add scallions and finely chopped cucumber, and a little bit of sweet (like Vidalia) onion and fresh parsley, if you like. We don't like beans but I'm sure they would work if you wanted to add them. The only "dressing" is the the juice and zest of two lemons (one lemon per cup of quinoa). Personally I find this recipe needs a bit of salt so you could add some sea salt or some soy sauce, whichever you like. HTH!

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I wanted to come back and thank you for your suggestions. As it turned out, my mom made edamame succotash, and my aunt made a black bean salad, so I was in the clear. Next time I will remember not to volunteer to make mass amounts of quinoa! :-)

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