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Scorpio and Sagittarius Children

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I came across some of this in another DDC and thought I would share for our DDC.






I don't know a lot about astrology, but I thought these were very interesting! DH, DS and I certainly seem influenced by our signs. DS is a Scorpio and definitely possesses many of the characteristics already winky.gif Definitely looking forward to the possibility of a Sagittarius baby this time around! 


I would love to hear from others those that know more than I do!

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I'm a Virgo and so is DD. We both definitely follow a lot of the Virgo characteristics. DS is a Sagittarius and this baby will be as well. So far, DS seems to fit with the Sag characteristics as well. One of my best friends is a Sagittarius as well so I guess I get along with them well! Oh, and DH is a Cancer. Again, pretty close to the characteristics of his sign.

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I have been reading so much about signs lately!  I am a Virgo (earth) and DH is Capricorn (earth), DS is aries (fire), DD is cancer (water), and this one most likely will be sagittarius (fire). I believe in them and also each represents one of the 4 elements (air, water fire, earth). Interesting to me in how siblings get along and how I get along with my kids on some days.... 

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DD is a Scorpio.  She was supposed to be a Sagittarius but her little Scorpio soul came early :)  What really strikes me in this description of her (other than the fact that I nodded in agreement while reading most of it) is how much she really does try to get people.  She has so much "people" intelligence and works really hard to figure out folks.  I love it so much and think it's so interesting. She's far more interested in who people are and why the act the way they do than anything else in her life. 


Both of my babies came three weeks early so I am thinking that I won't have another Scorpio; more than likely will be welcoming a Libra.  Given that DS is an Aries like his mama, I know that the Libra would be very welcomed by my Leo DH :)



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I read them all and they were true for my dh, ds1 and dd2, but not true for me, dd1, ds2, or ds3. Thought they were interesting though.
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