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9 month old hasnt grown much since 7 months

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we havent actually had our 9 month check up, but ds2 was weighed at 8.5 months from a different doctor and has only really gained 8 ounces and went from 50-75 percentile to 15th.  sorry this isnt too accurate, i cant remember much these days!  i know that in the second half of the first year, babies growth slows down, however, im just feeling like he should be a little bigger now? we just started solids bevcause of a digestive issue hes had since 2 weeks old.  and as far as developmentally, he really is fine.  is this normal?

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Mine seems to have dropped in growth rate lately, but we have an appt on friday. I'll try to let you know what she looks like then.


Was the doctor concerned? Is babe eating, peeing, pooping okay? Not lethargic? 

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we havent seen the same doc since 7 months old because we moved.  the babe is great, peeps a ton, is happy and doing appropriate developmental things.  he did all of a sudden, after never being constipated, become constipated at 7 months and since then hasnt been regular.  but when hes constipated hes gassy, so i dont think its lack of food/milk issue.  

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Make sure that the docs are using the same growth chart - there are a couple of versions, and while I would imagine that most docs have the charts that apply to BF babies, some may still use the chart that uses stats from FF kids.  (FF kids grow in a more linear fashion, so BF babies can look like they aren't gaining enough since they tend to grow faster earlier and then taper off a bit after 6 months).  Also, growth does happen in spurts, so it could be that you could have caught him before a spurt (that happened with my DS's height - he didn't seem to grow for a few months, then grew a TON the next month).  I would pay attention to the constipation, especially if it's correlated with introducing solids, that could be signs that his gut still isn't totally healed, and chronic constipation can make kids feel full even if they aren't, which would affect weight gain, obviously.  I wouldn't be super concerned *yet* but if the trend continues, it would make me nervous that there was more going on....

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well at his 9 month check up the other day he was at 30% for weight and 80% for height, according to our new doc. the constipation thing was really odd to me because he had went  8-10 times a day as an infant. then at 2 months on 2-3 times a day.  but when we moved across country at 7 months he went once a week for a couple of weeks.  i gave him some herbs and hes a little better now, but its still not regular and sometimes skips 1-3 days.  he just started solids 4 days ago.  very little, like a teaspoon each day.  the only thing i changed when we moved was adding gluten back in as suggested by a doc, but i cut it out again after the two weeks of moving as i thought it couldve caused his constipation.  do you have any thoughts on constipation here?

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Is he straining when he goes? It is really normal for breastfed babies to go a few days to a week without going, though with a change in his normal pattern it still might be a concern.


Did you mean you had cut gluten out of your diet or his? For him, he doesn't really need grains or dairy right now so you don't need to worry about adding those. For you, yes baby can react to it in your milk if they are sensitive.


On the weight, did he gain in height? Sometimes they will shoot up without gaining weight at the same rate so they thin out, especially when they start getting really mobile.


My dd - Our last visit around 6-7 months she was hanging out around 90 for height and 75 for weight. Friday she had gained about 5 lbs. and 4 inches, which brings her down to about 71 for height and 75 for weight, so she has slowed down on height (she shot up really fast after birth!) and is putting on some chub again, right at 10 months.

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no straining when he poops.  i had cut gluten out of my diet when he was 2 weeks old because he had blood in his stool.  then i added it back in as per our gastroentinoligist and he was fine for 3 months.  then he had blood again at 6 months old, so i took gluten out again, but added it back in for 2 weeks, and now im still gluten free.  my ds has only have avocado for solids that he started 4 days ago at 9 months.  the constipation is something that just started around 7 months old and has gotten a little better but not much.  so who knows!:)


i dont know how many inches he grew, i guess this time around im not as neurotic about specifics so long as the doctor says i have nothing to worry about and i feel the same.  

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If he's not straining and the consistency of the poop isn't hard (or looking like he needs more fluids), then I wouldn't really be worried about how long in between poops.  (Within reason).  His body may just be adjusting to things, and if he's not showing signs of stress about it, then there's probably nothing to worry about.  My DS's poop schedule changed around that time too, and at first it didn't bother him, but eventually it developed into more severe constipation, which *did* bother him...but my son has multiple food issues that we were working through, so it manifesting into something more was probably just our specific situation. 


As per the gluten and food intolerances, I do notice that my son can now tolerate a small amount of foods that he used to be super sensitive to, but if I keep eating them, he gets reactive again.  It could be that he needs more time away from the gluten, even if his reactions aren't super strong.  If you don't have a problem avoiding it, it might be worth it to continue.  Or it could be totally unrelated; the time frame sounds different than the constipation issue.  Same with introducing the solids.  If you really think there is a digestion thing going on, cut out all solids and go back to GF and EBF for a week or so and see if things go back to normal, then reintroduce one thing at a time with a diet/poop log (since the symptoms can take some time to appear and you would want to look for a pattern).  But it doesn't really sound like something I would worry about too much.  (blood, mucous, allergy shiners (dark eyes), or an allergy ring around the bum, or stressful poops is what I would be concerned about). HTH!

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