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Baby acne?

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One of my little dudes has developed what I think is baby acne just this week. It's all over his poor little face, though! Do you think if I put breast milk on it, it would help heal it up? My other little dude has a few bumps but nothing like this.

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It definitely looks like it. I don't think it would hurt to give it a try! Otherwise I believe it is harmless, just looks bad for a bit.
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Mira gets bumps here and there pretty regularly. And I put breast milk on them as soon as I see them and they go away fast! (I've had horrid breakouts since she was born and BM works on my acne too wink1.gif
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It will probably come and go. I think a lot of it has to do with the hormones in the milk.
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Griffin's got the baby acne pretty bad - looks just like yours - but it comes and goes. It's worse when he's hot - like in the car or if i've been wearing him and his face is smooshed.


I'm all for the healing properties of bm but idk about you, but my bm is really sticky. I think that the milk that drips during feedings also is contributing to the problem so I try to remember to wipe him off with water after feedings if he got messy.

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Gray has several spots on his little face too... BUT I think the milk that runs down the side of his face if he makes a mess while eating just makes it worse. It seems to irritate the acne that is already there, so I am assuming it may be causing it too. 

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don't know if the milk will help, but it will clear on its own.  Most of my children have had the acne.

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Harlow has it as well. Its not really bad, but bad enough. Hers gets irritated easily when she gets hot.
Mothering › Groups › April 2013 Due Date Club › Discussions › Baby acne?