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mild morning sickness diet

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As someone who gets severe morning sickness, I am curious if women with less intense morning sickness are doing something differently.  I would define mild morning sickness as nausea that comes and goes, with only occasional, not daily, vomiting.    

If you have mild morning sickness, what is your lifestyle like?  What and when do you eat?  Do you have protein with every meal?  How long after waking do you eat?  How much do you sleep?  Do you exercise?


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I don't think that women who get less morning sickness is doing anything different. I think it's the about of Hcg you have and how your body reacts to all the changes happening. But I am no expert. I hope you do not have it as bad as I had it. It can be draining waking up in the middle of the night to eat so your tummy is never too empty. Have you tried ginger chews. they worked for me. Good luck mama!

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I don't eat carbs. I think they give me blood sugar swings.
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The more protein I eat, the better I feel.  This is my third pregnancy and I wish I would've known what I know now for my first two.  I follow a paleo diet in regular life and, during pregnancy, I follow a modified pale plan.  I don't eat sugar, dairy, or processed grains.  Not ever.  But I did need to incorporate beans and whole grains, like quinoa, brown rice, lentils, etc, to get through the queasy, barfy stage.  But, just like the previous poster stated, if I avoid sugars and carbs, my blood sugar levels stay pretty static and I feel SO much better.  Once I got closer to paleo, I was able to curb the majority of my morning sickness at around ten weeks.  I'm still exhausted by dinner time but I'm hardly nauseous at all.

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I followed the typical advice: lots of frequent meals, eating a high protein snack before going to bed and when I got up to pee in the night, and eating some crackers before I even got out of bed.  Sometimes I also tried to start my morning with ginger tea with milk and honey in it and that seemed especially helpful.  I had about three weeks of what I would call mild morning sickness in the first trimester: nausea in the mornings, vomiting in the mornings a couple times a week and very rarely nausea in the afternoons if I wasn't making sure to eat something every hour.  Also, something I discovered was my stomach did not like fruit in the morning...of any kind.

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Got it.  Lots of protein, often.  Am eating chicken as I type.

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