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How old were you when you had your first baby? - Page 3

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I was 38 (almost 39) with our first and will be 41 (almost 42) with our second.

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26 when we adopted our 1st (at age 2), 29 when I birthed our 2nd and will be 37 when #3 is born.


Funny, I felt old to be giving birth the 1st time at 29, but now feel young to be having a 3rd at 37.  The older kids are in a school where lots of parents had their 1st kiddos in their late 30s or early 40s.

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DD #1 born when I was almost 40, DD #2 born 2 years later just after my 42nd birthday.
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Almost 22 with my first. Just had #5 and I'm about to celebrate my 33rd bday!
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I win the prize for oldest- so far .I was 46 when my son was born.

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30 with DS#1, 33 with DS#2.  2 is all we can handle.

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Feeling old; 36 when ds1 was born and ds2 was born one day after my 38th bday. They are 5 and 3 now. One more at 42? :-)
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First at 28, second at 31

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I was 35 when I had my first baby and 35 when I had my second baby (an hour and a half later). The beauty of twins!
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Originally Posted by fruitfulmomma View Post

I've had babies at 20, 22,24,26,28, and 32.

Wow, same here almost! hoping to be so blessed. 20, 22, and third due days before my 24th birthday.

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I like these threads. smile.gif

I was 17 and a senior in high school when ds was born. He was born in march & I graduated in May. DD1 was born when i was 20, and dd2 when i was 30. I'll be 34 when wee #4 is born. And that ladies is the end of the line for me as far as child production! wink1.gif
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My first was born 6 weeks before I turned 30. My second was born when I was 32 years old, plus 5 weeks. I will be 39 this July and have been wanting another baby for the past year. I haven't decided yet if I'm too old or not.

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I was 31 when I got pregnant, and 32 when I had her.  Exciting times those were!!!

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I was 15 for my first, 18 for my second, 19 for my third, and 22 for my fourth. I think having a baby really changes you and just makes you grow up. I feel much more mature/older than a lot of my older counterparts who don't have kids or couldn't change their lifestyle for their kids. Either way, having my first an a young age saved me. And unlike statistics state me and the father to all of them are happily married.  

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Our first baby girl was born January 5th of this yar...thought should might come early and be a great xmas present wink1.gif I was a little over a month shy of turning 29...now wonding why we waited so long lol.
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26, 29, 32, 34, 36, and 38 smile.gif.
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guess i'm an old mama, too!  34 for the 1st and now 37 with my 2nd :)

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I was 21 when my first was born, 24 with my second, and 28 with my third. I'll be 34 when this one arrives, and I firmly believe that having babies is best left to young ladies! orngtongue.gif
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I was thirty. It felt like the perfect age ... not too young, not too old. 

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