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37 weeks here! Baby is finally "good to go"- I couldn't birth at the birth center til 37 weeks. Tons of BH since last week, but nothing else. Baby probably still needs lots of time to grow. Feeling more and more "out of it", like a real pregnant person ... drinking tons, trying to eat more on recommendation of midwife but it's hard with so little room!! Weather has been beautiful but a couple days of high heat/humidity- that weather kicks my ass! Pretty much fully prepared for baby, put together co sleeper on Thursday (that sure kicked up some BH) and everything is packed with the exception of snacks. Still need to pick up breastpump and bottles but not worried about that since it'll be a few weeks before I use them. Any advice on how long to wait to offer bottles (breastmilk)? Hoping to have a little more flexibility this time as far as not being the lone food source. 

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Any advice on how long to wait to offer bottles (breastmilk)? Hoping to have a little more flexibility this time as far as not being the lone food source. 

Ditto!  DS1 would never take a bottle although we tried everything but making him go hungry.  It would be nice to have the option this time of a bottle once in a while.

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Oh boy, the "when to try a bottle" thing is tricky.  DD1 took one fine but we had a really rough start to nursing and she had it too soon.  DD2 never really took one (she'd mostly sort of play with it) but I was never sure if it was the bottle or excess lipase that she didn't like.  Not sure there is a magic answer but I'm curious to see what other mama's have to share.


We've had a couple really lovely, warm days here which have been nice.  After two days of sickness and a few rainy days it's nice to be able to get out.  The girls and I went to an outdoor mall with MIL this morning which was fun and they absolutely adore her.  This evening we went out for dinner (since going out tomorrow means fighting crowds) and then had our small group from church over.  Overall, a good day.  I have a pedicure with a friend scheduled for Monday that I am SO excited about.  It just sounds pretty magical at this point.


I can tell DD1 is stressed about everything with the baby coming and I feel like we are trying to talk through it as much as we can but I am not sure what else to do.  We have talked about what will happen a lot and I have tried to explain and re-assure her.  She WILL get to see us and come visit in the hospital, Daddy will be home with them Thursday night, Mommy and Decker will come home Friday.  We will still see each other everyday.  She's started biting her nails again and I feel like her body control has been REALLY bad this week (she has some sensory issues).  I'm trying to be patient as I know this is stressful for her too but some of her acting out is so frustrating.  To be totally honest I have had really bad anxiety this pregnancy and I am nervous too, though I have tried my hardest not to let them see that.  Seeing her stressed is making me feel even more anxious and panicky but it's not like I can turn back now!  I am sure it will work out fine, or at least I am telling myself I am.

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Happy Mother's Day, everyone! love.gif

40+4 today. I was really hoping to be a mama by mother's day, but I think this babe has other plans.
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Other mother- I'm not really a pro when it comes to bottles, I didn't try one at all with my son, or even a pacifier. (Definitely wanted to at times) I remember nursing every hour, and just wanting a break! Hope you find what works for you! I can imagine how amazing it would have been to just have one feeding break!

Cobabymaker-sorry that your daughter is having a little trouble with baby coming soon. I hope it's not stressing you out too much. My son seems to be very clingy to me lately and I'm thinking he is feeling what's coming. I'm trying my best to just spend as much time with him as I can before baby comes. He'll only be an only child for a little while longer! Can't believe it. But I'm so excited.

TJ- Happy Mother's Day to you! Even if your baby is still rocking around in your tummy, you are still a Mama!! Hope your little one decides to come soon though!

AFM- I'm 37w4d. Had a date night with my hubby last night and went to see Iron Man 3. Loved the movie! But was having BH contractions through the whole thing and for a long time after. So of course I was counting contractions and wondering if this was it! Lol. They started 20 min apart, then got to 5 minutes apart, and then after we arrived at home, they slowly tapered off. I'm okay with that though! Wouldn't mind making it to 38 weeks. It made me realize however, that I haven't even packed a hospital bag. Guess I should get on it!

I've scheduled a pedicure for Thursday afternoon, hoping if my bodies ready it will jump start things. I'm also treating my SIL who is my doula as long as I make it to Thursday! And my sister to a pedicure with me. My sister is a massage therapist and has been giving me free massages! How lucky am I?! So I thought I would do something nice for her too! Should be fun for the 3 of us!

We also planted some flowers yesterday and its starting to look a lot like springtime around here! Yay! Lets hope that it doesn't snow next weekend.. Wouldn't be the first time! Lol. Good ol Canada!

Anyways, happy Mother's Day to everyone! Maybe some babies will arrive today! What a wonderful Mother's Day present that would be smile.gif
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Happy Mother's Day to you all! I got some time to rest in bed this morning- finished my copy of Anne Lammott's "Help Thanks Wow"- got some awesome cards from DP + DD and a big box of chocolates (which I will be happily sharing lol)- and even got some one-on-one time with DP while DD watched Diego Sheepish.gif Hoping maybe that helps bring labor about! But I've really come to such a peace about when she comes, and am not stressing it at all. I want her to come when she's good and ready, and feel like being "patient" and having faith in her and my body is such good prep for labor and infant mothering- being intuitive, having faith. 


We are visiting the grandmothers today, which will be nice. They live an hour from us so this may be one of the last weekends we get down there for a while. Definitely don't want to be caught down there when baby decides to come, since we'd be two hours from our birthing place! 


Anyways, hope one of us gets their Mother's Day babe  :)  That'd be so cool!

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Happy mother's day everyone! Not much time to post, but doing well and thinking of you all smile.gif. We are even making a 3 hr trip this coming weekend to hang out with family.
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Happy Mother's Day everyone! I'm so excited to hear about more people having their baby soon. From the sounds of things TJ you are very close!

Sander is doing really well and nursing like a champ. He's even starting to stretch out his night time feedings nicely, which is a total bonus since DS1 did not do that until he was much older. I wonder if it is the extra pound of birth weight?

Mothers Day was a bit of a write off for us unfortunately. DS1and I both got food poisoning last night and spent several hours throwing up in the middle of the night. I am spending the day feeling like I have a bad hangover, and DS1 is not feeling well either. We have decided to have a do-over day next weekend.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Mother's Day and can't wait to get more updates on new babies being born!
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Had my baby boy this morning, arrived at the hospital at 605am and he arrived at 630am, so labor was much quicker this time smile.gif
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Originally Posted by aHikaru View Post

Had my baby boy this morning, arrived at the hospital at 605am and he arrived at 630am, so labor was much quicker this time smile.gif

Congrats! How exciting! 

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Congrats aHikaru! How nice to only have to be at the hospital for a short while!


Happy Mothers Day to everyone!


I'm still waiting too, 39w tomorrow, so I can't complain, esp when I lurk on the 40 wk roll call thread. I hope all these babies come soon! Last week of work here, hoping to not make it thru Friday, but all this talk of going early seems to be jinxing me. I am getting the night-time prodromal labor too, had some real contractions last night every 10 min for about 2 hours, but then they stopped. I hope this doesn't go on for too much longer.

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