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Our 3 across solutions are being outgrown, thoughts?

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Anyone familiar with the small RSTV?  Or harness forward facing seats for a 3 year old?


I do not own my own car, but we often (several times a week, more on weekends+) travel in vehicles.  I have three kids, so we need seats that are capable of three across in just about any vehicle.

Our solution has been a small Ride Safer Travel Vest for my oldest.  He has long ago outgrown this by his torso height, so the belt does not lay on his hips.  We really need to stop using it with him.

My second, who most frequently rides in Evenflo Titans, has hit the rear facing weight limit and now has about an inch of harness height before it is outgrown forward facing.  I expect over the next 3 months this seat will be outgrown for him.

My third is rearfacing at 19 months and not an issue right now.


My oldest, 6, rides in a booster seat when space allows.  My thought is that if my 3 year old (35#) can safely use the RSTV, then our 3 across can be altered to booster, RSTV, carseat no problem.  I remember a CPST telling me that the RSTV doesn't make a good fit until the child is slightly bigger than the minimum requirements, but now I cannot find anything about proper fit.


When budget allows, I WOULD like to get an inexpensive forward facing harness seat for my 3 year old.  It does not have to meet the three across fit requirements.  I'm thinking of spending only around the cost of a Scenera/Titan/etc.  What options are out there with a higher harness height than a Titan but near the same price?

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How about a bubble bum for your 6yo (put in the middle) and then the two seats you already have.  By the time the Titan is outgrown, the vest should fit your 3yo fine, if it doesn't already.


Also, there are 2 sizes of vests.  The larger one may fit your 6yo if you'd rather go that route.

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I am kinda more comfortable using a vest for my three year old than putting my oldest in a no back booster.
I also don't have the funds to afford more child restraints! A vest is almost $150, but he is also getting too large to fit between two carseats.
Ugh, carseats a pain. We need magic bubbles.
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I would put the vest on your 3yo then.  Then I'd get your 6yo a high back graco turbobooster.  It'll run you about $50, less if you can find a sale. The vest we have (the newer of the designs) fits my 31lb 3yo ok.  So I bet it will work for yours. 

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