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How to start healing the gut?

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Can anyone tell me which foods we need to be eating in order to heal the gut? Or point me in the right direction of some good research? We've had ongoing issues with constipation in my youngest dd (15 mos). And older dd has food sensitivities, too. I found someone local who has great info, but it's going to cost over $1000 and that's not even her best program (sigh).

We're all on probiotics. My youngest is only eating pears, peas, carrots, chicken, avocado and olive oil. I took rice, oat, and apple out of her diet when the severe constipation started up again. This is the very short version, but I'm happy to provide more info if needed. I'm really hoping to figure this out. This poor baby wants to eat other food greensad.gif

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We have some major Healing The Gut threads here somewhere. Anyone got a link for the latest thread for that tribe?

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Hi there - Check out the GAPS diet. It's what most parents do to heal the gut....and be sure to talk to your physician about adding probiotics and fish oil to your child's diet. And stick with it - healing the gut takes time - usually at least 3 months and sometimes much longer.



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