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Tale of woe - gestational diabetes test

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Bummer of a day! I didn't pass my glucose tolerance screening test for gestational diabetes and so I had to take the three hour test. My score on the 1-hour test was 160 and the cutoff is 130. My midwife said anything above 190 is a major red flag for her, and even 160 is suspicious.


My gut feeling is that I'm not eating enough protein. Whether or not I actually have gestational diabetes is another issue. My midwife said that anecdotally she notices many vegetarian patients failing the 1 hour screen then being fine for the 3 hour screen. She said overall another test they gave me showed that my blood sugar had been unstable or too high (not sure which) over the past 6 weeks and this indicates more need to eat protein with every carb.


Anyway, for my GD test -- it was hard to make time for it in my work schedule and I had to get up at 5 am this morning to get to LabCorp.  Then, halfway through the test (after the 2nd blood draw), I threw up the yucky orange sugar drink! I ran outside to throw up since someone was in the (gross) bathroom at LabCorp. So the technicians didn't know, and I didn't tell them, thinking they'd just declare the test invalid and send me home. I finished the test and then talked to my midwife. She said I will need to take it again next week because she'll only have 2 out of 4 blood draws to go by.


Then I felt woozy and tired all day and work. And to cap it off, I just threw up -- again! At work! Lost my whole lunch. Yuck yuck yuck. Sorry for the TMI. I am just really bummed. I need to make time in my schedule next week for this test, and then it might make me throw up again anyway, and then it might make me feel sick for the whole rest of the day. And if I do have GD, what could be worse for me than once again downing the sugar bomb glucose drink?

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What a pain! My midwife does not make her patients take that test because it is unrealistic and often gives false positives. I declined the test entirely because I have no risk factors and my midwife was totally fine with that. I would either see what what happen if you declined to do it again OR see if there is an alternative test you could take.
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Ugh, I'm sorry you had to deal with that yucky crap more than once.


I agree with talldarkeyes, I'd think about declining it if the test was that awful for you and you didn't want to do it. My midwife did not require it, but since I'm planning a homebirth and I have some family risk factors, I thought it was worth doing just in case it I needed to pay extra attention to some part of my diet. I admit I'm super confused reading about everyone's tests and the cut-off numbers. My midwife wanted a number of 160 or below. I had to do the sweet orange drink, but I didn't have to fast beforehand. I'm also vegetarian but I ate a high-protein breakfast and mine was fine, so you might be onto something there.


What if instead of going through the torture of that test again right away, you tried following the recommended diet as if you had GD? Especially if you're not at the red flag level? That is probably what they'd suggest anyway, right?

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That stinks! I hope you don't have to deal with it again and your midwife has an alternate plan.

I failed my one hour screening as well. I have to go Monday for the 3 hour test.
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I failed the one and the three. So yeah... it's been a fun week for me. So far (in just one day of testing, just got the stuff yesterday) my numbers have been great, and the diet is really just watch your carbs and eat lots of protein. 

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Good news - my midwife isn't making me do another 3 hour test at this point since last one made me sick. Instead she is doing blood draws at my appts, 2 hours after I eat. And I have another ultrasound next week, so at that point the doctor will look at the baby's size and indicate if there are any issues.


I do understand that regardless of results, I need more protein teamed up with every carb I eat. Inspiration needed! Can anyone suggest their favorite forms of protein and good strategies for resisting carbs? (I do eat meat but it's not something I love or crave so non-meat suggestions preferred.)

thank you for all the support...

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My favorite protein (yogurt) appears to be causing some intermittent (but major) reflux lately. But, plain yogurt with fruit and maybe granola is normally a good breakfast for me. I also have been eating a lot of walnuts and almonds since they're easy to carry around/have in the office and don't spoil.


And cheese. I like cheese.


I have no idea how to resist carbs. I stink at it.

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I do a lot of almonds, cottage cheese, and Greek yogurt for protein. I've never been a big meat eater, and it has sounded gross this whole pregnancy.


Milk is my toughest carb to resist. I love milk and drink so much of it. Thankfully, I work out of the home, so I can just not bring any with me. Makes for a sad me at lunch time, but better than having too much of it.

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Three bean salad! Yummy. I have had beans pretty much daily in the last couple of weeks. Black bean burritos are also really good!
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So good to hear that your mw is not going to make you go through with that test again!


I eat soy or coconut yogurt, but it's hard for me to find unsweetened around here so it's pretty high in sugar. My diet is crazy high in fiber, so I figure one sweet snack a day that also happens to be high in protein will be okay.... I don't eat meat, but I eat beans almost every day, lots of tempeh, some tofu from time to time (I love raw tofu with soy sauce and finely grated ginger...), and occasionally during pregnancy I've been splurging on a frozen veggie burger. Mushrooms are also surprisingly high in protein! I also eat lots of nuts for snacks, which really helps my hungry gap before dh gets home for dinner...sometimes I want to gnaw my arm off waiting for him and it is amazing how much like 5 almonds helps.

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I love all dairy for protein-yogurt, cheese, milk, eggs. 
My husband makes me a smoothie in the morning and puts tofu in it, it makes it super smoothy and adds some good solid protein

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