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Secretly Pregnant

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But I think not telling your husband is very strange.
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I'm all about keeping this private as long as you want to, but wow - even your DH, huh? How long do you plan to wait on telling him? It seems to me that it will be easier to balance all that stuff on your plate with the support of your partner! 

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The sooner you face it, the easier the reality will be. Are you afraid of how your DH will react? I think sharing it with him will make it feel more "real" for you and you'll be able to come to terms with it easier. Its been 10 weeks already--how much longer are you wanting to wait before you share the news?

Are you possibly afraid of admitting to yourself that you're not that happy you're pregnant again? Telling others makes it more of a reality which means you cant really hide your true feelings that well. Its okay if you're not happy about it, i can imagine its been a bit of a shock and an "oh no, not again" type of feeling when it comes to your birth control.
Those are normal feelings and i think it would be good for you to discuss how you're feeling with someone you trust, doesnt have to be family, could be a therapist or friend.
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I hope these replies didn't upset you. You have to do what you have to do. Sending you all the best as you figure out the right way to move ahead with things.
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I'm sorry if i upset you, MrsJ. I suppose you were looking for more supportive replies. I have personal experience with keeping secrets and it is never productive, so i thought i'd help you see that. I hope you have a good pregnancy.
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