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Newborn gmd fitted stash&possible disposables

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I have written so many posts during my pregnancy & gotten so much helpful feedback,but i cant remember it. I get the feel of it,but not details. I am going to start writing down what i need. I am thinking of GMD newborn fitted, maybe snapless, unbleached? I really dont know the difference but snapless sounded longer lasting& unbleached for softness&stains? Ok, then how many to get if i do only these. I have about a dozen prefolds too which I want to use as back up or doublers, but am not a good folder &worried about leaks. I read 20 changes a day/night, meaning 24hrs? So if i use them all up in 24hrs, then i would need to wash first thing in the morning & have enough for until they are clean which might take a while. So i guess thats 24hrs + 12hrs just to be sure? Would i need 30? I am so lost, this feels so complicated. But i am writing it down this time so i can budget smile.gif. And then how long will theyfit? I thought 3 months but read maybe only 6weeks or 2months? Maybe its too hard to guess. I am just wanting to compare price to a disposable, which i think i will need for a few weeks anyway. It sounds like Tushies might be good, havent looked into it yet ( or at least i dont remember much , so frustrating.) Because then i am needing to think of buying the gmd small fitted , how many& when&how long will it fit, unless i get a onesize. Am i right that once i switch to small or onesize , which i think is at the same time-ish ,about 12lbs, around or maybe before 3 months, that i will then need much less diapers? That is the point where i may get more prefolds for day, fitted for night. I am thinking out loud here b/c i need help. I wish i could get a sense on my own but i have no one at all in my life to ask. I research enough, i guess i need reassurance. Does my plan sound right? 30 newborn fitted size, then maybe less for the next more expensive size? I think Tushies were 50$week so i guess the fitted will still be worth it if they only fit a short time ..Am i thinking this clearly? I just started realizing i need doublers too so any insight about where those fit it would be awesome. That makes me wonder if a prefold inside a Tushie would help or if that only becomes an issue as we outgrow the newborn size. I am afriad i will always want to add one, just in case, is that okay? Oh, i need to start another thread on my attempt at bed sharing&leaks...And this time i am making final desicions so thank you everyone who has helped, i wish i could remember all your tips off the top of my head, i hope i become familiar with this stuff as i get experience with my REAL baby!
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You can only plan so much. Babies are unique.
Since you aren't sure, I would start small. 24-36 diapers ,4-6 covers total if you have easy access to a washer/dryer.
If you will use some disposible you could probably get away with 18-24. While you assess.
I never needed a doubler
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So maybe 18-24 because i might not need 18 per day? How to acess with enough time for washing routine? And this is only for newborn size? Or it might be same for small? I just found out Tushies isnt available anymore, not sure whether to forget about disposables or if there is another eqivilant thats non irritating..
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I've always maintained a stash of 24 diapers and 3-6 covers. I wash every 2-3days and often line dry.
My kids were never heavy wetters, though they did poop multi times a day. I've been a sahm with a very flexible schedule so I could wash as needed.
Sizing is often crazy. Don't buy ahead. Babies grow at such different rates. I could use gmd yellow prefolds from birth till 10m. On the flip of that, my baby potty trained 1m after I bought sz L covers. You just never know

Especially with newborns you can always grab a hand towel in an emergency

I bought some disposibles for travel and emergencies. Always kept some in each car. I rarely used them and gave them away to friends and family.
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Like the PP said, you can only plan so far ahead. Researching cloth, especially prefolds is a VERY daunting task! So this is what we did, just to give you an idea...


I bought 1 dozen preemie sized prefolds and 2 dozen infant sized prefolds. I bought two packs of Snappis because I did not want to use pins. I used 4 covers.  When my daughter grew out of preemie sized prefolds, I used those as extra absorbency. 


I did laundry about every other day for the first month. 


Aside from  the pack of diapers we got at the hospital and a small pack I had bought, we didn't use disposables. Using prefolds on a newborn is easier than on a bigger child because they are easier to pack and take up less space. I know though that some families prefer using 'sposies while out. 


How long a diaper fits is dependent on the child. Your kiddo may grow out of the smaller sizes quickly or they may grow more slowly. I wouldn't buy too far in advanced though. :-)


ETA: There are organic type disposables on the market. I know Seventh Generations are a good one. So if you were looking for organic disposbales I would try Googling around.  

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