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Freaking out a bit!

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I'm reading all the recent threads and you ladies are starting to freak me out! I'm so not prepared for this baby to arrive yet! I still need to figure out what we're doing for our cloth diapers, and car seat, and sleeping arrangements, and nursing, and and and...
I've been out of the country visiting my husband's extended family so haven't had time to research any of these things. Also haven't been eating healthy, or exercising at all (used to do an hour a day at least plus lots of walking), and am breathing the most unclean air ever. I have to remind myself that babies are pretty resilient and these things for 3 weeks of gestation at 27-30 weeks probably won't cause lasting damage. But my goodness will I be happy to go home! The only good thing is that I am getting lots of sleep and have lots of time to rub my belly and feel our little one kicking around. And I started Hypnobabies home study course and have been listening to my hypnosis tracks each day so I suppose I'm doing something to prepare.
Just trying not to think of all I have left to do since I can't do anything from here. Hopefully at 29+1 and healthy at my last checkup at 27 weeks I have a bit of time to catch up still.
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I know about the unclean air thing. Reminds me of when we were living for a short time with my husband's parents in Romania... ugh. Haha 


I wouldn't worry too much. Soon as you are able you can work those things out. :) 

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