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Live, Learn, and Laugh: Mothering Stories

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I don't know if anyone would have time to share a story, but I thought it might be helpful for the new moms to read about the, uh, learning experiences moms who have had a child (or children) already have gone through. We ALL feel lost with the first child (heck, I still feel lost many times!), and we all make mistakes, most of which are harmless in the end. There is no other on-the-job learning quite like motherhood!


I posted this on the pictures thread but I will post it here too:


When DS was 4 weeks or so), he had cradle cap really bad. I read that petroleum jelly would take it off, so I slopped some on his head and rubbed it in. What a BAD idea. That stuff does not come out. I washed and washed and scrubbed. Finally I found something that got most of it out (can't remember what it was- baking soda maybe, but don't quote me or try it at home). His hair, which had been curly, NEVER curled again after that though. LOL! I can laugh about it now, but at the time I cried and cried for being so dumb.

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Well I'm a FTM but I have a funny story smile.gif *well it's funny now lol* I hope it's ok that I share smile.gif

Last week I was bathing Mira (she was 3.5weeks old) and there was a bit too much water in her little tub and she splashed herself in the face and sort of breathed in and started choking and coughing, and threw up OMG. I got her out of that bath SO fast and started patting her back and we were both crying... I yelled for my DH and was just hysterical. He took her from me and I rubbing her and shushing her to help calm her... And I started panicking and saying she breathed in the water WHAT IF SHE ISN'T BREATHING!!!!!!!!?????!!!!!!!! And my DH looked at me with a loving sweet smile and said "Sweetie shes screaming and crying. she's clearly breathing! wink1.gif" LOL to which I responded "OHHH yeah. I guess so." Hehehe lol we will never forget that story! Wow this is such a learning exp. and such a roller coaster! *btw- she was totally fine, and calmed right down after nursing and I do not let the water get that high in her tub anymore...*
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