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I have been burping SO much more since I have been pregnant. And I have to be careful how I burp too. If I don't burp confidently (that's the only way I can think to describe it) it easily turns into gagging and then throwing up. In fact, this morning I burped, gagged and then threw up my eggs. Yuck.


Anybody else notice this?

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YES! And hiccups?! If I hiccup it was making me throw up- now I think my vomiting is almost gone so that may be over! But yes yes yes. Your burping throw up doesn't seem to be acid reflux related, right? I have that issue sometimes and it is so nasty and painful too!
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I am SO glad I am not the only one!! So far, no hiccups or acid reflux, just the constant burping. So tired of it. My midwife told me tonight to try some probiotics because the burping is (normal and) related to digestion. So I'll see if that helps. Although I am not looking forward to more pills to swallow!!

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More pills... greensad.gif I may have to try it if it works for you! Woke up with hiccups first thing this morning!