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Nursery Tips?

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My DH and I are expecting our first child.  I'm hoping some of you who have done this before will have some tips on nurseries.  We are planning to practice most aspects of AP, including co-sleeping.  So one of my questions is... do we really need a nursery?  We have a small 3-bedroom house.  The 2nd bedroom is a guest room, and the 3rd is currently the office (desks, computer, bookshelves.... junk).  I would really like to keep a guest room.  Making a nursery would probably meaning flip-flopping the rooms, selling DH's giant desk, and having a lot of bookshelves in the nursery.  Is that all worth it?


I'm assuming with a newborn we wouldn't even use a nursery much.  But I am wondering if a few months later, a separate nursery would be handy for an 8-month-old, 10-month-old, etc.

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You absolutely don't!  With my first, we did a simple nursery - without a crib!  But we had a change table, rocking chair and stored his clothes and stuff in there.  When he moved to his own room he had a mattress on the floor, something you could set up in your room for an older baby.


With my second, knowing we would co-sleep from the start, we didn't bother.  I put her clothes on a shelf in my closet, put the diapers next to my bed and just changed her on the bed on a changepad.  It was fine.  She moved into a hammock in her own room a couple months ago (around 1 year old) but was with us until then.  Now I'm considering moving her in with her big brother to see if they both would sleep better together.  My oldest still comes into my bed every night too - we usually end up with 4 in king bed.  


I will not be setting up a room for the third.


The baby will absolutely be happy in your room and it may save you accumulating a lot of baby stuff - it's amazing how much people will give you and how little babies really need.   I will suggest that the king sized bed we got after my first was born has been amazing - if you don't have a king, it could be worth getting one instead of a crib, change table etc!

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Baby is in my room close to me and as baby gets older I have had them sleep in a cozy spot in the bedroom closet. You definitely don't need a nursery and I haven't had one since my first born twins.

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We didn't bother with a nursery for our first either. Our son still doesn't have his own room but we are working on setting one up for him before baby comes so he can have his own space. We will also be transitioning him to sleep with daddy instead of me (My DH has his own room)

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I never did a nursery - when my son got to be about 18 months, and was going to be earlier than me, I put a pack n play in my office. I would lay him down in that, and then at some point in the night when he woke up, I'd bring him to bed with me (he slept with me 100% before that point). Around 2 yrs old, I realized he was sleeping through the night, so we dedicated an actual room for him.


Nursery furniture is precious, and lovely.... and costs hundreds of dollars to never get used and collect dust :P

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We never did a nursery for our older two. It was more useful having our second bedroom as a guest room/toy room. My 6.5 year old only just started wanting to sleep in there about 2 weeks ago. Our 3 year old is still in our king bed. After we see a heartbeat (fingers crossed!) my plan is to start getting my son to sleep on the other side of my husband rather than next to me, so that when the baby arrives he's already used to being over there. We also have a twin bed shoved against the side of our king so there is plenty of space. I'm guessing eventually we may want to try to find a bigger house but where we are in CA everything is so expensive I'm not sure that's realistic. We definitely don't need anything bigger for the baby years, but I can imagine once they're all in school this may start to feel tight!

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Our family of four lives in a one bedroom house and we've never had a nursery, or a crib for that matter. We plan to move before this baby is born, to a three bedroom house. We'll have a playroom with a big kid bed for anyone who wants to sleep there, hopefully a library/office/sewing/scrapbooking room (*hopefully*) and then our bedroom with bedzilla where everyone sleeps (bedzilla is a crib+king+crib).

For baby furniture, we'll just get a swing to put the baby down, and I want a changing table this time.

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We use my DD's bedroom...to store all her junk! 


I agree that a king sized bed is the best investment if you are planning on cosleeping. We bought a giant king memory foam mattress and put it on the floor. Memory foam b/c my DP is a big lug and it's like sleeping with a very large beached trout - every time he moved on our spring coil I would get flopped around and woken up. With a baby? forgetaboutit.


DD is nearly two and a couple of months ago we added a cheap Ikea kids bed next to ours and raised our bed up on a boxspring so they're level. We still put her to bed on ours but now move her onto her own bed when we come in to go to sleep. I miss her but she is a super sensitive sleeper and I would wake her up whenever I moved. Now we can all starfish but we're still close. It's wonderful. Also nothing better than a little cutie crawling over to you in the morning chirping, "Hi Mommy! Milk?!??" even if it is 5AM!

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When we were pregnant with our first, the first things we bought to prepare for her arrival were a king size bed, a washer and dryer for cloth diapers, and a ring sling :)

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We had a two-bedroom apartment. If you're anything like me, you'll use the guest bedroom more than a nursery. I found I couldn't sleep in close proximity to the baby--every time she moved or made a noise it woke me up. Not every night, but much of the time, DH slept with her and I often would go to the guest room. He would bring her in to me to nurse. As she started sleeping longer stretches, I started sleeping better, and moved back into our bedroom. When she got back into bad sleep periods I found I needed a bed to myself again to relax enough to sleep. We did not co-sleep (I am SUPER neurotic about sleep and have a lot of insomnia problems, and I just couldn't relax enough with her right there--though we did use a "snuggle nest" the first couple weeks). But she was in a crib next to our bed.


Our guest room doubled as a place where we kept her stuff--dresser/changing table, etc. So it was handy to have a place to keep her diapers and clothes and a closet to store things people had given us that she hadn't grown into yet. But her stuff didn't take up too much space. When we moved her into that room, we simply converted the futon back to a couch.

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When we were pregnant with our first, the first things we bought to prepare for her arrival were a king size bed, a washer and dryer for cloth diapers, and a ring sling :)

 OMG your pregnancy shopping list sounds exactly like mine!  Except that I already own a ring sling (plus a woven wrap and a moby....things you need as an AP nanny!).  The only two things I really would like to have before baby arrives is a washer / dryer to, ya know, USE all these cloth diapers that we have inherited, and a king size, natural latex mattress (and if I'm really lucky, a storage bed to put it on).  Wow, that would be....bliss. 

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