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8 month old waking every hour!

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My LO is a week shy of being 8 months. We have a sidecar crib attached to our bed to allow her to co sleep with us. She is BF but we started solids around 6 months and she is now eating at least 3 "meals" a day and sometimes some snacks.


I don't think we ever recovered from the 4 month sleep regression. It seems like it has just gotten worse ever since that stage. And I am a very sleepy mom. My DH and I decided that we would start by putting her on a 3 hr time limit that she has to sleep when she goes to bed at night. This started 2 weeks ago. I feed her on both sides and then we both go to sleep around 7:30pm (I wish I could just put her down & not go to sleep myself, but we won't go there :)). Some nights she can make it to the 3 hours other nights I have to comfort her while she is crying to get her to go back to sleep. She will only cry for a min. or so. After 3 hours She will BF and go back to sleep for 1-2 hours.  Then. after that she wakes up every hour or 30/45 min  to BF until 6ish when we get up. She also refuses to sleep in her sidecar anymore and will only sleep next to me. I was okay with this a first but not only am I not sleeping because she is waking so much but I am also uncomfortable because she is kicking me or taking up all the room. We have had random nights were she will sleep 3 hour stretches all night, or even 5/6 hr stretches but those are very few. Whenever that happens I try to think back what was different that day but I cannot pinpoint anything!


I have read the no cry sleep solution and tried everything in there. I am not interested in CIO and I really don't want to give up co sleeping but I have entertained the idea of putting her to sleep in the crib in her room one night and seeing what happens? I know there is a 8 month sleep regression but this waking up every hr has been going on for a month now. I also want to add that she is getting enough BM during the day and she has not learned anything new that would be keeping her up.


We started a week ago putting her down for her naps by herself in her crib in her room. I use to lay down with her during most of her naps and nap myself. I now want the freedom to do housework while she is napping so that is what her naps are changing.



Please Help!! :) 

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That totally sucks mama! Sorry and hugs to you. You may want to post in "life with a babe"  http://www.mothering.com/community/f/32/life-with-a-babe

 alos to get more responses because I know there are folks out there that can advice.

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