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Really struggling. . .

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I had issues with depression in high school and most recently because of our infertility issues.  I thought it was situational.  I was on Celexa but weaned off of it at about 6 weeks.  The last 2 days have been really hard for me emotionally.  I cried for about 3 hours last night.  I'm having feelings of anxiety (which I've never had before), sadness, body image issues. . . just an over all train wreck.  I feel really overwhelmed and baby isn't even here yet.  Everything is about to change and I was talking to DH about it last night and he said, "This is what we wanted."  This is what I want but for some reason I'm going nuts in my head for so many different reasons.  I don't know if my insurance pays for counseling but I feel like I need to go so someone can help me sort through my thoughts.  Not really sure why I'm posting this but I need to get it out of my head.  Thanks for "listening."

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Hi there. I just posted about depression too, right around the same time as you. I'm sorry. Hugs. I feel like I am there, too. You wouldn't believe what a disaster my past few days have been.......if that makes you feel any better. I am 37 weeks, and it's all I can do to make it to Starbucks, and then get nothing else done all day but complain via text message to my husband, who is great. I have a MILLION things I should be doing, but can't get the motivation to do any of them. :( I thought at this point, I'd be getting happier, not more depressed. Ive had depression before, and earlier in the pregnancy of course. I've had anxiety as a new thing surrounding my pregnancy and miscarriages.


For what it's worth, I've found taking my prenatal vitamin, and TONS of Carlson's Fish Oil (13 capsules at a time of "the very finest" fish oil capsules, is the the type I take, from Whole Foods or iherb.com) will sometimes stop my anxiety in its tracks. But it doesn't always work. Sometimes it does, though, but I need high doses. Since it is just pure fish oil, not a concentrate, I don't worry about taking too much, personally.


Anyways, what week are you in?


I keep hoping it will be better once the baby is here, but didn't expect it to get worse at this point. Everyone around me is soooo excited. I hope I'll be too busy after the birth to be anxious and depressed. I want to be myself.

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I'm 29 weeks.

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There are LOTS of natural ways to ease depression and anxiety.  Just like the previous poster mentioned, Omega 3's are very helpful as is magnesium.  I would HIGHLY recommend reading The Mood Cure. It changed my life.  Honestly. 

Best of luck to you.  As the mom of an eight year old with one in the oven right now, I promise it will all be worth it.  xoxoxo

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hug.gif I'm also having a tough time with my mood and anxiety this time around. Look into community resources in your area. My city has a community clinic dedicated to supporting women with mood issues/depression/anxiety related to their cycles, pregnancy, post partum and menopause; in short hormonally affected/triggered issues. I had mild PPD with my firstborn and the counseling I got was exceptional. They take patients through family dr referral mostly but you can also refer yourself, which is what I did this time. My first is 2 years old, she weaned recently, I'm easily flustered and very weepy with no patience and just don't feel like myself. Many days I can't cope, let alone enjoy my sweet daughter and am disconnecting from DH because I just don't have anything left to give. They did a phone survey with me for intake and I have my first appointment June 6th. I imagine I would have gotten an earlier app't but I'm not having really dark thoughts of harming myself or my toddler so timing is not as critical for me as it could be for someone else. I carry a lot of guilt and some shame about things outside my control and I find the thought of becoming a mom of 2 terrifying at times. I feel for you all and encourage you to try counseling, particularly through community resources so it doesn't end up being an expense.
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I've struggled with depression and anxiety a lot previous to my pregnancy and have seen improvement when using Bach Flower remedies.  They are safe to use during pregnancy, and I have recently decided to use them for some irritability and resentment I've been experiencing.  I'll be taking Willow, Gentian, Heather, Impatiens, and Star of Bethlehem.  I'll report back once I've been on them a little longer, but I'm optimistic because of results I've had in the past and wanted to put it out there for other folks to try.

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