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Breaking point

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I'm standing at the door ready to walk away. I'm 55 and in the last couple years have had more than my share thrown at me. My 2 children are over 21. My son and girlfriend live at home and if it wasn't for them we would have lost our home. My husbands x brother in-law moved in to our motor home last year and now his girlfriend is there too. I gave my sister 2 years ago a place to park her motor home. She took advantage of me. Did drugs and cheered on her 5 th husband who is my long time friend. So I kicked her out. I'm now a heartless person and many things I can't say here in our mothers eyes. Haven't talked to them for 4 mo. My husbands youngest sister died last sept of cancer. My best friend is now in a coma in hospital fighting for his life. My daughters boyfriend is mentally abusive doesnt work and has used all her savings and just crashed her car with her in it at the end of my drive 3 weeks ago and got a DUI. I'm trying to get her to see he's a leach. We're barley making monthly bills. And I have no feelings left for anything. Life with my husband though I do love him is just a daily chore. I gave up my health insurance 3 years ago along with our life insurance to save money. I thought 25 years ago giving up my career and becoming a stay at home mom and business partner we would have more than we do. Jokes on me.
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hug2.gif I'm sorry.

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I don't have any advice, but just know that you can talk about your problems here. Sometimes, just getting it out of your head and in writing can help. You are not heartless, and it seems like the people in your life are walking all over your heart. I hope you find a way to protect yourself from everyone who is harming you!

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