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slammerkin  I know moderate alcohol during pregnancy can be a bit more of a hot button issue than lunch meat but I feel like its fine to have a glass of wine here and there. I think I've had a total of two small glasses total since finding out I was pregnant. So, I was drinking one of those glasses of wine at dinner with some extended family including my 11 year old niece who decided to reprimand me for "hurting the baby".  I totally couldn't defend myself either because I was sitting across from her mother, who is also pregnant but has decided that all pregnancy taboos must be followed. All I could say was "everyone makes their own choices about what's right for their bodies and pregnancies).  At least she waited until I was done with my glass so I could at least enjoy it.


and echo that dog is so freakin cute!  I've also been thinking about getting a squatty potty. I think the next pair of earrings I sell is going to that. I feel like I could make one but then when I'm honest with myself I realize that neither DH or I have the time.


rainydaycraft your "pooping bricks" comment made me laugh but also feel your pain. You've probably tried this but I eat 2-4 prunes everyday, plus and few tablespoons of hemp seeds and as many greens as I can get in and I swear it keeps everything moving smoothly. I have to be pretty diligent about it too because I have a prolapse that makes my life miserable if I don't.  Also, on the squatty potty note, what I'm doing in the meantime is just having a little stool in front of the toilet to put my feet up on. It really makes a huge difference.


It's funny, with my first pregnancy DH was into the body changes but seemed so stressed out about the becoming a father part and providing for us... that his libido took a hit.  This time I think he just knows that we'll be fine and figure out how to parent two kids together so he seems to be way more excited about my pregnancy body and happy in general.

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ciga - I understand exactly.  I've actually found myself naturally propping my feet up on the litterbox (it's a covered one) to poo, and it helps a lot.  I have IBS, so I'm usually dealing with the constant pooping.  This whole constipation thing is SUPER new.  Lol.  I will try the chia seeds though, I haven't yet tried that.


It's awful, but I feel like every time I miss my prenatal (and honestly, I'm not amazing about taking them) I have no trouble going that day.  And I'm specifically taking a prenatal that has digestive help included (Rainbow Light).  What a frustrating decision to make every day.  :P

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Echo - How do you hide the Floradix taste? It's so expensive and every time I get it, I never manage to make myself actually take it everyday, because I hate the taste, no matter how much juice I used to try to hide it!

Ciga - I've tried a few sips of one of my husband's drinks. The further into my pregnancy, the more comfortable I feel with light alcohol consumption.

AFM: I'm jealous of all these horny Dads. Every since we had bleeding after dtd, we haven't had sex. I know he's scared: I'm scared, too, and I don't think I'm really up for it. OTOH, I feel pretty insecure and would love some reassurance that I'm still attractive. Also, I'm starting to get belly rubs and strangers asking about the baby, too. I still haven't told my parents, and I'm visiting with my father tomorrow. I just hate announcing!

Non-essential baby-related purchase: I'm thinking about getting a cheap e-reader for nursing at night, something I can read in the dark while I'm praying that the kid will figure out nights and days. (Oh, who am I kidding? I'll be up a few times every night nursing for years if this kid is anything like my other two.) I know pretty much nothing about e-readers. Anyone have an e-reader they love for night nursing?

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Revolting- I don't. I like it and my kids like it. I was taking my liquid cal/mag today and my daughter asked for some. It is far too sweet for us and she asked for the 'other stuff' (floradix) to help mask the cal/mag flavor! I sip pose you could try oj.

Slammerkin I think you're going to love it! Hubby 'could' make one but not for the $30 to buy one ready made... We just got the plastic one. My bath has the 9" and his the 7" and we both noticed a huge improvement. I also find it easier to empty my pregnant bladder with it!
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Oh, and I wondered if anyone else planned to decline the 20 wk ultrasound?
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Revolting - don't give me any ideas wink1.gif
I declined all screening
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No revolting. That's the only ultrasound I ever get during a whole pregnancy and I decline most other screenings etc. I think it helps provide valuable information and gives peace of mind to go forth with a home birth (placenta in great location, baby looks healthy etc).
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Revolting... I have an ipad that is backlit, as well as a kindle.  I use the ipad way more often for the lighting, and it's easier to get new books onto it from internet sites, rather than just Amazon.  If you get one let me know and I'll tell you where to get free books (legitimately) and the best way to store them in the computer etc...

And constipation..my remedy is terrible, but it works.  If I have a McDonalds  burger, within 3 hours my bowels are set free :)  It's obviously such a healthy choice (not).. nothing else works and I've tried everything!  But am seriously considering the squatty potty now I know it's so cheap.  Thanks for that conversation guys!

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LOL suzie, you gotta do what you gotta do!


It's so nice to hear everyone in such good spirits and feeling so much better (other than the constipation haha) :)


I've personally opted for all the screenings. This is our first baby, and we just want to feel as prepared as possible, and part of that is having as much info as we possibly can :) Our anatomy scan is in 8 days!!! So close, but feels so far away! I've been starving recently, anyone else have this? I feel like I could constantly eat if I let myself. I'm trying to keep things healthy, with good snacks like apples with peanut butter, and fruit salads, or cheese and pretzels.. But it's hard when all I want is sweets! Or totally random things like lasagna or burritos haha.

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revolting The 20 week is the only one I get as well.  Last time it was to make sure all was well because I wasn't going to be birthing in a hospital (check for placenta previa...) but this time it's purely because I want to see that little bean.  We're not finding out the sex but I still want to check in.  


echo- for some reason I feel compelled to hold out for the bamboo squatty potty but the price on the plastic one is definitely tempting. I might have to rethink my rational.  Just having the stool in front of the toilet has improved my quality of life exponentially as far as my prolapse is concerned so I'm pretty excited for the actual squatty potty.


suzie your constipation solution is awesome.  I feel like that would get me moving pretty fast too.


There is this one coworker of DH who rubs my belly every time I see her.   I really like her but she caught me off guard the first time so I didn't do my usual polite block and now it has just become a thing every time. If she was someone I didn't like I wouldn't have a problem blocking but dang, I'm really not a big fan of the belly rubbing from people I'm not related to.

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Ugh, Ciga, I don't like belly rubs from anyone but my husband! How annoying!

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I must give off some kind of strong "don't touch me" vibe. In 4 pregnancies (that have made it to the point of showing) I've had a total of 2 (maybe 3) people try to touch my belly. I was related to them both, but it still bothered me. I really only like DH touching it and my sons, from time to time...if they can do it without being rough, which they rarely can.

I always get the 20 week ultrasound. It's always my intention for that to be the only one, but that's only worked out in my first pregnancy. Mine's not until early June.

The best constipation remedy for me has been ground flax seeds. I definitely notice a difference when I haven't had any in a couple of days. I really like to sprinkle them on salads.
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revolting - I have a Kobo Glo that I really love - it's backlit, but not an LCD screen, meaning that it has a nice long battery life and it's actually very low light - you can read perfectly in the dark, but it doesn't disturb anyone around you.  I plan on using it for night nursing too.  :)  I also have a Nook Color, but it's so heavy to hold, and the light is very bright.  It also drains battery super quickly.


Regarding the 20 week scan - it's so funny, but I keep getting people asking me constantly if we know the sex of the baby yet, and it turns out every time that they have baby clothes they want to give us, but they're for a girl or a boy specifically (mostly girl clothes).  I just keep thinking, eh, I'd take any of them!  I'm so not picky when it comes to colors and things like that.  I've been buying plenty of Goodwill clothes already - to be honest, I've been buying things that might be considered slightly boyish, but that's just my own preference.  I'm a bit of a tomboy.  :)  I also kinda have a feeling that this kid is a boy, but again, I won't know until the 24th.  So, gender neutral it is!  I like all the yellows and greens.  :)


Man, it weirds me out even now to have my husband touch my belly, let alone a stranger!  I'm usually all, "What, why are you touching me?  Why there?"  It always takes me aback for a second. 

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Revolting and skipping scans ;)

 the placenta can move, so is a 20 week scan important or would a 34 week one be better?

Im feeling something magical about this pregnancy and don't want to peer into the looking glass...

its weird...maybe because its 5th and most probably last, unless he wants another but I am thinking affordability is almost done.

He has 3 children from his first marriage....yeah count them 8....luckily we both make decent money.....

but nine might be excesive...

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From what I understand, if the placental placement looks good in the 20week then you should be good to go. If it ever looked like it may cause an issue I would probably be recommended a follow up scan just to be sure closer to edd that there are no anticipated complications. I tend to go very fast (fetal ejection reflexer rather than laborer here) and it would be a good thing to know in advance. The only other reason I would feel the need for an additional scan is if I were in an accident or had a bad fall or something.
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My understanding is that the placenta moves up as the uterus stretches. I had some bleeding at 15 weeks in my second pregnancy which was caused by borderline placenta previa. My midwife was pretty sure it would move up away from my cervix, but it was still low at my 20 week ultrasound, so I ended up getting a third ultrasound at 28 weeks, which showed that it had behaved and moved up enough that they were comfortable with its placement, so I was able to have my homebirth instead of a c-section! I'm pretty sure if it looks good at 20 weeks, it's not going to move into an unfavourable position.
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15 weeks and 3 days!! I am feeling really good! I posted a pic in the Belly thread this morning. It is one of my favorite pictures of me this pregnancy. I look at it and feel like "Wow, I am a beautiful woman." I haven't felt that way for the most part. this pregnancy has been super emotional for me. Especially with it being my 4th pregnancy. This past year has been really hard for me. I was in a severely abusive relationship which ended up last fall with me in the hospital with fractures and a severe concussion. Thankfully I am in Trauma therapy twice a week and have literally found the man of my dreams. Yes that can happen!! 


The baby is moving off and on. I put music on yesterday and it was like the baby started dancing! It is making me long for when I can really feel and see movement. that was and has always been my favorite part of pregnancy. 


Friday i have a job interview with a small organic market that is in town. I am excited but nervous, especially because I am pregnant. I don't know what the chances are they will want to hire me but we really need the extra income.


My fiance is in The National Guard. this will be his 10th year and I am still getting used to him being gone for drill and not sure how I am going to be this summer when he is gone for AT for 3 weeks. that has me a little nervous. I will be at home with 3 kiddos and almost 30 weeks pregnant! Anyway I am jumping way ahead!

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Ciga, I'm not too strict about the alcohol thing either. I've had a glass of wine here and there and bits of beer. Never tipsy or anything and not often. I think it's fine. It's all about your personal level of comfort.


Midwife appointment yesterday went well. I was crabby through most of it because I got stuck in traffic and DH got a traffic violation on the way there (we took separate cars) so...blah. But we heard the heartbeat in the 150s and my uterus is at or above my belly button already! The midwife said I should start feeling movement very soon. I had blood drawn for the quad screen and scheduled the anatomy scan for May 29th! Only three weeks until we find out the gender!


I am flying with my Dad tomorrow to see my sister graduate from nursing school and we're meeting up with another sister on the way. And I'll get to see my Mom, who has been living with my sister while she finishes up nursing school. Stoked to see my sisters and mom, who I haven't seen in a while. It will be a short trip, but hopefully a good one. :)

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Okay, so I really wanted to find out the sex of this baby but DH really didn't. I knew I could never keep the secret so I decided to go to his side and I really hadn't brought it up again until yesterday morning when I asked DH if he thought I was capable of keeping that secret from him.  I don't know why I even asked as I knew the answer. Then last night he told me that if its really important to me then we can find out. Now I'm on the fence again. I feel like a crazy person. 


We didn't look to see what DS was until we had been cuddling for a good 15-30 minutes. DH "caught" him but was so overwhelmed by the birth that he totally didn't notice the penis and so we just waited a bit. There was something really magical about that and in some ways I want to experience that again.  On the other hand, I have this insane desire to know who is in there and that might be a pretty fun experience too. Especially since we don't plan on having any more kids and it would be kind of nice to help prepare DS for a brother or sister (particularly because he keeps telling me that the baby will be his sister).


Anybody else on the fence? or definitely not finding out this baby's sex?

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We're still on the fence. Both of us have an urge to know now, but we liked the experience of finding out at the birth (DS1). With DS2, we found out accidentally at our ultrasound. It was nice to be prepared, but there was definitely a bit of letdown at the same time. If we end up deciding not to find out this time, I'm keeping my eyes closed at the ultrasound.

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