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I like Lila (and Elise of course)

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I like Estelle. Search online for "girl middle names", it might give you some ideas. Or try a baby name forum for advice. Nameberry is very active and helpful!
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Hi, all.  My name's Moni and I just joined the group yesterday.  We're having another boy in Jan and I had girl's names picked out(this preg was so different I could've sworn it was a girl), but am totally stumped for boys' names.  My current kids' names are Tori Anastasia, Spencer Michael and Simon Tenzin and their last name begins with a "G".  I'm not stuck on another S name, it just worked out that way with my two boys, but nothing has really stuck in my head for this little guy.  Here are some that have made it to my list, but again, nothing really grabs me yet.














 I actually REALLY love the name Oliver, but apparently so does everyone else right now.  lol  I really want to stay away from trending names so I'm trying to stay away from the top 200s so that he's not one of a dozen in his school.  :)  Thanks for any more name ideas!

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Oh man, I was at a work convention this weekend and people asked me the name and I got a lot of blank stares.  Reminds me of when I told people I was naming my first Ivar Wulfgang. 


We haven't shared it with the wide world yet, though a few people know.  


I guess I'll consider blank stares to be a positive?  Ha!  Seriously, though, People love Ike's name now, and I'm sure they'll "get" the new one's eventually. 


It's Stellan Ulrik, by the way.  And we'll call him Uli. 


(we have a 15-letter, very german, last name so we pick short names for our kids to go by) 

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From your list, I really like both Arlo and Lincoln.

PamelaRRR, love the name!

We are thinking of using Carlisle for the first name, but calling him Kyle. If baby is a boy. Anybody have thoughts on that?
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Starting to worry about names. I don't have any that I am in love with and DH has only offered up Stella ( after his grandmother). oh and he posted to his family that for the right cash incentive he would give naming rights! It a bit of a family joke as his mother (with 8 of her own) has been trying for years to get a grand baby names Bridget Mary.

We have Noah Alexander, Quinlan ( Quin) Gerard and Niamh Kathryn. And a stepson (to me) Zydeco Dylan. All middle names are family connected. DH background is Irish, mine Scottish.

We dont know boy or girl yet and I like to have a shortlist at arrival smile.gif to avoid too much searching when things are busy with a new babe.

I love reading the beautiful names everyone is putting out there. And so hoping some names start calling to me for this one.
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Bridget is on our list!

I love Niamh! Other than Bridget which is also fairly widely used in England, we wouldn't use an Irish name as we haven't any Irish roots, but there are a lot I really like and wish we could add to our list smile.gif How about Aislinn, Saoirse, Isla, Maeve, Maureen, Ciara, Aine? Sorry I'm stuck on girls' names as that's what we are having smile.gif boys' names I like are Niall, Declan, Liam, Finn/Fionn, and Ronan.
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Poly: I love Isla, Saoirse, Maeve and also Declan! Great choices.
Pamela: if this little girl had been a boy, she would have been Stellan Basil. Love Ulrik!
Lovebug: all cool choices too!
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I'm still no where with this.

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Catwmandu- I know how that feels, we were there for a long time.


Now, on the other hand, are pretty certain we have our name, and we know that lots of people will be extremely critical of it, but we don't care. We love it.






It is not the Colombian name we were looking for, but we think it is great. I am sure we/he will hear endless Romeo and Juliet references, and I feel bad for his first few romantic partners who will also be teased, but I think we feel okay about it. I can see it shortened to Rome, or possibly me calling him Romy occasionally. (Husband doesn't like Romy as a nickname.)


PamelaRRR- love Uli!

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Catwmandu, same here... 

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Simonzkedge - Glad to know I am not alone.


The names that I liked - I still like, but I just don't feel them.


With my DD I knew 2 years before I had her that I would name her Corinne. It's funny because I have loved the name Samantha since I was a wee one and swore I'd name a daughter that but 2 years before I got pregnant I fell for another name and it just felt right. You know?


I'm the type of person that has to feel something. Whether it's a house, a day care, etc... if I don't feel it I can't get on board.


I did feel somewhat similiar to what I feel now with my DS. I had a small list and decided off of them towards the end. This one though I've kind of abandoned the list and am not even looking actively through books... just every once in awhile when the mood strikes me.

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Catwmandu- I am there with you! I actually had a boys name and girl names picked out in the beginning but then stopped feeling as strongly towards them. Especially the girls name.Then I find a new girls name that I love, but just start to feel "eh" about it. I've been on here posting, "OK I think this is the one." and asking advice but then I just lose my love of the name. I am to the point that I probably won't have a name until this LO comes out and I meet him/her. I think that is the biggest thing.... Not knowing what we are having so I have a hard time feeling super strong to a name. It will probably be one I have mentioned before but who knows. I am very indecisive while not pregnant but even more so while pregnant! My husband is losing patience! lol 


Good luck in your name searches mamas!  

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Same here Tiffany. I think not knowing what we are having helps drive my indecisiveness - and I too and highly indecisive at all times so there you are.

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same here tspencer and catwmandu. I just can't seem to like names at the moment. It worries me a little because it took weeks for the 5 of us to name our puppy! and finally I just picked a from all our lists. Now I do realize that this is a baby and not a pup ;) but I so wish some names would talk to me!!

Some of my faves from the past have been used by friends and family over the years and while I think we will be ok if its a girl I am worried if its a boy!


mind you DH has been taking bids on FB for naming rights so who knows, maybe naming will come with cash incentive ;)

oh. dear. me!!!!

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I am totally stressing because normally I have at least a name or two in the lead by this point (with babies or puppies, lol). Yet nothing is really calling out to me. I fear he will go by "Guppy" for the rest of his life! Yikes!
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Same boat, indecisive ladies! Uuuugh this is hard! I've been calling her Estelle lately (the first time I've used any name to call baby) but I just don't know! Is it too old lady-igh? I know people will at least initially cringe at it, but I'm kinda into it.... sigh I don't have a real great back up choice that fills all my name requirements...
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kt-mommy remember what's old is new again. Those traditional names are coming back around. Calling the baby by a name has been the best way for me to weed out the ones I thought I liked but after a few days didn't stick...
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Kt-mommy, I really like it. smile.gif
I keep going through names and returning to Oliver. I've loved it from the getgo, but the fact it's like #70 is deterring me. I might just end up biting the bullet though. Close second is Emerson, but I can't find a good nickname to go with it. 2 more months to figure it out! Lol
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KT, I LOVE Estelle!! It's so romantic and a more unique version the v popular Stella. I know one little girl named that and it's v fresh not old ladyish. Also makes me think of the Cindy Crawford era of models... there was a gorgeous French model named Estelle La Febvre (sp?).
Simon: I really like Oliver too. That was our top choice when my daughter was born 3 yrs ago had she been a boy. My best friend named her 2 yr old that and it's super cute... they call him Ollie too.
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