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He's here!

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He came too early for homebirth. Had a natural hospital birth and have Quest in my arms now.
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And so it begins!!


Yay, congrats on a beautiful birth and a beautiful, healthy baby! joy.gif


(Love the name!!)

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Wowsers! Congrats!!! 

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Oh awesome!!  Congratulations! joy.gif

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Lovely!!! Congratulations!

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So excited for you!!

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Congratulations! I'm glad he's safe in your arms and you got a natural birth even in the hospital!

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Congratulations FarmerMomma!  I hope you are both doing well and feeling healthy.  I'm going to start a baby thread so we can see when everyone arrives.  If you could let us know the date or anything else you want to share, I will put you 2 at the top of the list!

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Congrats! Glad you had a natural hospital birth and as far as I can tell, all is well. :)

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OMG FarmerMama! I just about dropped my phone when I saw the thread title from one of the June mamas! I'd love to read your birth story, if you plan to post it. Enjoy your precious little one!
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Yay, congratulations!

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joy.gifHooray! joy.gif

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Congrats FarmerMamma!!  I can't believe that we have our first June group birth!!  So happy that Mom/ baby are healthy!! *BIG HUGS*

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YAY!!!!   Congratulations!! 

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Woohoo!  Congratulations!!! 

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Congrats, and I'm so happy your Quest arrived safely!  I can't believe our babies are coming already - I'm so excited for you and all of us!

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YAY! Congratulations!!!

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oh you make me think I am getting much much closer!!


Welcome Quest! Congrats FarmerMama!!!

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Yayay!  Quest is an wonderful name!  Welcome earthside baby!  Congratulations!

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