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Does anyone else find that their babies sleep better when the weather changes - especially when it goes from cold to warm or when there is thunderstorms (not loud ones of course) ?? We had a big warm up last night and Clarissa slept like a dream and is still sleepy this morning. I actually just put her in her crib and she stayed asleep which doesn't happen very often. Don't know how long she will last but I'm happy.
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kellybeth- that nuroo is amazing and is exactly what i did w/ a snug but lightweight wrap-around sweater!  i stopped when he got too big and was starting to lift his head and lean out/back more.  


we're in mei tei land most days, and some ring sling (it's so much easier for me when in a parking lot to toss on a ring sling!)


i'm charting and finding that my mucus is shifting to either a faux ovulation or else a real one.  which is annoying.  b/c there's nothing like ovulation to put me in the mood.  and nothing like NFP to kill the chance to enjoy that!


my little dude has been a chatterbox for the last 5 days.  his sounds range from 'wow' to 'hey' to entire sentences that make him crack up.  and then i crack up (belly laughing babies are the bomb) and then he laughs b/c i'm laughing, and we go for a long time like that.  he's totally into his dad too- he loves people, and when he sees ones he knows and loves, he leans out of my arms to smile and coo at them (and he hopes that they'll hold him) and whenever he sees daddy, he is drawn like a magnet over to him.  so funny!!!!


he only rolls from belly to back (oh wait, that's why my baby doesn't hate tummy time......) and i need to find a good teething toy (we have NONE) b/c he gets his hands to his mouth really well and wants to gnaw these days.


my size just dropped again dramatically and for mother's day i bought myself a size smaller panties.  but feeling very curvy, and attractive, as long as i can wear one of my 3 bras that fit (2 are 3 pregnancies old and one is stiff).  my body changes are always so interesting, and i'm always surprised when i start going back to my 'normal' shape b/c it seems so impossible.  my body is permanently different, but i really love my mama body and wouldn't go back to pre-baby if i could!  maybe it's just age!  i like getting older- i appreciate my body so much more each year. 

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Ginny just laughed! Like REALLY laughed, for the first time, not just her happy spit-gurgle!


And she did it while looking at a little fairy doll I have hanging on our living room window. DH has always claimed it's creepy and wants to get rid of it...it's going nowhere now!

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That's so awesome tori! I can't wait for Rissa's first laugh smile.gif we should all post videos of them when they start laughing if we can capture it! I love hearing baby laughs
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Mila has been laughing now for a good week but it's so short and unexpected that I can't get it on video! Plus the things I have to do to make her laugh are often bizarre and loud so I'm not sure that's something anyone would want to hear :) She spends most of her days chewing on her fists and telling me delightful and elaborate baby stories, full of intrigue and plot twists. I swear, sometimes there are villagers.


My little girl is also a little charmer with strangers, HOP. She does the same lean and coo to gather attention to her adorable little self and all the ladies come running over to fawn over her while she gives them crooked smiles and tells them baby stories. DH loves this and takes her out of the Ergo whenever possible to further encourage it because he enjoys showing her off but the attention from strangers bothers the hell out of me. I know she's adorable but there's an expectation that I'm going to ask them about their own kids and such and so on but I honestly don't want to know and if I did this every time someone tried to stop me to chat about DD I'd never get anything done. I've literally had women chase me down the street shouting "IS THAT A LITTLE BABY IN THERE?!" (she's always in the Ergo).


Mila also started grabbing things and pulling them toward her so she can chew on them as of this week, which opens up a whole new world for us. I realized a week or two back that she isn't getting much time to just lay on her back and roll around as she sees fit so I've been making a point to let that happen lately but it's only something she'll tolerate if she's surrounded with toys and other various things that interest her.



I wish I had more time to post on here. I usually have time to either pop in and read things or post without reading anything. I'm still here though!

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Ginny's laugh is super short, too. It's also...dare I say it...kinda dorky! I love it! It's like this little sucking-in braying sound. Bless her heart, she got her paternal grandma's laugh. 


She's totally reserved with strangers. Very polite, just watches and takes it all in. Smiles are saved for family and old ladies who act like total idiots in order to amuse her, so far. Oh, and my friends' little girl, who's 9 weeks old. They smile and head bonk each other, which is beyond cute!

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Hi mamas,

We are doing well. I haven't posted much, but have been reading along. We had a fairly traumatic birth that ended in a c section. That caused me to be very quiet.
But onto the topic at hand, my son is almost 3 months now. He is amazing, do present, happy, and healthy. Breastfeeding is great, we are taking our first family trip as a threesome within to Hawaii in a few weeks.

There is a picture. He was 12 lbs at birth, surprising all.
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naomi is 3 months old today. i can't believe it, really. 

she rolled over again (tummy to back) in front of a couple of friends who are visiting. hubby missed it again. he's bummed, but that's what happens when you're never around. there hasn't been any laughing yet, scattered giggles b/c of the ceiling fan, in her sleep, or from me singing/making weird noises/faces. 

if it doesn't storm this afternoon we'll be going on a picnic at a campground. we got her the baby bjorn babysitter balance, and she enjoys smacking the toy bar around on it, otherwise she wouldn't like it very much. she just wants to be held by mama all the time. seeing as how fast 3 months went, i know i have to (and always do) treasure these days of her wanting to be in my arms. i know it will be over so soon. 


dia-it's good to hear from you! i hope you've been able to work through some stuff and heal. i can't imagine. stillheart.gif

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Thanks, kellybeth.
My son is about the same age and exactly the same way - only wants to be with mama 24/7. Not only in my arms but specifically on my boob. It gets exhausting! But it's also so very sweet. I know you are right that this wont last forever. One day we might even really miss it. anyways, sounds like you are doing a great job mama smile.gif
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man. i don't know what's going on in my girl's little head these past few days, but it has been HARD. 

sunday we had a dinner party, and i left her in hubby's arms for less than a minute to go grab something and she totally flipped out, inconsolable crying. that lasted for almost an hour. i soothed her to sleep eventually by standing in the bathroom and singing/humming hush little baby for over an hour. that was around 4pm. so i had to stay in bed with her all through everything and missed our dinner party and friends. whatever, really. but it absolutely broke my heart to hear her like that. tears running down her face, looking into my eyes and wailing. 

then monday was another cannot leave mommy's arms for a minute day. she almost had another breakdown while i was downstairs fixing something to eat. i was away for 2 minutes. 

and today is already starting off like that. i just don't know what to do. i am ready to jump off a cliff. it's not her that i'm upset with, she's my angel. it's the entire not being able to do anything for myself. god i hope this passes... things are supposed to get easier the older they get. it's going downhill. 

sorry for the burst of blah. i just had to get it out.

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She's 13 weeks, right? I know I am always on about the Wonder Weeks, but this is supposed to be the next developmental phase (starting around 11-13 weeks), so the clinginess may not last long.
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Originally Posted by buko View Post

She's 13 weeks, right? I know I am always on about the Wonder Weeks, but this is supposed to be the next developmental phase (starting around 11-13 weeks), so the clinginess may not last long.

yep, 13 weeks. it's amazing how distraught she gets if she is not in my arms. if i have to get dressed and set her on the bed, she watches me and cranes her neck to follow me around the room. she slept for 14 hours sunday night-monday morning! hubby said maybe it's like a growth spurt.

i did take her on a nice walk today in the wrap, though she wiggled her legs out of it. then sat her in the bouncy seat on the front porch while i gardened so she could watch me, but that only lasted 10 minutes. i hope it passes, i'm getting seriously restless being inside/in bed all day. amazing the things we do as mamas to make our babies feel happy and secure.

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Yup, ds is going through a very needy phase now too. He is fussy even when I am holding him though... it is tough with 2 other kids that are pretty needy right now too.

Liam is CONSTANTLY rolling from back to belly.... as soon as he is on his mat, he is over. I cant leave him on the bed alone anymore, even the middle.. I cant remember when the girls did, but 3 months seems early.
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my completely unfussy baby has become very needy and clingy.  hubby says the honeymoon's over.  i am in denial.


i left to run errands after feeding him, and he was just SO needing mama!  daddy wasn't enough.  he didn't cry, but talked in his sad hurt whiny voice about how he wasn't happy w/ daddy and wanted his mama back as soon as possible.  and i got such a welcome!!!


i have to do everything w/ him in my arms- slings not working.  he wants my arms wrapped around him and his head on my shoulder.  just unloaded a costco trip that way.dizzy.gif  after a 4 1/2 hour trip that involved picking MIL up from airport (plane 1 hour late) and then shopping and just got home.  and the ac in my van went out.  and it was 93 degrees, muggy and sunny.  and we survived, so it's not that bad!  MIL is a blessing from heaven and i'm so glad she's here for a while.


though Lil Dude isn't interested in her at all- which is fine, she can have the other 4!


definitely a developmental phase where he feels safer w/ mama and i give him less stimulating interactions than his siblings, but way more stimulating than his dad, and i'm totally his safe spot.  loving his amazing snuggly co-sleeping!!!!  i sometimes have to wake him up in the morning by talking to him in order to get his up and out before i start my day.  (hubby shifted schedule so i don't have to wake up first thing w/ kids.)joy.gif

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i left to run errands after feeding him, and he was just SO needing mama!  daddy wasn't enough.  he didn't cry, but talked in his sad hurt whiny voice about how he wasn't happy w/ daddy and wanted his mama back as soon as possible.  and i got such a welcome!!!


This kinda happened yesterday, and it's so unusual for Miss L.  She is decidedly NOT an "easy, unfussy" babe, but she normally really has little, if any, preference between me and DH (other than sleeping close to me, she spends no more than 60% of her time with me).  She's almost 12 weeks, so I'm chalking it up to the Wonder Week.  The last few days she has been super-fun, super-extra-interactive and learning loads of new things, but also turning into a raging fusspot on a dime, so I'm pretty sure it's just the developmental stage.   


SO funny, but last week, we went to a "reunion" of my HB midwives' March babies.  There were 7 of us, and only 5 attended (3 are first-timers), but still a great turnout for a weekday morning IMO, including most of the dads.  I was super-excited about it for three reasons-- 1) to just see everyone and the babies, of course!  (we met about 7x over the pregnancy and it was a cool group), 2) so Miss L could see some other babies (she loves the baby in the mirror!) and 3) a little to compare... not in a competitive way, but I have so rarely been around babies IRL, and not since having Miss L, I just wondered the usual "is she normal, is she high or low needs, how do other parents interact with 7-12 week old babies, etc.?"


Anyway, Miss L was the 2nd oldest, but one of the lightest-weight (though also tallest).  But what was really funny was observing how demanding she is!  I had started to suspect this, but by observation and confirmation from the other parents, the other babies were soooooo chill in comparison to her, LOL.  She was also way more interactive and smiley at the same time being the most fussy, so I guess she's just kinda intense.  Like her parents, haha.  Funny, since we're both so patient and pretty relaxed with her (I mean, we're not nearly so drama-tastic as we were even 5 years ago, and we make an extra effort around her)-- but I guess you can't deny nature!


It actually made me feel good, to know that we are handling her so well (I'm really impressed with us-- did I mention we are both diagnosed ADHDers?) and now it's clear that we didn't even get an "easy" baby, so it's not that.  I know it's different for everyone, but I can guarantee you we needed these 15 years of marriage (15 years on Friday!) to get to this point.


Anyway, the other funny thing-- we had to change/potty her a couple of times (you know she still screams to be laid down and changed about 50% of the time) and at least 3 people were like, "WOW, she is LOUD!"  Not in a mean way-- kinda impressed, LOL.  We had no idea.  I figured, hey, babies are loud-- what did I have to compare it to?  But when I heard a couple of the other babies cry (only briefly, in comparison), I was like, "What?  That's it?  Amateurs!"




But if she were really and truly "easy," I have to say, I might be worried she'd been switched at birth if we hadn't had her at home, so it's all good.

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Quick question:


I have a bassinet attachment for my stroller for when babies are really small and everything but I'm wondering if DD is able to use it the proper way already? She was 14lbs, 8oz, 25 inches, good head control, currently 13 weeks.


Looks like this:

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I just had to switch Christopher from the bassinet to the stroller seat because he outgrew the bassinet. He's big though.. not sure how long now, but guessing around 28" and 19lbs


He hates being buckled into the seat compared to being able to lie on his back and kick and squirm and wiggle though :(


I'd skip the bassinet if she seems comfortable in the seat. Does it recline much? I stuck the head rest thing from a carseat into the stroller to help him not hit his head on the sides and reclined it a bit. So far he's only been in it once though, so I'm not full of advice.

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so the other day naomi rolled from her back to belly on our bed. then yesterday she flipped herself over, twice. she takes her hands above her head, arches her back and flips herself onto her belly. it's crazy.anyone else's babe do that? 

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Liam has been rolling over (from back to front) for a few weeks and is doing it almost immediately when put down now.  DD1 also was about 3.5 months when she started.  Liam was about 3 months when he did it for the first time.  He can also roll the other way, but he tends to just complain till I pick him up when he is on his belly.


DD1 started crawling at 5 months, but she LOVED tummy time.  Neither of my girls walked till 14 months though.... DD1 really had crawling mastered... lol.  

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Oh, man, I just had to share my EC success!  We traveled to and from my grandmother's house on the same day (Sunday) and even in all the usual confusion and distraction of visiting family, plus the round trip car trip (2 hours each way, which she did NOT care for-- she slept last time, but this time was rough)...  She used (wet) 2 total diapers in 24 hours, with no stress and no mis-guesses.  She even told us she needed to go while we were on the road.  We had to pull off to visit public restrooms and she HELD IT (up to 10 minutes or so) until we got to the potty (and went in the potty) 3 times.  Afterward she was happy, so we knew that was the issue.  I am totally amazed.  I mean, I know the process will not be linear, and some days are more "successful" and less stressful than others (not that we put a lot of pressure on it), but whatever!  I just think it's so cool to be able to communicate with a pre-verbal infant in yet another way! 


ETA: Oh, and yesterday, we went for a long walk and she gave what I thought was a signal.  We were at least 15-20 minutes from home, so I semi-insisted DH stop and let me pee her in a discreet part of the trail (pretty well back in the woods).  Sure enough...!  I am not a big proponent of public urination, LOL, but I felt like... what do you do when camping, and what would you do with a potty-trained toddler in that situation?  I thought it was kinda cool, anyway. 

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