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Compare your boy pregnancy vs. girl pregnancy here!

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I thought it would be fun for those of you who have had both a boy and a girl to compare your pregnancy symptoms!

Then those of us who already have 3 boys can obsess a little more wink1.gif
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I've had three boys and two girls. The ONLY difference for me was that I had an ultrasound and found out the sex for the boys, but didn't find out for the girls! orngbiggrin.gif Seriously, my pregnancies were very much the same for both genders. I think that makes me a freak!
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I've had 2 girls and 1 boy. With the girls I was a raging, lunatic bitch the first trimester, like my patience was really short and everything and everyone irritated me, especially those closest to me. I pretty much hated my partner at first. My face was constantly broken out and I was shedding hair like crazy the whole pregnancy (and I thought girls were suppose to make you "pretty"!) My libido was also in overdrive! I wanted sex all the time, more than my ex-husband did. I think I scared him a little, lol!


With my boy pregnancy, everything was pretty much the opposite. I was always in a good mood, very affectionate, and wanted my partner near me all the time but my sex drive was 0, like I could have gone the full 41 weeks and been just fine with not getting any. My face completely cleared up and was the best it's looked in a long time (I almost constantly have a few pimples when non-pregnant.)


So far, everything is "feeling" like boy again this time. My skin is clearing up and looks really good, but I have no interest is sex at all. I told my boyfriend that's what happens when I have boys. He said since he really wants a boy he can probably deal with it if that what it takes, lol!

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Michelle, I find that very encouraging!
I thought maybe since I wasn't throwing up, this might be a girl...but that started today and I was a little sad.

Clearly I need to start a "Gender Dissapointment" thread orngtongue.gif
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My two girls were so different I was sure that my second was a boy. Nope. Just a different type of kid. So far, I'm breaking out more than I did with either of them and I'm less sick than I was with either of them. Not really putting any stock into it yet though.

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I carried all my babies like a basketball, I was sick with all of them.  I thought I was sickest with her because she was a girl, but then when I was pregnant with my 5th I was just as sick, and that baby turned out a boy.

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All my pregnancies were different and I have two boys and one girl so far. I get sicker each pregnancy.
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I have one of each, but with my boy I wanted spicy food, and this one I want spice too, but I also want a lot of fresh fruit and veg, which is what I wanted with my girl.  

I have a feeling that this one is a boy, and I had the same gut feeling with the other 2 and I was right.  So now we wait for the ultrasound.

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I'm no help here at all. I have 4 girls and each pregnancy was a little different. I thought my second and fourth (both July babies) were boys. Kinda hoping this one is a boy, but then again, I'll be just as happy with another girl.

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I only have two girls, but with each my face was clear and my hair was thick and full, with both I didin't have much sickness, and with both I didn't look pregnant for the first bit, just fat. So far I seem to be on track for another girl, lol! Also, with each prgnancy my patience is definitely less there, and I can't bear being touched. Sex drive is nil with this pregnancy, as it was w/DD1.
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