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Midwives in Las vegas

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Hi everyone,
I'm hoping one of you can help me out. I'm looking for a midwife for a home vbac in North Las Vegas. My insurance (Tricare) will cover a homebirth with a CNM, but haven't been able to find any who do homebirths here. If anyone knows of any excellent midwives (CNMs or CPMs, we don't mind paying out of pocket) in Vegas, I would love to know about them. Also, I've heard good things about Jill Colin, but can't find any current contact info for her, so if you have it, please let me know. Thanks so much, ladies!
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There are no midwives in Las Vegas? Bumping

And good luck!

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Marvelys Lopez is amazing!

Congrats to you!!!
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I know some birthworkers and mamas that are helping with the Improving Birth Rally in Las Vegas. You may want to send them a message and see if they can point you toward such a midwife. https://www.facebook.com/ImprovingBirth.orgLasVegasNv

Hope that may help!

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There are quite a few midwives in Las Vegas! For my first birth I used April Kermini and for this birth will be using her student midwife(April will be there too) for this baby due in September. She has an office at Well Rounded Mama.

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Hi there!


I know I'm behind on the response time, but I wanted to introduce myself. We are new to Las Vegas, I'm a mom to five littles, (2,4,6,10,13), and am also a home birth midwife (CPM). I'm really happy with how many midwives there are in the community and beyond thrilled with the abundance of La Leche League chapters and other great resources for new moms. I'm excited to be here :) Feel free to check out my website and say hi to me on FB linked from there as well. Do most of you just meet up and plan your own things from LLL meetings, or are any of you involved in a particular AP/baby-wearing/natural moms group? Fill me in! Thanks so much. Slowly finding my new tribe <3




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I had 4 homebirths in Vegas.  I worked with Kellie Sparkman, Associated Services for Well Pregnancy.  I Trained with her for many years and absolutely love her.  If you haven't found anyone yet, Call her, she's in the phonebook and lives in North Las Vegas.

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Kellie's website is www.gratefulbirth.com

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