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How old were you when you had your first baby? - Page 5

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I'm 38 and just had my first. I feel healthier now than I did in my 20s!
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27 with my first, 29 with my second. I really wanted to have my birthing years done before I turned 30.
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26 with DD and 28 with DS.  Not sure if we're done yet smile.gif

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I was 26 the 1st time I gave birth!  I was beyond excited to find the Mothering magazine!

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28.  Hope to be done by the time I'm 35

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I will be 28 when I give birth in November :)

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I was 32 with my first daughter, 42 with my second.

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I've always known I wanted a big family and I've always felt like I wanted to have my kids while I'm as young as possible.  DH felt the same way so I was 20 when I had my first.  I'm 28 now and expecting number 5.  We're thinking we'd like 6 and I was really hoping to be done before I turn 30, but I'll turn 29 before this little one is born and I don't think I'll quite make it.

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I'm 27 and I have 2 little princesses now 7 and 4. My first was born 10/2/05, just 12 days after my 20th birthday and my second was born 9/2/08, just 18 days before my 23rd birthday. Now happily divorced, but September and October were even crazier while married because we had our younger ones bday 9/2, our wedding anniversary 9/9, my birthday 9/20, and then our older ones bday 10/2! And all but my bday were intentionally planned for September! Lol!
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The very first time my younger lil princess latched on...
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I was 28 with my first, then 29, 31, 33, 35, 39, and 41 for the next 6.  For number 8 I will have just turned 44 a few weeks before!  I have noticed quite a difference over the years...I understand why people say it's good to have the children while you are young!  Although maybe my fatigue is just because I'm busy taking care of the other 7, homeschooling, etc!

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I was 28 with my first and 30 with my second.  We're trying for #3, so I suppose I'll be 33ish with the 3rd.  coolshine.gif

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I was 30 for my first and 31 for my second.  If we go for #3 I'll likely be 34... or that's the plan anyway.

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I was 28 when I had my ds and I just gave birth to my dd 9 days ago and am now 31 years old. There's a small possibility of a third one day, but for now I'm good with two:-)
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I was 19 with my first. 27 and 28 with my second and third. I was 32 and 33 with my miscarriages. Now, I will have my 4th at 36 (he's due in 3.5 weeks, just a month and a half before I turn 37).

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I was 32 when I had my first so far. I plant to have one more at some point.
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This was a fun thread to read.

I was 21 with my first, 22 with the second, and will be 33 when this little one is born. Hoping for a few more yet too. :)

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I had my kids at 22, 24, 26 and my 4th and final will be born a month before I turn 29 ;)

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I was 33 with #1, 35 with #2, and 36 with #3.
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