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Recommendations for carriers while pregnant?

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I love carrying my DD on my back when we go out and she loves being there, but now that I'm pregnant I'm a little more hesitant because of the waist buckle. It bugs me and she's over 25 lbs so HEAVY! She will sit in her stroller for a bit, but then she wants to get out and run run run as fast as she can all over the place. When she's on my back, she's happy.


Right now it's not too bad, but I worry about the next few months. Anyone have any experience with carriers while pregnant? Should I just not carry her? DH doesn't mind wearing her, but he doesn't like her on his back because she sits too low and can't see over his shoulders the way she can with me.



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Congratulations on your pregnancy! You might get more feedback on carriers if you post in the Babywearing forum. 

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Sounds like you are already using a SSC? I have a plus sized Sutemi Pack (oldest style) that I wore (on my back) up up through my last trimester with my son, then 3-3.5yrs old, 33lbs. I found my wraps and ring slings have me too many pressure points. I'm an achey whiny mess when pregnant!

Is is the buckle itself that is bothering you or the whole waistband? If its he buckle, you could try making a special sleeve to slip over it. Like for the waistband, you could cut the sleeve off of a felted sweater and slip it over the waistband, buckle it, then pull the sleeve over the buckle. Might give it some "cushioning".
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I don't have a lot of advice to give. My DD is 27 lbs and in a few months we will be in the same boat. I'm thinking a woven wrap or toddler sized mei tai might be more comfortable since they don't have buckles and can be tied above the belly.
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I am 31.5 weeks and still wear my 3-year-old.  I either use a mei tai with the waist strap tied above the belly, or a woven wrap usually in a ruck tied tibetan, so nothing around the waist.


This was from a couple of weeks ago:

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Somegirl99, love that picture!  You ladies have made me feel like a big wimp about complaining about carrying my 30 pound toddler in a backpack...  LOL

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Thanks CL!  One thing that I have found, I had a bad habit of leaning forward very slightly when carrying DS on my back.  I didn't even realize it, but I was doing it all the time.  From looking at other babywearing pictures, I'm not the only one.  However, that little bit of lean adds tons of discomfort when pregnant, at least for me.  When I work on standing up straight (head and shoulders above hips, hips above heels), then I am far more comfortable.

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