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New Book

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Hello Moms,


As a long time reader of Mothering Magazine (14 years!) and an advocate of whole foods, holistic healing, and vaccination safety (whatever that means to each person); I wanted to introduce my new book on holistic healing and whole foods.


This is the link on amazon and it is also available through B&N and Balboa Press, as well as ordering through your local bookstore.




I am writing as series to promote healthy, whole parenting and living.  I hope I can inspire you.


For the first mom who contacts me, I will mail you a copy.  Be well!


Much Love, Paula

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Welcome Paula! We hope to see you become an active member here in the community. love.gif


If you want to continue to promote your book - which will likely be of great interest to our members - have a look at our paid subscription membership. That allows you to post promotional info in your signature. http://www.mothering.com/community/a/paid-subscriptions

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