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Is it too soon for a name thread?

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Okay, let's talk names, specifically my names :P

Our kids are Lotus and Phoenix. Lotus was five days old when we named her and Phoenix earned his name by dying and being revived. Also, with Phoenix I wanted a name that had an X in it, had something to do with mythology, and had something to do with the sun. His name was perfect!

Our naming requirements are that it's a word in English that has a clear symbol for tattoos, quilts, murals, etc. Lotus has lotus stuff and Phoenix has phoenix stuff. We don't like "name meanings", like "Sarah, it means Lily" because to us, Sarah means Sarah and Lily means Lily. It's our thing and it works for us.

(I feel that I should mention that we live in a place where weird names are totally common and they're hardly going to get singled out for being hippie kids - no more than Wake, Treat, Leaf, Rhubarb, Clover, Copper, Pearl, or Coconut, to name a *few*)

I was wanting Luna for this baby if she's a girl - I like it, it goes nicely with our L last name, and it's sky, so no overlapping elements (lotus = water, phoenix = fire) (that's not important but I thought it was a neat feature of the name). But then we were looking in a symbol book and saw that lotuses and phoenixes both represent death and rebirth while the moon mostly just represents death and the spirit world. Now, we're not normally supersistious, but after our first two having rough starts we don't want a name that has anything to do with death, especially if it doesn't include rebirth! It might be silly - it is silly - but it is what it is. My husband wasn't sold on Luna anyway :p

SO! If a name ever pops into your head and you think, "That weird, wordy mama on my birth board might like this name", please suggest it! Because seriously, naming people is hard.

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I LOVE Nymbler (http://www.nymbler.com/) for stuff like this. Put in your kids' names and anything else you like and it will spit out similar types of names. You can then tweak it by nixing the ones you don't like and adding new ones to the inspiration list as you go. It's so much more directed than flipping/scrolling through page after page of 1000s of names.
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For what it's worth, I have practiced in pagan circles for many years and our moon rituals are all about cycles of rebirth, as the moon has fast cycles (only about 28 days!) of fullness, then darkness, and back again. 


Selene is also a moon goddess name, but I don't know about her mythology specifically.


You could also look at sun goddess names? 




My favorite from that list is Aine, pronounced Ahn-yuh.



Also, you may like this name? ~~  Awen


From wikipedia:


Awen is a Welsh word for "(poetic) inspiration". In the Welsh tradition, awen is the inspiration of the poet bards; or, in its personification, Awen is the inspirational muse of creative artists in general: the inspired individual (often, but not limited to being, a poet or a soothsayer) is described as an awenydd. Emma Restall Orr, head of the International Druid Network, defines awen as `flowing spirit' and says that `Spirit energy in flow is the essence of life'.[1]


Names are so much fun!!!

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Ooh, the moon's rebirth makes sense! Woo hoo! Back to pestering my husband about Luna! Muwahahaha smile.gif

Plus, Lotus and Luna sounds like a lovely sister pair.
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Yes, so much to think about with a name.  We have a particularly hard last name that, with the wrong first name, leads to some sexual innuendos (?)  if that's the right word.  Like, we'll have a great name and then we're like "Oh, God!  That won't work at all!"  Our girls are Vera and Cora so I guess we want to keep with the 4-letter theme so the poor kid doesn't feel like too much of an outcast, being an "oopsie" and all.  Poor third baby!

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Hehe good luck reneekangaroo, I think Luna is a lovely name!

Verarae, oh that's hard! A 4 letter name sounds great. There are a lot of those to choose from, which is great!

We have all this deep meaning wrapped up in Homer's name. Our incredibly loved and cherished cat had been named Homer and he passed away unexpectedly from cancer a few months before I found out I was pregnant. My due date was my cat's birthday too! He was definitely our family and we know lots of people name babies after family, so that worked. Homer had always been a favorite name of my husband's and The Iliad one of his favorite stories. We both write, and the writings of the poet, Homer, are the foundation of Western literature! So it worked for us on many levels.

Our pick for a girls name is a name I used for years, so it's like naming her after me without actually sharing the exact same name. I met my husband online and that's the name he first knew me by. It's Ellison, nickname: Elli.

Now the trick will be coming up with a boy name that we like and that means something to us beyond "we just like it," because I wouldn't want this new baby, if he's a boy, to be all mad that Homer has this whole story with his name and he doesn't. So girl name is set but for a boys name, we'll be giving it a lot more thought!! I know I don't want another H name, but that's my only criteria so far! smile.gif
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Thanks! This is such a fun site!

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I agree with Luna being connected to rebirth. My family is myaamia (American Indian community) and our female ceremony is called the grandmother moon ceremony.  The moon is very much connected to the woman's cycle and the concept of being life givers.  I think it is a beautiful name that would be very fitting!

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Fantastic! Luna is back on the table (it's the only name on the table) and my husband is starting to come around to it :D

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/We have only just barely started talking about names. Our children are named Lucien, Rowan(boy), and Anaya-


I like the names Julian and Asa for boys, Winter, Lyra, and illyria (yup that's an angel reference) for a girl but i'm not in love with any of them...



I think Luna is really cute! we have a kitten named luna

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Too soon for names? Yikes, we had our name picked out two years ago. In fact, we want a big family and have a lot of the name picked out. We just finished middles names a few months ago of first two. So here is the list :) (I left out last name).


1st Girl- Hailey Dawn  (We just like the name Hailey and Dawn is my middle name)


1st Boy- Noah Amory pronounced A-mor-ee (Noah is NOT from the Bible. It's from the Notebook movie because of how much the man loved the woman. (we are such saps). Amory is male version of Amy)


2nd Girl- Taylor Jane (Gender neutral name. Jane has been in hubby's family)


2nd Boy- Julian J. (Nickname is JJ :) (aww so cute!). J is hubby's middle name)


Hmm, seemed like there were more. ;)


I like how some are really creative with names! And I love the name Luna! There is a book called Luna-one of my favs!

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I really like Luna

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We usually name our children after a particular Saint,  oftentimes after a Saint who's feast day is celebrated near the time of their birth.  Our Isaac was born on the Feast of St. Isaac Jogues, Mary on the Feast of Our Lady of Fatima,  Molly Elizabeth near the Feast of the Visitation.  And many of the after Saints that we have a particular draw to.  Our children's names are:  Nicholas, Abigail (legend has it that there was a midwife named Abigail that helped Mary after Christ was born) Gabriel, Isaac, Mary, Samuel, Henry, Molly, Mark, Margaret (we call her Greta), Cecilia, and Josephine (we call her Josie).  Some that have been on our list in the past - Clare, Helen, Jude, Elijah.  I'm glad we have a good long time to think about it!

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Hello reneekangaroo and other mamas,


Well for what it is worth I agree with irishmomma. I believe also that the moon does not die but is reborn and is connected with women's cycles. Luna is a lovely name and goes nicely with Lotus smile.gif. Hope that you can convince your husband, well you still have a bit of time for that:).


There are so many good names being thought of already.


And I really do not know..........Dd and Ds both have four letter names that start with vowels, this was not planned it just happened because my ex-husband vetoed our boy name the day before Ds was born. He should have been Rowan (a really lovely name Selissa) but became Owen instead, after four months of fighting I could no longer let him think that his name was 'baby'. So now I do not know what to do, keep the four letter vowel thing or go with something new???


It is a big responsibility to name someone and I really still feel that I let Ds down :(.

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Oh, and Awen is really lovely but would get mixed up with Owen. irked.gif


This is tricky............

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smokeinhereyes - Oh I'm sorry you feel you let your son down.  I think Owen is a beautiful name!  Interestingly I have a friend who thinks she let her son, Roman down, that he should have been Rowan too.  It is a beautiful name too, but I really do think Owen is just lovely.


amym02 - that's awesome about the name Noah.  I love big saps, as I am definitely one too!!  I am considering the name Rory because of how much Rory loves Amy in Dr. Who.  I freaking love that show!  Anyway, I love that you have bunches of names picked out!


Other names I'm considering are Phillip, after my brother, it's his middle name.  Graham, Nathaniel, Mitchell...


Have you all come across kids with last names as first names?  It was pretty common where I was living in CA, but haven't heard it too much yet here in Washington.  Anyway, here are some nice names I've come across (belonging to nice kids too!):  Wilson, Weston, Beckett, Huxley


I also have to decide whether or not to give new kiddo a middle name.  My son Homer doesn't have a middle name.  My husband didn't want him to, as Homer the Greek poet was just Homer, and our cat was just Homer, and it just sounded fine without a middle name.


I've always thought if I have a girl I'd give her my and my mom's middle name, but if I have a boy, I'm not sure.  Will Homer care if he doesn't have a middle name and his brother does?  Or if I do give a girl my middle name, will Homer wish he had one?  Hmmm...  Decisions, decisions...


Weirdly, I thought everyone had a middle name, but when I started discussing it with friends, I met tons of people who don't have a middle name at all.  I just love names.  I wish I had ten kids and could give them three names each!!!  ;)

Speaking of that, I'm in awe of you, joyfulchaosmom, with your 12 kids.  Here I am going OMG I AM ABOUT TO BE A MOM OF TWO, and you're adding your thirteenth.  Way to go, mama!  Your house must be awesome.  I am sure that "joyful chaos" is the perfect phrasing for it.  :D  I would love a big family but I was thinking more like 3 kids.  Hubby thought we were stopping at 1, and I'm not even sure I can convince him of 3.  But anyway,  I won't change the subject.  Back to names!  :)  I like all your kids' names a lot, joyfulchaosmom.  My grandmother was Josephine and always went by Jo.  I have a niece named Yoselynn, but my Puerto Rican mother in law says it "Joselynn" and that's how Yosi became Josie.  :)  Names are fun!

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Thank you for your kind words about Owen's name, he really likes it and that is very important smile.gif.


I really like the name Rory too (also like Dr. Who :)). I asked Bf what he thought of Rory and he said that it is too 'loud' and he does not want our child to 'roar' (sigh). Sometimes Bf is a little silly, but he is mostly just lovely so it is okay. 


I think that middles names are always useful to have but not required. 




You have lovely names for all your children, congratulations on finding 12 good ones. I wonder how I will manage finding one more :/. They are all good names but I really love Isaac. Do you run into other Isaacs often? Is this name becoming more popular? I was wondering because I have never met an Isaac but have always liked the name. 


Names are fun, I love the meanings and history behind them. 

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First name is celtic, second is after a saint. We have a girl name chosen, but will have to wait to see if it feels right during pregnancy. I just know. No boy name right now.

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Mamatoabunch, I love seeing all your kids' names in your signature too!  I got confused and didn't realize at first that there are two mamas with more than 10 kids here!!!  So my hat is off to you as well!!  You ladies amaze me, seriously.  And those are really interesting names, some I've never heard.  I especially like Ellery.  That's really cool!

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Smokeinhereyes, you're so welcome - that's true, that is a very important part of it!  I'm glad your son likes his name.  :)


Ha, Roar-y.  Hadn't thought of that one!  I wonder what my hubby will say if I ask him.


For what it's worth, I've heard several people I know online naming their kid Isaac, but I've never met one in person, so I don't think it's hugely popular.  Have you been to babynamewizard.com?  You can look up a name and it'll tell you the level of frequency/popularity it has had over the years.  My son's name, Homer, was hugely popular in the 1800s and has been on the decline ever since!  So I knew it wouldn't be a super common name, which is kind of nice.  I've heard that a lot of names people think are common are actually pretty rare, so these days naming your kid Mary or John, they probably wouldn't run into another Mary or John in class.  Weird, huh?  hehe


I agree, history and meaning of names, as well as peoples' personal history with how they choose them, are just so amazing and fun.  I love it!

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