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happy birthday!

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Happy birthday, may babies!

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CCRAAAAZY that we're at the 1yr mark already. I am really sad that I only have a few more days of "this time last year you were in my belly..."
At 12 months (next Friday) Baby C is:
- walking/running (way too early! She started walking a month ago. And she sways and toddles like a drunken sailor. Cute, but I wish she'd just keep crawling until she's more developed).
- eating virtually every food in sight, including and sometimes especially veggies and meat. Yay for a good eater!
- JUST now getting her very first tooth. And a total monster when it comes to teething.
- Nursing frequently day and night, much to the detriment of my sleep schedule.
- Ridiculously adorable. She growls and hisses at new and unfamiliar things, especially animals. But it's not hostile, it's more a happy thing. She's friendly with her big sisters. She's super ambitious with climbing (karma is a bitch. I was a climber and kept my mom in a near-constant state of cardiac arrest during my childhood). She's very affectionate and lovable and I would take ten more babies just like her. :-)

For me...I am/have been back at my pre-pregnancy weight for awhile. In January I started in earnest to try and lose the "baby" weight from my second born, which stubbornly hung on for years. I've lost 10-15lbs by cutting back on starch-y, processed carbs and majorly boosting my intake of healthy fats and protein. I'm on Day 18 of a Whole30, which is like a hard core paleo diet reset. It feels good to eat this way, but I do find that the community of paleo/whole30-ers/primal people are overly dogmatic (bordering on religious!) about their eating philosophy and I think it's a bit obnoxious. :-)

Since I'm still bf'ing, my hormones constantly feel in flux...I have semi-regular periods (about every 38 days...sometimes less). The mood swings are there but manageable with supplements (EPO, krill oil, calc/mag and a good multi), awareness (breathing!) and sleep (hah. yeah right). Probably right now my most annoying physical symptom is really bad hot flashes. And I suspect that might be due to losing body fat (where estrogen is stored)...who knows.

Happy birthday to all our sweet babies! And Prayers for you Jynx! I've been trying to keep up with the updates here. <3
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I haven't posted in eons, but it's hard to believe that DD will be a year old in four days!  She isn't walking yet and honestly I'm not prepared for that! Currently she enjoys pushing her clothes basket all over the house and she'll do this for quite some time.  We had a playdate yesterday and the mother was surprised at DD's energy level - she asked me when I had time to do things around the house, haha! I laughed and said I don't and that's why my house looks the way it does.  I suspected she was high energy, but I thought maybe it just seemed that way because I'm so tired.  She loves to cruise around, but seems very cautious when it comes to letting go and standing alone.  She is still bfing quite a bit, but loves food and is a great eater.  


We just finished up a 6 week stretch of DD crawling and flailing around in her sleep.  DH sleeps through most of it, but not me.  I started transitioning her to the crib for nap times and in the mean time she's stopped moving around so much in her sleep.


Still no PP period and I'm terrified of it's return.  I held onto a few precious norco after my delivery just in case it gets bad.  I won't be able to drive if I have to take it, but I'd rather not be in excruciating pain.  

Anyhow, that's my update.  Many thoughts and prayers to you Jynx!

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Happy Birthday and Birth Day anniversary babies and ladies! joy.gif

She turned 1 almost 2 weeks ago. This year flew! We quit nursing 2 months ago. Pregnancy dried me up..the big 20 week ultra sound will be the first week of June. Geesh I cant imagine Dodi a BIG sister.

She keeps me running.


How is everyone?

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Can you update us fb boycotters on Jynx?

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I am doing okay, though we're on a cancellation list for surgery. Meaning they could call today for surgery tomorrow. If not, we're in on the 31st. I got to see Patrick turn 1 yesterday, YAY! and met my 1 year goal of breastfeeding. Now we'll just wait and see what comes next. We know that I will need radiation after the surgery, but not sure yet on chemo. The tumor has invaded the parasagittal sinus (the major blood vessel in your brain.) which means they can't remove that portion of the tumor. So they'll remove what they can, and zap the rest.

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Jen, hugs to you and many prayers. How are you feeling about all of this? How is your husband dealing too?


Casmer, LHM - I missed your updates before.


LHM - great job on the pre preg weight goal. I am 20 pounds over my pre preg weight. :( I ballooned up again during the postpartum period. I don't know what happened but I now have an obese womans butt. It sticks out really far. I just looked behind me and 'whoomp there it is'. hola.gifI'm lying next to dh in bed and I am wondering why my butt is up against his body when I'm way over here. It sucks. :(

So I've totally been excercising and hoping that I can start medi fast sooner rather than later. Its something like $400 for a month (faint) but I'm saving up for it. Just to get 50 pounds off would do me well. I am now 90 pounds more than what I was when I met DH, and the worst part is I've kicked cigarettes, soda, processed food (90% of it) to the curb and we eat nearly vegetarian and even rarer red meat...Why am I here?


Oh..I'm sorry..This was about YOU. LOL

Good job on the weight loss. And thank you for updating cause its been forever since you have.


Casmer -Dodi is totally high energy also. I think I should start transitioning her to some place besides our bed. I am grumpy and extremely emotional after not feeling like I got a wink of sleep last night with her every 20 minutes waking and fussing. Must be teeth...

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