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tetanus vaccine?

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Hello! I have a 22 month old that has only received one dtap when he was 15 months old. He had a febrile seizure 7 days after his vaccine. He had never had a seizure before or after that incident. He has also not had any further vaccines. Last night he pushed over the baby gate and fell on top of it. He tore his upper lip frenulum which bled for about 10 min. His lip is bruised today. I'm really nervous about tetanus and wondering if I should be worried. I tried to clean it but he os constantly eating/drinking. Any input on the seizure and further vaccinations and also if you think I should be concerned regarding tetanus with thos injury. The vaccine he previously received was Pentacel. Thankyou!
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I would not worry at all.


Tetanus is extremely rare - and cannot be caused by the type of injury you describe.


Type of injury that causes people to be concerned:


Punture wound, often from something outdoors, that does not bleed.   


it is more common (but still incredibly rare!) in drug users, diabetics, and the elderly.

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Nope, that injury would not concern me for tetanus.


My husband had seizures as a child, which we believe were from dpt. The current dtap is supposed to be safer but I still keep hearing from parents whose kids seize after having it. 

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I agree with the PPs, I would not give tetanus a nanosecond of worry.


You might find this article of interest, it is very comprehensive


Why you never need a tetanus vaccine, regardless of your age or location


FWIW, my sister had a seizure following the first DPT vaccination as a three month old baby. She never had another seizure, although my mother never permitted her to have another vaccine while she was a child. 

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Thank you everyone for your responses. He is doing fine today...eating like normal. Some reassurance helps tho! Interesting article mirzam!
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