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Baby Talk

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Yes, it's happening. She's starting to talk on purpose. I figured the other babies will be too, so let's talk about how our babes are communicating with us!
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Ana has always been a good communicator. When she was a few weeks old, I discovered that it was easy to figure out what she wanted. I always used the same words for actions (eat, bath, diaper change, Daddy, help Mommy - baby wearing, etc). When she was fussy, I held her up and asked what she needed, then I listed according to my best guesses. When I hit the one she wanted, she would get very still and look down and to her right. Or cry louder if we were in that stage already. She still does that, though sometimes she answers with a laugh or by jumping up and down.smile.gif

Well, today I was holding her when she pooped. I asked her if she needed a diaper change. Clear as a bell, "Ya," as she dug her face into my shirt and laughed. It was totally on purpose! She's been saying "Huh," when she means yes must of the time too the past few weeks.

She says, "I need Daddy." I have it on tape and is so cute and funny. That was at 4 1/2 m, but I didn't think anyone would believe me. Dad was outside and I think she thought he went to work without saying bye. She was crying and wouldn't stop for anything. I asked what she needed, "I nee day-Dee!" I turned on the camera and asked again, same answer, though it was harder for her to say. She calmed down and went to sleep on him as soon as he came in. Yes I did call him to come! He was tickled pink.

Last week we were doing school. I had a notebook and pencil next to me. She's trying to grab it and can't reach it. I told her no. She was reaching with all her might, "I nee it!" so plain the girls turned and looked at her with their mouths open. Little rat. We had a talk about the difference between need and want. Lol

She says other things too, but I don't know what they mean. She looks so frustrated that I don't get it, and her tongue is all over her mouth! It's so cute but she knits her brows and says it again. I just guess till she's happy or make up a new conversation. We are both tales, so no shock our kids is one too. Haha
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Wow, Ana is probably going to be a very verbally gifted child! How neat!


Most of what Everett says is what sounds like "blahblahblahblah" and other random consonants and sounds. Although I know he can't be forming the L sound since my 2 yo still can't at this point. But it sure sounds like it!


The other day DH was holding Everett while making dinner and talking to me. E was just babbling "Dadadadada blablahblah!" I joked that E was making fun of DH and already tuning him out, lol. 

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Lol! That's funny!

I think early talker run in the family. Three (girls) I know of were mini adults by the time they were two. Verbally speaking. I know I was an early talker too, at about 18 m I apparently woke up from my nap and called to my Mom. Mind you, I'm the oldest so I didn't know better. I hollered, "Hey Reg (Regine), get me out of here!!!" Lol I wish I remembered that.
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Ana's amazing, Mrs. Koehn! She'll probably be speaking in paragraphs when other children are still working on three-word sentences. I'm particularly impressed with her use of pronouns, which are a bear for most children. They'll refer to themselves as "you" because they hear you call them "you," and when they master "me," it takes a while to reach command of "I."

Sarah, I love Everett's "Dadablah"!

Luthien makes adorable trilling sounds and sings up and down the scale. She has occasionally babbled (mostly "bbbb") and when she gets irritated with a skill she can't yet do, she says, "manmanman" in protest. One of her favorite things to do is scream as loud as she can just for the pleasure of it. I do hope she soon learns what she needs from the experience and outgrows it in the near future, as she can be SUPER loud. 

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wow, ana sounds very advanced! junis is only babbling too and he does the screaming bit aswell. he is not upset but seems to enjoy shouting really forcefully - as if he wants to be heard too between his loud and lively siblings ;)

but he has started crawling a short while back. he had been  scooting around (mostly pushing himself backwards) and doing semi-downdogs for a while and almost exactly on his 6m birthday figured out the forward crawl. now nothing is safe from him. he is not going very far yet and not going more than a few steps at a time but I guess it won't be long before he'll move more purposefully. he's certainly gaining confidence and practice by the day.


on another note and getting back to the topic: my first one didn't say a single word until he was 1y3mo. I had been trying to get him to say 'mama' forever and it was like a running gag with DH and me. one day I did it again, saying 'noah, say 'mmmmamma'! and he just said it as if it was the most natural thing in the world. I thought it was a freak accident and said 'now say 'papa' and he said 'papa', giving me this look as if he thought I was really silly. still cracks me up. ever since he hasn't stopped talking. he is extremely verbal and clever with words, always has been. I think DH has some sort of noah-quote file on his laptop. priceless, the things he says ;)

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I'm sure it's coincidental but Guy seems to regularly cry out, "I need Mama" when I'm beyond a few inches of his presence. I'm fairly certain he is saying "mama" since he only babbles the mamamama sound directed at me, and esp when he is upset. It's not super clear though. My husband was the first one to point out the consistency in his crying the need part. Who knows.

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We're getting lots of babbling, buhbuhbuhbuh's, dadadadada"s, and mamamamamama's- mixed in with blowing raspberries, shrieks and odd deep throated, almost hoarse noises. She makes me laugh!! joy.gif
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Kparker, it could very well be what he's saying! If it's consistent and in context, I would believe it! I think Ana's pronoun usage probably comes from us "talking for her" as we play with her. At least that's my best theory on it. We've talked for her since before she was born. Lol

This week, she's working on pulling off noses, or at least trying to. And this loud and funny grunting/growing/ straining noise. I keep checking her diaper to find nothing! Lol She thinks she's so funny. Lol
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That'd be cool if he means it. It is def consistent and in context. He also has been growling and shrieking last few weeks, while he inspects an item (pacifier, teether, etc). Like he's talking to his toys! It's hilarious.

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That's too cute! She's been saying Mama or Mam the past couple weeks. She practiced it so much, within the first two days I was about Mom'd out! Lol Every cry, every frustration, every time anything happened - or didn't happen - Mama! Mamamama mama! Adorable though! After a week, she backed off and doesn't say it as often.

Today she had a mini nap and woke up about 30 min before Dad left for work. I want sure if she'd want to nap again our not, but since we normally lay down when he leaves, I asked if she wanted to play with toys or take a nap. She just looked around. I picked up some socks I got to make Baby legs eventually and walked to the junk room to add them to the pile. She started hitting my arm, "Mam, nap." I said, "Did you just say nap?" She got this big smile and jumped up and down.

She normally naps 30 min. At 50 min she woke up, we rolled over to the crib side, she nursed another 10 or 15 min and went to sleep somewhere in there. It's been another 30 min, and she's still asleep!!!! That's not bad at all, I think she meant what she said! She wouldn't say it again, but she said it very clear that time! smile.gif
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