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hypnobabies and light switch question

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Hi, All, I'm really hoping that people can chime in with a response to this question! I'm 39 weeks and have been doing hypnobabies for the last several months. I've finished all of the reading and I'm now in the maintainance stage.


So, here's my question: In one of the chapters, hypnobabies recommends that we turn our light switch off during the pushing stage and that we vocalize. But,most of us will move during the pushing stage, if only slightly, by tensing our abdominal muscles, tucking our chin, or even making noise. How are we expected to do this while keeping our light switch off? Wouldn't that be overriding the switch?


Also, while this is supposed to be eyes open hypnosis, so many of the scenarios in the birthing guide suggest that we turn our light switch off during a birthing wave and then move it to center during our rest period. Does anyone have any experience going through birthing waves while also moving and keeping your light switch in center. Was it less effective?


I'm eager to hear your responses! Thank you so much!

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I am not a hypnobabies expert, but I did use hypnobabies with my first and I'm practicing for my next birth in a few weeks.


First, during pushing I have to say I wasn't very focused on the technicality of where my switch was because the experience was very intense, but I think it was in center. Pushing and crowning were basically painless for me, just hard work. I had a hypnobabies doula and listened to the pushing track. I remember my doula reminding me to guide the anesthesia and let the baby's head bring anesthesia with it.


I feel like I underutilized my center switch during my birth--practicing hypnosis during the last month was very hard due to RLS and severe sleep deprivation--but one thing I get from listening to the materials this time is the notion that you should do what feels good to you in the moment, even while you're practicing with the tracks and especially during birth. This time around, I use the center switch for a lot of my hypnosis practice because being told to stay still sometimes triggers RLS for me, and the anesthesia was super effective when I tried it on my temporary but very painful back injury.


I plan on using my center switch a lot more in this upcoming birth because last time I didn't interact very much with my lovely birth team or my husband, and I'd like to enjoy and bask in their presence a little more. There comes a time in birthing when I will want to go completely inward, and at that point maybe I'll use the off switch much more during waves.


Hope this helps a little. I wish I had been less of a rule follower my first time around with hypnobabies. It is really a flexible method even though the materials don't necessarily present it that way. The goal of hypnobabies is to make birth enjoyable, and I kind of missed that last time. I had a very nice birth, but I was so focused on success that I didn't enjoy the process enough. I wondered when I got pregnant again if this was a flaw of hypnobabies. After going through the materials again, I feel it might tend to make people too goal oriented or task oriented, but being aware of that, I am overriding that and just looking forward to the beautiful experience.

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I was just listening to the Hypnotic Childbirth #2 track while in eyes open hypnosis, and it specifically states that you should be able to use eyes open as much as you want during birthing and pushing while still getting all the positive effects. But it specifically states you should have your switch in center during pushing.

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Thanks so much to both of you! Sky, I must have missed that in the hypnotic childbirth 2 track. I tend to get very, very sleepy.

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