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Childbirth classes?

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I'm planning a home birth and have started thinking seriously about doing some structured prep with my husband - what i'm most interested in is deeper emotional/spiritual connection to the process and body awareness/relaxation support.


i've found a number of local people who do private classes (since the hospital and birth center ones are not a fit for me) and i'm just not sure what's going to be the right choice.


i'm curious if any of you are looking at classes and what types are you thinking of?

so far i've found classes that come from or are focused on these models: 


-birthing from within

-sacred pregnancy


-birth boot camp

-basic education on birth process

-bradley method (read about this but haven't found any locally)

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Based on what you're describing your needs as, Birthing From Within would meet this criteria handily.  The entire focus is on developing the spiritual connection to your pregnancy through meditation, art, and structured guided thought.  One exercise I have my couples do that I've borrowed from BFW (I teach Lamaze) is defining what one thing you NEED to know to give birth.  Not just like, how to push or whatever, but if you could peek into the future and have ONE thing calm you down about the birth, what would you like that one thing to be?  And then we focus on ways we can prepare for that, how to discuss it with partners/care providers/etc.

Some of the ones you mentioned I am not familiar with, but I will throw an additional opinion in that some people feel more strongly pulled towards Hypnobirthing and some feel more strongly about Hypnobabies.  Both are hypnosis-based childbirth education, but they have different approaches.  Many mothers work better with one or the other (I did Hypnobirthing for my first and Hypnobabies for my second and I am personally much stronger in favor of Hypnobabies for the style of birth I tend to have.)  There are a lot of great established discussions on Mothering, and if you're on the fence, I recommend searching the archives and reading what others have to say.


Best of luck!!

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I'm reading Birthing From Within, and agree that it sounds like it fits what you are looking for!


Personally, I am planning to finish reading, Birthing From Within and then read Mindful Birthing. Class-wise, we will take Bradley classes, because I think they will fit DH's learning style and personality more. 

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I'm taking the classes at both local hospitals so I can better get to see their style and attitudes than what I'd see in a tour. My group of CNMs only has one on call at any given time, so if someone else is laboring when I need to go to the hospital, I'm going to have to go to where they are or take my chances with the OB at the hospital of my choice (no way). Hopefully that won't be an issue, but I'd rather be overprepared.

For actual birthing theory and tactics, I just ordered the Hypnobabies home study course, since we don't have any classes available in the area. Really, there aren't a ton of options around here for anything besides a hospital birth training and experience unless you straight up go with a CPM and a home birth (with which I can't get my husband on board). I'm pretty non-stressed about labor and have trust that my body will know what to do, but I think the better you understand the process, the less fear you're likely to have and the more you're likely to be able to relax. Hypnobabies seems to cover those bases. Then again, I could be entirely wrong since this is my first. smile.gif
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We can't really afford a program so I'm focusing on self-learning from books. Mainly I've been drawn to Birthing From Within. I really like it so far and am planning on picking up a journal this weekend to start my journey. :-) My midwife has the Bradley method books in her little library that she lends out from so I may ask about that at my next appointment in June. :) I do recommend BFW, the book at least. For me also I'm going to pick up "Spiritual Midwifery" and "Ina May's Guide to Childbirth" both by Ina May Gaskin and I'm going to pick up "Gentle Birth, Gentle Mothering" by Sarah Buckley. I know they aren't "classes" but reading other birth stories is VERY helpful for me so by getting hard copies I can bring them with and have my husband or doula read my favourites to help me focus as well. 

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Thank you all for your input!  It helped me stay focused on the Birthing From Within model so i did more research and found a teacher I'm excited about.  She has been doing more standard childbirth classes at the local birth center but has recently become antsy to do deeper work with private clients to use her BFW training - so she's taking us on as her first private clients for only $200!  I feel very fortunate to have found her at the right time :)  


I'm really looking forward to having that support and structure to my process because i've been having a hard time focusing on reading and doing my own prep, including journaling.  I have the Sacred Pregnancy journal, which is really beautiful and wonderful if you don't know about it, but it's a challenge to shift into that gear when i'd rather lounge on the couch and read a novel!  

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I only ever had the Birthing From Within book for my last pregnancy since the birth classes here aren't great. But that book is amazing and definitely a good way to go. I wish they did classes in Scotland! But I'll be re-reading that book this time round as well.

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