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Diaper Bags

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So, what is everyone doing for diaper bags.  With my first I had a bulky tote style.  With my second I had a backpack.  This was 12 years ago, though, so I know there must be some better options out there.


I think I'd like to go with a backpack diaper bag.  I don't want it to be huge, but we cloth diaper so it needs to be big enough!

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I wish I knew what all was available now, too. It's only been a couple of years but I haven't kept up recently! Jujube is a brand to look into, as well as SkipHop. I've had and liked both and they tend (especially JuJuBe) to be pretty light for their size. They have a variety of styles including good backpacks. My JuJuBe backpack was stolen. greensad.gif I do have another JuJuBe still and I like it. I guess I figure I'll live with that one until/unless finances become such that I can splurge on something new.
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I don't know SkipHop has in terms of backpacks, but I loooove their bags. I have a gorgeous Petunia Picklebottom my sister gave me that is really nice, but it doesn't take a licking and 50 (cloth!) diapers the way my SkipHop does. Right now I have the SH Duo Deluxe, which has been great. For two kids, I think I am going to get the Skip Hop Grand Central- seems a little roomier, although the Bento looks good, too. For my 2.5 year old DS, I have the Skip Hop dash (I think that's the name) that basically holds two or three paper diapers, wipes, and is a changing mat rolled into a small case that I just keep in the car for emergencies while out.
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I also love Skip Hop bags, I think I have four, including the backpack. I keep having to talk myself out of the Grand Central.


Try some out and see what you like. I love the messanger style more than the backpack. We also usually walk with the stroller, so my bag is usually clipped to the handlebar.


Diaper Dude, Petunia (pricey, but pretty), JuJuBe are other well built bags to look at, all of which can work well with cloth diapers. Or just get a backpack you like.

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Last time around we just used a backpack we already had and it worked fine.  The plus side is that DH didn't mind carrying it, since it wasn't girly.  ;)


This time around I fell in love with an Amy Butler bag on Zulilly.  It's not a diaper bag per se, but it seems like the right shape and size and has enough pockets that it will work well.  I can always make some extra pouches to keep more things separate if I want.  And hopefully, it's something I'll want to use after the diapers are gone!

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I'm looking into a new bag this time around too. I had the skip hop duo first time and did not like it at all. I found it bulky and stiff. It didn't fit on the stroller or stay on my shoulder. I ended up just using a large canvas tote i picked up.  I am really not into spending a ton (has to be under $100 and preferrably much less) but would like something that doesnt seem so diaper-bag (no loud patterns).  I found JP Lizzie bags on amazon.com.  No retailer around me, but i think i am going to order one and check it out. I can always return it.  

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I just got a new backpack at Marshall's because my old crummy Walmart one fell apart. I have a 2 year old to chase and totes just get in the way. I looked into jujube but the price is ludicrous and DH wouldn't be willing to use any but the most boring/ugly ones, so there's no point. Instead I just hunted through regular backpacks and found one with the pockets and organizers I wanted for under $40 with some good padding and very comfortable straps.
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Oops, forgot about a diaper bag. I really love that you can just have a diaper and wipes in the car for a toddler, no bag needed. I'll probably just make a small-ish tote bag (did that when DS was a baby and it worked pretty well).

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I'm not into fancy, pricey bags either, mainly because I rarely use them. With previous DC I've gotten new bags(mainly gifts) and only used them for about a month. I may just dig through storage and see what I can find. If they have magically disappeared then we may go without. I hate carrying around a big bag packed with stuff that I'm never going to use, most times I just wind up throwing miscellaneous items into it. I really only need nursing pads, couple of diapers, wipes, and a few thin blankets. So we'll see!

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Yoma I'd love to travel light but DD has always been a heavy wetter/spitter upper and I always needed multiple changes of clothing/extra diapers. The few times I forgot, I got caught In awkward situations. Disposable diapers are easy enough to grab but a spare shirt is harder to find. With a baby coming and a very heavy wetting 2 year old, I'll simply use my backpack.
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I just use a regular backpack too, right now with a nearly 3-yo it holds changes of clothes, wet bag, some wipes, and folding potty seat (potette). Oh, and a pee bottle too.

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Yoma- I'm with you.  DH is mainly an "extra-diaper-and-wipe-in-a-bag-in-his-pocket" kind of guy.  I usually have a purse/satchel with me in the beginning until I figure out how many diapers to carry.  But we aren't usually far from home without our truck where I keep an extra stash of diapers.  So, I just put a few diapers, an extra cover, a couple of felt wipes, and a couple of  plastic bags for the wet ones in my bag for our outings.  We live closer to town now than we ever have before and have been walking a lot, which means that we have a stroller with us for when DS is too tired to walk anymore.  I imagine this will be convenient... but I have never had a stroller and a baby before!  We got this stroller after DS turned 2yo and I was pregnant and couldn't carry him for walking and hiking...


When I was a nanny all of the mamas had diaper bags for me to carry.  I would find the weirdest things in there!  I am the worst with carrying around a bunch of junk I don't need, if you give me a bag I'll fill it!  So, I can't even get a diaper bag or who knows what I'll be carrying around!

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What I love is that since I started carrying a diaper bag, I always have snacks with me, so I always have one for me.


My husband has his own since he always wanted to take mine and mine is my bag, wallet, cell etc and he hated taking them out. Also he leaves his where the kids can get it and then is amazed that it gets emptied.

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I registered for a skip hop thingy that is a changing pad n diaper holder. once bebe is born we'll order an ll bean boat & tote w kid's name on it, and that w skip hop thingy will be baby bag. Chic, cheap, and not covered in some ghastly print.
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I still have the one the hospital gave me with their logo 4 yrs ago. I think it will work for twins plus 4 yr old who has snacks and books in it. I had thought about buying a new bag but I just really don't want to spend the money and if nothing else we could start putting DD's books in a backpack and keeping our cloth diapers and wipes in the bag. I don't know how much extra stuff we really need for 2 babies vs 1 but trying not to make it any more expensive than it has to be.

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Wow, so many options!

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I can't believe it, but I'm actually considering a diaper bag this time.  Talk about full circle.  I've been very very happy with a large purse for the last few years, but... I think I need something that distributes the weight more evenly across my body.  So I'm debating - small backpack, big purse with LONG shoulder strap, diaper bag...  My wallet is tiny (on purpose) and all else I need for me is a place to buckle my keys on the outside, space for our 800 water bottles, and a decent-sized inside zipper pocket for all the things I don't want my kids getting into (like my epipen).  Anyway, first step is to go dig through all the bags I have and see if anything works.  But I may actually be going to buy a diaper bag?!!

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I have really liked my Lugg Bags for work I've used the puddlejumper and now the gandola slouch, they also have ones that more "diaper bag style"  http://www.luglife.com/. I may just consider another slouch as a diaper bag, although there is no space for waterbottle/bottle.

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I have a big purse, and I just stuff baby stuff into it. I never carried any of the diaper bags I was given. The most I ever did was keep a stocked bag in the back of the car, for just in case. Then I have a wet bag with a couple of diapers and some wipes in my purse. 

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I'm so jealous of you traveling light mamas. A change of clothes is still a necessity now at 2, but for short excursions I can stuff a diaper and a dry pair of pants into DD's butterfly backpack and she happily carries it. I'm still stuck with the water bottle though. Once baby comes, it's back to the backpack full time.
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