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Baby #3 for us, with a due date of January 6.  Thinking boy, my nausea and fatigue are different than with my two girls but who knows?  I thought the girls were boys, too.  I'm an awful guesser :)

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Hello! My due date is also January 6, 2014. I also have two girls and hoping now for a boy. We need some testosterone in the house I guess you can say..lol. My husband and I are very exciting and are hoping for a healthy baby. I also have wayyyyyyy more symptoms with this pregnancy than with my two girls. It is like night and day between them. :)

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Baby #4 due January 10th.  Will take boy or girl, but boy sure would be easier (already have 4)!

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Due January 12th, Baby #2

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Due Jan 21 with baby #6. Had an early loss back in January so really hoping to get to stay here! I haven't been active on MDC in years but I would be glad to have the support of this DDC since we won't be announcing for a long while. :)

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I am due on January 1. This baby #6. And I am hoping for a girl. I already have three boys!

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baby #2, due 1/5/14. thinking girl( well, hoping girl), but i feel like if i put it in writing it is gonna be another boy. 

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Updated to here

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Hi everyone!

Baby #1, Due January 20th (the day before my birthday!), guessing it's a boy

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Baby #1 due January 31. It's a surprise!

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Hellooo! wave.gifCan I join? 


We are expecting our third child in early January, 2014! We don't know the sex and plan to stay team green.

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Can I join? Due on 1/26! This will be our second - our first is an amazing little boy, born 3/30/11!

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Hi guys! 


I'm due Jan. 26 with a long-awaited #2. 

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Baby #3 due early January.

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jan 25

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Due Jan 3rd with #2!

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Hello!  Would like to join joy.gif


Due with our FIRST (after 2 losses and 3 longggg years of trying), Jan 30th.  Still haven't gotten the confirmation from our doc yet (we're on our honeymoon), but our FRER was dark and immediate. Missed period, huge and sore boobs, etc.  SO excited.

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hopefullymomma welcome, due date buddy smile.gif
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