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Big baby boy made it tues night at 41weeks 2 days 10lbs 6 . Cannot figure out how to post pict from my phone.
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Congrats pastormama and jldumm!
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I'm here! Yesterday was forty weeks for me smile.gif
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congratulations new baby mamas!


Trish, it's awesome that your twins are 40 weeks! Good luck with the birth and I hope it happens any day now.


AFM I had what will be my last MW appt yesterday. We had a biophysical profile first which baby scores 8/8 on, and I have plenty of amniotic fluid. Things seem to look good aside from the whole baby-still-on-the-inside part. My midwide suggested trying EPO so I picked up a bottle last night and tried 1 capsule vaginally at night. I had some crampy contractions while trying to get to sleep, and sat around on my ball for half an hour in the hopes they would go somewhere before succumbing to tiredness and going to sleep ... nothing else happening.


Tonight we have plans to see a movie and after that I will try stimulation with my breast pump. I'd like to get the hang of using it anyway so it seems there's no downside.


I'm scheduled to get cervial ripening on Thursday and induced next Friday (%@#$ Thursday due date and holiday weekend!) so really hoping babe makes an appearance on their own before then. Just trying to relax and be at peace with the babe.

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I've graduated. Baby girl number 3 was born on 5/16 at 41+4! She's my biggest, latest and fastest by a long-shot!
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Congrats Gooseberry!!
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Yay gooseberry!

40+5 and feeling so done. Physically I'm feeling fine, but I forgot how emotionally draining this is. My "earliest" was born at 40+6 and my "latest" at 41+3. I'm really hoping this'll happen in the next couple of days rather that next week :/
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I get to check in here! I have been telling myself the entire pregnancy that baby was going to be late, so I think I have stores of patience enough for this next weekday. After that I might start getting antsy!

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Yay for the births! I'm still hanging in here after 2 acupuncture treatments and a membrane stripping yesterday. Did a really sweet hypnobabies "come OUT baby" today. Feeling zen but READY! Come out baby, me and daddy and big bro want to meet yoooouuuuu!!!!!!
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I'm officially 42 weeks today... still pregnant. Come out baby, we want to meet you!
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Aunaturalmama-what are your birth plans? Homebirth?
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As impatient as I'm feeling, I think it's also pretty cool to watch my belly move ALL over the place! The movements are so huge now, even compared to last week- watching legs slide across my whole belly and babies reacting to eachother.. and babies are also really responsive when I push on my belly... totally fun to be able to play without worrying about dirty diapers or sleepless nights yet smile.gif Sure the swollen feet suck, but if that's my only constant complaint, then really it's not so bad! I'm slowly coming to terms that this will quite possibly be my last pregnancy and birth since we're getting a 2 for 1. That's the sad part, so I'm trying to soak up this home stretch of pregnancy too. Full moon is next Friday! The seriousness of the bh I got with the new moon at the beginning of the month has me wondering if that's when they'll choose to make their appearance! How cool would that be?! Wishing you all patience and love smile.gif
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I'm very suspicious my baby is waiting until the full moon also, I bet there will be a lot of babes born then. I really thought I was having a Taurus, but unless it happens today I think that ship has sailed. I thought I would have been more patient since I know a due date means little, but only 4 days past mine I'm feeling ready too. Trying to enjoy and wanting to meet baby. Also I've had terrible back pain for the last few days. SOmething I thought was a sign up labor but It might just be from being so gigantic.

Sending good birthing vibes your way ladies

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Originally Posted by TwilightJoy View Post

Aunaturalmama-what are your birth plans? Homebirth?[/quote
TJ- yes I am planning a homebirth. Hoping labor will start on its own and I get my wish smile.gif. I've been losing a lot of mucus today... hoping for some baby action later!!!
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Congrats to all the new mamas! Aunaturalmama, any news? I'll be 42 weeks tomorrow...trying to stay patient! I'm 100% sure of my dates but my OB has me at 42+3 based on my cycle. I'm planning a home birth with midwife so she is fine with going beyond 42 weeks. I'm not sure whether I want to go in for NST (scheduled today). I had one last Thursday and all looked good...just had to deal with the doctor questioning/pressuring me greensad.gif I went to 42+4 with my dd so I know this is normal for me...still hard to keep my anxiety down!
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Zachary James was born this morning at 6:07 am after 3 hrs of an unbelievably amazing birth experience. We had our ultimate home water birth... such sweet redemption after my first birth. Praise God!
Good luck dandilion- your patience will be rewarded!!
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Yay!! Congrats - so happy all went well! smile.gif
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Aunaturalmama, that's awesome! Congrats <3 So hard waiting sometimes, but it totally IS worth it in the end!
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Congrats Aunaturalmama!!!

kimble- you still around?
Originally Posted by TwilightJoy View Post

Who has reached 40 weeks and is still here? belly.gif

Roll Call:
Super Mujer0923
Trisha Kalous
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I am definitely having some changes... very irregular but fairly intense contractions. Sometimes every 10 minutes, sometimes every 2 hours. Last night they woke me up 4-5 times - expecting even more tonight. Maybe a baby in the next few days?! Still so unbelievable!


Today was 40+2.

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