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Anyone VBAC in Louisville, ky?

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Hello. I have had 2 c-sections. The first was at 33 weeks for pre-eclampsia. The second was after 2 1/2 days of labor with no progress at home with a midwife. Turns out baby was large and positioned a bit funny and just wouldn't drop. After baby #2 I found out I have fVl which is a blood clotting disorder. I have to be on blood thinners for life now. After doing a lot of research, we are pregnant with #3 and want a VBA2C. This is the safest way for me and baby. However, I need to be in the hospital because of the blood thinners and can't find an OB who will do a VBAC. Does anyone have any experience with either a VBAC on blood thinners or a Louisville VBAC? Thanks!

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I'm sorry that I have no information to give you but bumping this post hopefully it'll get some attention. 

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My friend back in Louisville after 2 vaginal and 2 c/s births (5th baby, in good health, about 40 years old) searched all over, found one who said he would consider a trial of labor then backed out on that in the last trimester (sounds like from external pressures not his choice as much), but told her if she really wanted a VBAC she could show up at the hospital pushing. He ended up convincing them to plan a caesaren at the onset of labor since their first c/s was for a scary emergency occurring in 1st stage and that added some fears for them.


You could look into the HB midwives there, I can recommend Juliet Dietsch. But I'm not sure if the blood thinners are an automatic risk out situation or not if you're located near the hospital. Maybe OB and MW prenatal care concurrently is an option and under the doc's direction discontinue or change meds for a short time near the birth then have a HBAC. Often they induce right after stopping blood thinners, which isn't an option after 2 c/s. Sometimes they just switch to Heparin in your last month instead. That only stays in your system for like 12 hours so you can stop that as soon as you go into labor and if it's not too quick by time of the birth you aren't on blood thinners. Then you get back on it right away after the initial lochia slows a bit.

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I'm a momma of 5 kiddos here in Louisville, and my youngest 2 (ages 3 yrs. & 3 weeks old) were successful VBAC's. Associates in OB/GYN (http://www.nortonhealthcare.com/aog) support VBAC's, and the team of doctors on staff are top-notch, I really could not say enough about the incredible level of care I've received from them. Dr. Girard, and Dr. Reinstine are my personal favorites.
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