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My first was in the hospital and it wasn't all that bad, but not great either. I didn't have a super long labor and only pushed a few times. I had to stop in the middle of pushing to wait for my OB to get in the room and catch her.  Lord willing, I will have a water birth at home this time. Just need to find a midwife. 

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#1 35 weeks vaginal delivery induced b/c of pre-e, w/epidural and OB in yucky hospital. DD was in NICU for 3 days

#2 40 weeks vaginal delivery induced, w/epidural and different OB practice at homey hospital room with LDRP

#3 40 weeks vaginal delivery, natural onset of labor, w/epidural and same OB practice as #2

#4 40 weeks vaginal delivery, born at home with midwife

#5 40 weeks vaginal delivery, planned at ABC with midwives who turned out to be medwives, so I was risked out when BP went up ever so slightly, ended up delivering with OB in hospital, no drugs

#6 UP (did my own prenatals), at 35 wks when my BP went up more than I was comfortable with, I contacted OB from #5 and we planned induction at 40 weeks which turned out to be not needed as I went into natural labor, vaginal delivery in hospital, no drugs, but blood transfusion due to hemorrhage afterwards.


Even though the circumstances were pretty different for each one, every labor was about 6-8 hours from what I consider "pain" to delivery.


Plan for #7 is I'm seeing OB from #5 and #6 tomorrow. If he/his staff are cool, I'll do standard care with him and delivery at hospital. If they give me grief, I'll do UP again until the point I feel uncomfortable or until 35 weeks and then I'll transition back to his care and deliver in same hospital, hopefully vaginally with no drugs.


Since I've hemorrhaged with the last 3 babies, with #4 and #6 pretty significantly, and I have HBP I (and mostly my family) don't feel comfortable with a homebirth or UC.

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Have never had a previous birth before, but I am planning a homebirth (hopefully in a tub) with a CNM, who happens to live a block away from my house.  I know first-time moms often don't choose homebirth, but as a doula, I've seen both sides; and homebirth knocks the socks off of hospital birth any day of the week.  We also happen to live one block from a hospital, so in the event of a transfer I feel like it would be super quick.  The hospital is VERY terrible to give birth in if you want a natural birth, but if I'm transferring.....it's probably for something that is NOT nautral, haha.  However, I feel confident in my ability to birth my baby at home :-)

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Hi Mamas,

I'm booked into a midwife managed birth centre which is attached to a women's hospital.

Having read your birth stories, and heard those of friends, and also read those in the books by Ina May Gaskin, it seems that birth will go in so many ways that you just have to be prepared; knowledge is power!

It's hard to know what to do for the best and not let fear take over with choosing the best plan, but I have faith in my body and hope that whatever happens during birth I can get through it.

Obviously hoping for a calm water birth or active birth in the centre, my partner wasn't happy with a home birth option and I have had two friends with touch and go home births that could have ended tragically if they hadn't been take to hospital, so we have settled for the midwife centre and hope it's the best of both worlds.

We shall see! Fingers crossed

X Imogen
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I had my first at 19.  I had received OB care until 37 weeks when her very presence began to make me want to commit violent crimes.  This evil woman could NOT be the first person to touch my child.  I received standard care I suppose, but horrible advice and zero support.  She wouldn't even discuss natural childbirth, she says she doesn't see the point and that all women change their mind and beg for the epidural.

I went to the library and checked out the emergency childbirth manual and got the supplies I thought I would need. lol, pretty minimal.

I labored throughout the day and early evening conducting on fairly normal.  Around 6 it picked up and things get a little fuzzier after that.  I think he was posterior by the amount of back labor I had.  I had my ex and 3 friends there.  It was an empowering experience for all of us.  Looking back, I think "what was I thinking, being so stubborn"  but I wouldn't change it for a second.

I moved to Las Vegas and was preg with #2 when I chance met my future midwife's daughter, who was the first other person I knew that had home birthed.  I met her mom and we clicked not only as a mother/midwife/mentor but as deep friends.  We still talk, she's funny as hell.  I birthed my next 4, all girls with her attending.  The births were simple lovely events.  The 4th was a waterbirth in my dining room, it was amazing.  We had planned the same for #5 but things were just too quick, by the time I realized I was in active labor she was crowning.  Less that 1 1/2 hours from first twingey contrax to birth.

It's been 8 years, and will have been over 9 since my last birth.  We are planning a homebirth, it feels super strange to use a different midwife, but she is nice and friendly and her training seems strong, so I'm confident with her....it's just weird still.  

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Hi all,


We're still in the process of choosing providers - I've even toyed with UC. My first two were c-sections. 1st with an OB practice that had midwives. The midwives struggled to understand why I was with the OBs when I desired a natural birth. I didn't truly realize how important that was to me until around 7 months in after tons of ultrasounds and bedrest for low fluid. I was afraid to go against the grain and ruffle feathers by switching over to the midwife care. PROM, then FTP after cervadil & pit and then c-section. Upseting (cried a bit) but handled it pretty well afterwards.


My second was super crunchy midwives with extremely high VBAC rate. I loved them and we clicked well. Relatively low intervention pregnancy (with the exception of me being a small woman and their back up care having me go for a placenta check at 20 weeks only to realize that it was low lying). I worked with the midwives to push the follow up u/s out a few weeks to give the placenta time to rise when my uterus expanded some more. Being very reactive to people and needing peace to have my body work - having my MIL visit for the 2 weeks up to my birth was not the best idea (but I didn't know). Castor oil at 40 weeks failed and the midwives were feeling pressured by back up docs. The day after my MIL left we did castor oil again. That evening contractions were fast and furious. Water broke. Midwife came to check and the contractions were starting to do their stuff. An hour later after my aunt came to pick up my sleeping daughter. The contractions were still strong and constant so we decided to go to the hospital where my labor very promptly stalled and could not be gotten back after shower, stim, walking, bouncing and finally pit. I sobbed uncontrollably through the section with the midwife holding my hand. I barely had a moment with my son until 2 hours later in recovery where due to the drugs I shook uncontrollably while my midwife and husband held him to my breast to feed. There have been hard moments in life but just the thought and talking about it brings instant tears to my eyes. Bonding with him took forever and I went though some PPD.


For this birth it's taken me a lot of legwork. VBA2C's are hard to come by here and HBA2C are not allowed (not if you want it attended). The closest OB was "willing to let me try" but not optimistic. Most supportive OBs, midwives or hospitals are up to and over an hour away. At this time we're trying to decide mainly between a midwife (over an hour away) willing to come to us but whose rate is higher and has less experience. Or travel to someone 2 hours away with a TON of experience whose rate is lower. I would just need to birth out of hospital near her. Either way for my last birth I want the chance for myself, my husband and my children (especially my daughter) to see a natural birth and just how wonderful it can be.

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