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Weekly Thread May 6-12

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Hello everyone another week is gone by! I am feeling much better, no more insane omg who eats that it smells like.... The boobs keep growing and so does the belly! DP is loving the physical changes, guess it says to the world I am a real man as I did that to her...lol men so primal. Well not as primal as I can be when po'd....step back rabbid pregnant mama. So what is it with the boobs and why do books say the tenderness goes away now? My boobs are so rock hard I believe my milk is coming in half the time and I am now no longer a D but an F>>>skipped E.... I can feel my fundus it ranges between my belly button and two fingers under. It also seems to change shape here and there from being more watermelon to being more volleyball.... I am 15+3 today! but it is my 6th pregnancy and god willing 5th baby so that might be more like 20 weeks for a first time mom, its pretty standard my mw says for someone whose uterus is used as a taxi :) Having lost my last pregnancy it is so nice to actually feel my womb grow as I know what makes it grow is the size of the baby is pushing it out how cool! I am feeling more movement but its kind of ambigious at times. So its there but sometimes I doubt was that a few kicks or do I feel my heartbeat in my uterus. Constipation is killing me, bricks girls bricks. I am no longer "exhausted", I just fall asleep if I stil still. I skipped prenatal testing but will have an ultrasound at 18+ weeks. I may not want any downs testing but I should see structural issues, cervical length and placenta placement.
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I know just what you mean about the primal thing... I keep reading things in my various books about how your significant other might be hesitant to do physical things with you, intimidated by your changes, etc., and all I can think is, are you kidding?  Not mine!  He actually told me last week that he's been fantasizing about what I might look like pregnant for years!  News to me.  :)  I'm glad, though, it makes me feel very proud of my body and the changes that are happening. 


I have tried so many things regarding the pooping of bricks, but I feel like it's just destined to stay this way.  It's my only symptom left over from my first trimester, so I really shouldn't complain.  And I rarely do... except to the cats, who follow me into the bathroom and rub up against my legs as if to say, "Man, you've been in here a long time!"  Haha.


I hit 17 weeks on Sunday, and it is FANTASTIC to have so much energy again.  Husband and I have been cleaning the house like maniacs on his days off - it's horrific how bad it got. 

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Well my boobs still hurt and I'm pretty sure they were at least tender through most of my previous pregnancies.

As far as the constipation goes, we got a squatty potty ( http://www.squattypotty.com/) and I LOVE it! I also found that taking a liquid over a tablet form of iron (floradix vs pill) doesn't clog the pipes.

I'm still pretty exhausted, I try to sneak in naps with my two year old when ever I am able. School only has 6 weeks left so I'm trying to enjoy it while I can! I doubt I'll have the liberty once everyone is home 'round the clock.

I can feel my fundus still at the navel... I've been feeling it there for. A few weeks now so I guess it's catching up to my actual weeks a bit... I do feel it growing wider though.

For me movements are hit and miss. I usually have trouble discerning movements early in pregnancy until they become jab you in the ribs or scratch at your cervix kind of thumps and bumps :-o

Appt again this week unless it gets cancelled because of an overdue mama may go into labor.

I guess I'm officially obviously pregnant now. I'm getting lots of when are you due and what # baby is this for you now, even from people I don't know really well.

We went to a retreat this weekend and had a great time with the entire fam. I didn't take too many pics but I got one I like of hubby and the kids in the river I might post in a separate post because it's on a different device.

Making spinach pasta Alfredo tonight per my girls' requests :-)

Oh and I'm 16 weeks and some change...
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my belly has started getting in the way.  i bump into it--or bump it on things.  i feel lots of movement from little poppy--my half pound parasite.  i am almost 19 weeks.  with all her movement, i think i'm going to be in trouble when she has more weight on her & a more powerful punch.  and i get hungry about 10 minutes after i eat!!  second trimester is usually good to me.  i could use a little more energy.  homework & kids don't mix (i was up until 2am & then up at 6am,) but i'm getting all A's & i have three weeks off until summer school. 


on the domestic front, i have a friendly split of households with the father of my kids.  i will be moving to my own apartment, & he will be moving in with friends.  i was dreading telling him that i wanted to separate, but he is taking it well so far.  we usually function better as friends than we do as a "relationship."  so now i just have to get the great apartment in the great neighborhood that i have my eye on!!  no more co-op; no more campus neighborhood; onto greener lawns.

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Good for you Em! Yay! My SIL actually split from her hubby while pg ith their third. They had been pretty much slit for years but it all got made official divorce and all. She couldn't be happier and their relationship is better than it ever was.
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That's great news, EmConnell! Glad to hear that you're getting to a better/happier environment! :)


Echo, awesome pic! Where do you live? Alfredo sounds sooo good right now. I'm constantly hungry!


Rainyday, I love your positive outlook on your body! I'm embracing the changes as well :)


Shiloh, glad you're feeling better!


AFM, I'm 18 weeks today, yay! We'll be finding out the sex next wednesday, the 15th! We can't wait! My only remaining symptom from the first tri is some lingering nausea that hits randomly. Has anyone else been almost constantly hearing your pulse in your ears?? I've read that it's not really uncommon. Just kind of weird!

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Emconnell, great news! 


I'm 20 weeks.  LMP places my due date at Oct 2 so I'm sticking around here but I'm measuring big two months ago and now, so 20 weeks it is (sept 24).  


DF was shocked at my growing belly last time I disrobed but he was happily shocked and into it so I'm trying to let him make me feel beautiful with his attentions.  I still think it's a horrible look on me, but if there's something groovy about it in his eyes then that's the silver lining.

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Hi!  I'm 18 weeks now.  I had an ultrasound this past Friday.  I brought the whole crew along.  Wow, doctor's offices are so less nice than my midwife's place!  And we had to wait!  Anyway, it's a BOY!  After four girls and a boy, another boy seems right.  This is the first time we've found out.  I don't usually have ultrasounds, but I did it this time just for gender because the kids were so into the idea.  Honestly, we have had a lot of crazyness over gender in the past as we were sure each of the four girls were boys, and it was really hard the fourth time, so it is nice not to have that issue now.  Also, I'm excited about knitting for baby and now I know what colors to buy or make from our fiber critters!  Amazing there is a little person in there!


I'm feeling well, mostly so much bigger, but it is a relief to have a belly to show for some of the weight gain now.  It can be so hard to get dressed, though!  It is such a weird feeling when it seems like your clothes keep shrinking!



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19 week today . . . a little surprised at how fast this belly is growing . . . scares me to think about 5 more months of it!  Eeek!  Our "big" ultrasound is the 14th, just trying to keep myself occupied until then!  I'm so excited to find out what this little peanut is and do all the "fun stuff" that goes along with that. 


Otherwise enjoying some amazing weather this May, here in Florida . . . unusually cool temps, which is so nice!

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Eloise - I think we stole your heat!  It was 85 today in Western Washington - holy crap.  I was not prepared for this heat so early! 


I'm very excited for our ultrasound too - it's on the 24th for me, and even though I've bought plenty of gender-neutral things already, it will be so fun to know one way or the other.  :)

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Dahlia- Alfredo turned out delicious! In general we've been avoiding grains & flour but for the neighbors birthday I made a large pot of homemade Alfredo using natural spinach noodles and it was a hit!

We live in hot and lively Central Texas. There is an amazing spring fed river system here that makes this spot home for us probably forever. One of our main activities all summer long is swimming/boating/kayaking the lovely crystal clear waters of our local rivers. The Blanco which is the river pictured above although usually shallow in that spot is quite low! Lake Travis in Austin has been frighteningly low for 3 years running. We will always welcome rain here!

Congratulations Leslie! We're hoping for a boy too, not that we wouldn't love a daughter but the balance of 2girls and 2boys would be nice!
Despite all that I'm still probably not going to find out.

And since you have my heart thinking about the river I thought I'd introduce to you our poodle puppy (before his first hair cut) in our river (meaning the one a mile from our house running smack through the center of town)!

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So exciting that we are all having scans and seeing our gorgeous babies! 9 days and counting until I get to see my wee baby.
Gorgeous photos Echo! So lovely seeing such a gorgeous place experiencing wonderful weather, we've just had two days of torrential down pours and flooding in some parts.
I stayed up late last night on a Skype call to a beautiful friend who lives overseas, great to catch up and meet her newest child but my goodness I have paid for it today, I'm exhausted and sore and have been feeling pretty flat emotionally. Having an anterior placenta doesn't help, movement isn't so obvious now which is disheartening. I only get to feel baby's tiny bumps when laying down quietly. Which I wish I could do more of. My major house declutter is on, started in our bedroom yesterday and it was liberating creating a beautiful space, especially now as there is heaps of room for anything the baby will need in here. Dh helped sort and clean out the linen cupboard which was a major so that's looking gorgeous too. Off to a good start but need some zzzzzz's before I tackle anything else.
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:) Hi everyone

16 weeks for me now and just home from a lovely midwife visit.. she's totally convinced the spotting was a one off event, and I'm feeling pretty positive about it all now. 

Feeling pretty well atm and definitely have graduated to looking pregnant, rather than tubby.  Having a 3D scan on Thursday so am hanging for that - just have to remember to tell the tech to try not to scan the boy/girl bits if possible!!  Really want a surprise baby :)

Happy that bacon no longer makes me feel sick too!  I've missed it so much!  And great to see everyone seems to be feeling pretty good too smile.gif

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Yes I'm feeling that nesting urge too!
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Midwife appt this afternoon. Excited and nervous to hear the heartbeat again. I feel like it's been forever and a day since my last appt. I assume we'll be scheduling the anatomy scan as well, so I'll be able to start counting down until we find out the gender!


I did a lot of cleaning and straightening up on Friday night and Saturday morning because a friend was coming over. Yesterday the chiropractor was like "you really did a lot this weekend, didn't you?" Oops. She advised me to take it a bit easier. Boo. It felt good to actually get something done and not feel crappy the whole time.


I had a coworker interrupt me mid-bite, halfway through my Subway sandwich yesterday to tell me that I shouldn't be eating it (it was a lunchmeat sandwich). Uggghhhh. I know the whole "no lunchmeat" rule, but it's not one I'm being strict about because the risk is so small. Everyone gets to make their own choices about what risks they're willing to take. I seriously don't need people interrupting my lunch to tell me what I can and can't eat. Buzz off and let me eat in peace! Ok, just had to get that off my chest.

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Slsmmerkin- my response to people who meddle like that...

"You might be right"

Smile, chomp, chomp!
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Funny, I've eaten subway twice in the last week!  I was super paranoid though and told them to take the chicken and microwave it first and then put it on the sandwhich which then goes through the oven, just to nuke/bake all possible nasties.  :)   But you're right even in cold lunchmeat slices, the risk is tiny.  

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I eat Subway at least once a week, your coworker can bite me lol. 


So I have finally felt the baby move without having to mash down on my uterus to make it happen.  It's only been like once a day but at least I'm feeling something!  Only one more week until I find out if it's a prince or a princess and I am so ready!

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Everyone finding out is so exciting!!!! Congrats to all on their angels!! I'm so glad everyone is feeling better and showing off their growing bellies!!

As for me, I am just shy of 19 weeks! I am still having days of sickness and vomiting, but I think it's going to be that way throughout the pregnancy, unfortunately. I feel my little man moving everyday. I only use my Doppler when I go a long time without feeling him move, which is rare. My husband is starting to be able to feel him sometimes! My kids are getting so excited about the addition of a new baby brother. I've started shopping for him and its so fun!! It's been so long since there has been a baby in my house; my youngest will be 8 when baby is born. My husband loves my growing body! My boobs are not that much bigger (went from a small B to almost a C) and the tenderness has gone away! I am one of those weird people who loves being small chested and they don't get much bigger when my milk comes in. Lol. My nesting has not set in at all. I have NO desire to clean!! Knowing this is my last pregnancy makes me sad, but also makes me love all aspects of this time in my life!
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